Pigeon-Brain Propaganda: Lindsey Graham and the time-tested technique of Torture

Time for yet another episode of the seldom-seen but entertaining game of…

Pigeon-Brain Propaganda!

Today’s contestant: Lindsey Graham! Never a doubt he would show up at some point, he’s eaten a lot of bird seed. Today’s topic……TORTURE…

Quote: “I mean, one of the reasons these techniques have survived for about 500 years is apparently they work.”

Mmm, no. For example Hirudotherapy, the use of leeches to cure illness – to restore the body’s ‘balance’ of ‘vital humors’ – was used for well over a thousand years. So it must work really well, right Lindsey? Puzzling that the flu is no longer cured by such a well-understood practice.

And for the purpose of softening up enemy soldiers, you know what else has been a time-tested tool? Sodomy. But we don’t choose to do that either, Senator. Because it’s wrong.

Sadly ‘time’ is not a particularly good, or moral, metric for the appropriateness of certain interrogation techniques. And a certain senator is a flying rat.

…screw you Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. But thanks for playing!