Ayman Udas: Pakistani woman shot dead by her own family for singing on television

The terrible story:

Singer Ayman Udas ‘shot by her brothers for TV sin’

A RISING musical star was allegedly shot dead by her own brothers in the conservative city of Peshawar in Pakistan last week after she had appeared on television.

The murder of Ayman Udas, who was in her early thirties and newly married, has shocked the city’s artistic community because it symbolises a backlash against women and cultural freedom in an area that is increasingly dominated by Islamic fundamentalists…

She won considerable acclaim for her songs but had become a musician in the face of bitter opposition from her family, who believed it was sinful for a woman to perform on television.

Ashamed of her growing popularity her two brothers are reported to have entered her flat last week while her husband was out and fired three bullets into her chest. Neither has been caught…

Udas, a divorced mother of two, had remarried 10 days before she was murdered…

In recent months several popular artists have been forced to stop performing as singers and comedians. Others have fled the country or moved to other cities.

Initially, it was believed that Udas was killed by an Islamic group. But Usman Khan, her husband, told police in a statement that she had been killed by her brothers because they could not come to terms with her musical career.

He said: “She was killed for breaking her family traditions.”


What a nightmare. And to compound the tragedy, she had two kids and was newly remarried.

When I come across incidents like these, I get this thought (not bothering to be real ‘PC’ here): …many Islam-centered cultures, and perhaps Islam itself, haven’t quite grown up yet. They’re still stuck in an earlier phase of global/cultural development where the oldest, most traditional, most thrown-back ways and ideas are emphasized, or only allowed. It hasn’t found a way to synthesize a valuable, functional amalgam of modern ways and essential beliefs that provide good lives and positive spiritual rewards for as many followers as possible.

We know there were witch trials here in America, and innocent women were murdered. Though something like that now would be a death penalty offense, we know how these tragedies happen.