Nice going, Joe: Scarborough okays our soldiers getting tortured

So much for all those lame-ass war crimes prosecutions. So much for the moral high ground. The Viet Cong never did anything wrong to John McCain, for example, because of their sensible human fear.

Joe Scarborough’s forever saying that torture got us all sorts of terrific information, but now he’s got a new take for its justification: It’s a manifestation of fear. And when you’re reasonably fearful, it’s perfectly okay.

With that assertion, you have to admit that anyone who goes to war is justified in torturing the enemy.

“Robert Gibbs was saying on Meet the Press yesterday … they don’t know whether other means may be able to get the same information …” [Mika] Brzezinski began timidly.

Scarborough interrupted her with a laugh, saying,”If you want to take that chance…”

“It’s an argument of fear,” Brzezinski retorted.

Hedging his bets! What a pussy.

“Sometimes you have a reason to be fearful,” Scarborough replied. “There’s irrational fear and then there’s rational fear. If you lived in a neighborhood where people’s homes get broken into and people get shot and killed at night and their items get stolen and you’re fearful that may happen to you — that’s not irrational. … And you will support a stronger police presence in your home.”

“If this country got attacked the way it did on September 11, 2001,” he went on, “it is not irrational for Americans to fear that it might happen again. … You have al Qaeda out there wanting to do nothing but kill all of us.”