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Dr Michael Kamrava investigated over new multiple birth scandal

THE doctor who helped Californian Nadya Suleman become pregnant with octuplets has reportedly transferred four embryos to another patient.

A woman in her late 40s went to Dr Michael Kamrava hoping to become pregnant with one baby.

She is now five months’ pregnant with quadruplets and hospitalised. With no insurance, she was transferred to a county hospital for the births, which might not be for two or three months.

The new case has fuelled controversy over the ethical standards of Dr Kamrava’s practice and whether the fertility industry needs more regulation.

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine, which has guidelines limiting the number of embryos that can be transferred depending on the woman’s age and other circumstances, said it was also examining the doctor’s practice. No laws govern this issue.

Well, if nothing else, he’s brought a screeching halt to the lives of two IVF mothers. Pity the woman in her late forties with gestating quadruplets–that is very dangerous. Now she’s stuck for months in the hospital while they monitor her daily for vascular problems: embolisms, pre-eclampsia.

And how is it that these insurance-less desperates get access to the high-tech stuff? The doctor must know they have limited means, so why is he implanting them with so many embryos? This sounds like one of those ‘Law and Order’ episodes where the clinic doctor is spreading his own seed.


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  1. avatar rockwebcast says:

    Don’t forget the thing this monster shoved octoplets into hasn’t held a job in years. It’s been taking handouts and disability checks from the state for three of the first six she had. So while thousand of others go without critical care for lack of funds, this thing runs up hundreds of thousands in medical bills, with no intention of ever paying one red cent making 14 children. It then leaves the whole passel of them with others so it can gallivant around trying to cash in on her self made freak show.

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