more bad jindal

More jeers are rolling in for Republican presidential candidate hopeful Bobby Jindal’s address:

Commenting on the public response to Jindal’s speech, Kathryn Jean Lopez, a blogger with The Corner on National Review Online, a conservative Web site, shared one e-mail she had received from a reader in Seattle:

“Jindal’s delivery was weak in this sense: he did not look like someone who could lead this country. He did not instill in me any confidence that he would or could be the standard-bearer in four or eight years, which I was looking for. I wanted him to do well. But he didn’t… He came across as the guy you’d want to have your daughter bring home, but not the guy you’d want leading your company during tough times.”

Writing for the American Spectator, Philip Klein wrote of Jindal, “The substance of his speech read fine, but his delivery was absolutely awful. His delivery was flat and his jokes and anecdotes were awkward, his grin childish. He may be brilliant, but presentation matters too, and this was a lackluster performance.”

How is someone who comes off like a child in any way ‘brilliant’?