Right-wing movie douche: president concerned with dogs, not Jesus

On Easter Sunday, President Obama successfully concluded his long search for a new White House dog but made no progress in his simultaneous quest for a new church for his family.

Had no idea they were related. But you can tell where this weakspank is going…

Could the contrasting status regarding the First Family’s two most publicized private decisions indicate that the President actually cares more about canine companionship than religious commitment?

boo-yah. Mick-Emm dunks on another tottering constituency of web surfers Tuesday night at the Yahoo Hippodrome.

Husk-brained movie critic Michael Medved attacks Obama – well, really this is pathetic, does it even rate? – attacks him for not yet picking a church to attend. 80 days in, the President still doesn’t know where he’ll go for Easter, zooks. For busy folks trying to reconstruct a decimated 13 trillion dollar economy, and who take their spiritual lives seriously, I think 80 days is hardly a long time.

In failing to match religious pretense with personal priorities, Obama isn’t outrageous or egregious, but rather typical of politicians (remember Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and John Kerry at the height of their campaigns?) who make public displays of faithfulness while campaigning for the presidency, but give little indication of ongoing engagement between major elections.

This will be easy:

–President Ronald Reagan never went to church.

George W. Bush–the most pop-culture-Jesus-lovin’-culture-of-life-evangelical-courtin’-I-only-trust-the-higher-Father President in all of the history of the United States? Never picked a church. Rarely bothered to attend, unlike the Clintons.

Buh-bye movie douche.