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He never, ever goes away, does he? And he never, ever actually does anything either. Other than talk and talk and cash checks, what a great gig. Newt Gingrich, the guy the right just loves to call smart:

–“I have written extensively on a man I consider one of the most brilliant conceptualists in the conservative movement, Newt Gingrich.”…Rick Moran, right-wing blogger

–[on a] Newt Gingrich [address:] “What can you say? Newt was Newt. Inspiring, brilliant, creative, visionary—you know all the Newt adjectives. They all applied.”…Rich Lowery, National Review Online

–“At a moment when many of our institutions face a Katrina-like breadown, nothing could be more timely than Newt Gingrich’s brilliant ideas about how to truly transform them.”…Alvin Toffler, author of Future Shock and the Third Wave

Well, recently the babbling genius held forth on North Korea because ‘they’re about to launch…something‘:

WOW. That’s a whole gumbo of asshole crazy. Pimping an apocalyptic book, trying to start another Korean war, and rolling out unconventional tactics and weapons against a rogue nation. And this is the ‘brilliant’ guy the right is seriously considering for the presidency in 2012? Heck, who needs Kim Jong Il?

Check these keywords and phrases he piles up in the clip: “worried, electromagnetic pulse attack, nuclear weapons, eliminate all electricity production, pre-industrial era overnight, very serious threat, nuclear weapon, dramatically changes America, very dangerous idea, American government be passive, capacity to deliver nuclear weapons, Hamas in Gaza, Iranians and their nuclear program, North Koreans and their nuclear program and missiles, Adolf Hitler, Nazism, kidding ourselves, Iranians, laughing at us, Hamas laughs at us…” And that’s just in the first two minutes.

Okay..*sigh.* Might as well slap down this whacko crap. Who is that prescient ‘Bill Forstchen’ he keeps referring to, and what does Bill know about national defense, or Korean nuclear capability? He’s just a long-time writer/collaborator of Newt’s, they’ve written some history/adventure stuff together. That important book that Newt’s referring to, chronicling a perhaps Electromagnetic Pulse apocalyptic scenario? Science fiction, a thriller. No, not kidding–it’s fiction that Gingrich wrote the forward to. People like the book, it’s caused some discussion, but it’s not a civil defense emergency manifesto by any means.

And taking out the missile by ‘whatever pre-emptive actions are necessary’? That sort of militarism and rigidity are terrific ideas, right: North Korea vows to attack if Japan intercepts satellite. Matching brinksman’s lunacy with lunacy, that’s a ‘brilliant’ idea. Newt must have been the kind of kid that kicked the crap out of hornets’ nests because they looked angry. And why his classmates are probably still calling him ‘Puffy.’

And did you catch that bit about using ‘unconventional’ means? He’d get a ‘small team to go in’–to do what? Invade the ballistics control room? Just reprogram the giant computers to turn the missile around and strike the groovy lair inside the plastic volcano. Why not?

And did he say ‘laser’? Is he off his fucking rails–lasers?

A couple of defense contractors may have made some news recently by developing kilowatt-sized lasers capable of dinging targets, sure. One even claims to have knocked a drone out of the sky with a jeep-mounted weapon:

Boeing Laser Avenger Shoots Down Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in Tests

Jan. 26, 2009 — During tests last month at White Sands Missile Range, N.M., Laser Avenger achieved its principal test objectives by using its advanced targeting system to acquire and track three small UAVs flying against a complex background of mountains and desert. The laser system also shot down one of the UAVs from an operationally relevant range. These tests mark the first time a combat vehicle has used a laser to shoot down a UAV.

But that press release indicates that the UAV was flying near and low (‘operationally relevant range’) so that the weapon could have a crack at actually hitting it, which it did. That’s nowhere near taking out a ballistic missile high in the atmosphere, traveling at Mach 3, and from God-knows-what location. Gingrich is completely bananas.

Look–North Korea loves the idea of being a missile power, but it’s programs are pathetic. There’s no reason to go to war here. Along with a couple of Nodong missiles, they launched a Taepodong 2 in 2006 that failed less than a minute out. Where was Gingrich’s ‘kill-them-all’ statesmanship then? Where was his ‘whatever pre-emptive actions are necessary’ patriotism and concern?

Newt Gingrich shouldn’t be allowed to launch a presidential bid, that’s what should be opposed at all costs. He’s supremely arrogant, stupid and given to fantasies. A lot like you-know-who.


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