glenn beck: ‘communists are invading and obliterating america’ / america: ‘i have a handgun and a checking account’

Glenn Beck today used a breaking story to crank up the fear-and-ratings-o-matic:

The nation’s electric utilities have failed to fully survey the vulnerability of their equipment to computer-based attacks from foreign countries and hackers, a government-authorized regulatory group concluded this week.

Thankfully, he knew immediately who the saboteurs were and why they were doing it :

..meanwhile, in a (perhaps?) unrelated event…

Concerned resident aims to form armed militia to patrol Stockton

STOCKTON – A retired truck driver and Vietnam War veteran said Monday that he is forming an armed militia – mostly men with rifles and armbands, four to a car – to patrol Stockton [California] this summer, when at least 43 police officers are to be laid off.

Alan Pettet, 66, said he has recruited 18 men, most of whom are ex-military. He said the militia will train at a firing range and “activate” if the city lays off any officer, as it intends by July 1…

Pettet, a midtown neighborhood activist who has a Desert Eagle pistol, said militiamen will detain suspected criminals and call police to arrest them. They will wear armbands and will patrol in a car marked by a magnetic sign, he said.

“It’s going to be ‘Stockton Armed Militia,'” Pettet said. “‘SAM’ for short.” [ed. –woah, I totally did not see that coming…]

Neither the Police Department nor the city administration was impressed.

“We are not at the point that we need to have armed militias patrolling Stockton,” Vice Mayor Kathy Miller said…

“If you look under the Constitution, a militia can be formed,” he said. “Watch and see. Who’s going to stop us?”…

Pettet said the militia will bill the city $350 per hour for its services. City Attorney Ren Nosky said he knew of no legal basis requiring the city to pay such a bill.

Please, you ‘liberals’, with all your hysterical talk of vigilantes and mob justice, put a sock in it. Glenn Beck and Alan Pettet–these good folks are mercenaries.