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Happier story. Remember this crap?

Those are Fred Phelps’ people. The story: high school elects gay person, Phelps’ insidious Westboro Baptist Church protests, students run protesters off campus.

Fred Phelps targets High School, Students Shout them Down.

Thu Feb 05, 2009 at 09:40:54 PM PST

The kids are all right.
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There are a lot of times when you sink to your knees and think nothing will ever change, the fight is too hard and too long and the world is full of prejudice. Then there’s days like today. Fred Phelps, known for his protests at the funerals of AIDS victims, and now extremely popular for his bizarre protests at the funerals of fallen soldiers, decided to grace Prairie Village, Kansas with the presence of his minions. The target for the picketers was Shawnee Mission East High School, a large suburban school in the Kansas City Metro area…

But they were met with at least 300 counter-protesters, a large number of them Shawnee Mission East students. The kids organized and with the support of the school administration were able to shout down the Westboro orcs with signs calling out love, compassion and tolerance.