Dick Cheney is a lying sonuvabitch

…as if you didn’t already know:

Cheney: Interrogations saved ‘hundreds of thousands’ of lives

Former vice president Dick Cheney insisted Sunday that intelligence extracted from tough interrogations of suspected Al-Qaeda militants had saved “perhaps hundreds of thousands” of US lives.

Defending anew the former administration’s controversial policies, Cheney accused President Barack Obama’s team of sitting on memoranda that he said would justify his claim about the value of the intelligence produced.

“No regrets. I think it was absolutely the right thing to do,” he said on CBS television, adamant that techniques decried by critics as torture were essential to break the resistance of captured extremists…

While Bush has kept a low profile since leaving office, Cheney has repeatedly gone on the airwaves to defend his own legacy as probably the most powerful US vice president ever.

“If I don’t speak out, then where do we find ourselves? Then the critics have free run and there isn’t anybody there on the other side to tell the truth,” he said, adding he was prepared to testify in Congress if necessary.

‘To tell the truth’–that is rich. Hundreds of thousands of lives? The calls for torture investigations must feel like a noose to the guy because he’s fucking losing it. Two hundred thousand lives would be about sixty-six 9-11 style attacks.