page x – tasers kill pt.ix

The denial’s a joke, the front is keeling. Tasers flat kill people: the cops were suckered, were badly trained. The weapon is dangerous.

Taser victim Iman Morales’ kin file
$10 million suit
against city, cops

The family of a Brooklyn man who died after police Tasered him is suing the city, a cop and the estate of another officer who killed himself for $10 million.

Relatives of Iman Morales, 35, want the money and a review of police protocols and training in the use of Tasers.

“He didn’t deserve any of this,” said Morales’ mother, Olga Negron, 55, who was at the scene when her mentally ill son was struck and then fell headfirst from a ledge onto the concrete 10 feet below. “It was horrible.”

Authorities have been dealing with the mentally ill for centuries, don’t tell me that they were overwhelmed with the situation. They ran short of patience and pulled the Taser because it’s an intervention machine.