Radio DJ ‘Mancow’ Muller gets waterboarded–freaks out, immediately calls it torture (video)

Erich ‘Mancow’ Muller is a right-wing shock jock broadcast both in a nationally syndicated rock format and on a local Chicago daytime talk show. His sizable popularity is due a great deal to his staging of outrageous stunts.

This was his Clinton ‘haircut’ stunt: In 1993, Muller made national headlines working for radio station 107.7 KYLD-FM in San Francisco, California, when a story was circulating that President Bill Clinton tied up traffic on an LAX runway for over an hour getting a haircut on Air Force One. Muller staged a parody of the incident on the San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge during rush hour. He used vans to block the westbound lanes on the bridge while his then sidekick, Jesus “Chuy” Gomez, got a haircut.

He was convicted of a felony, and the company coughed up $1.5 million in settlements.

The ‘host a fake child molester’ stunt: Comedian Jim Norton appeared on Muller’s Chicago radio show as a child molester character to be chastised by Muller and his crew. Rather than presenting this as a comedy piece, Norton was asked by the show’s host to perform in dramatic character.

And then there’s the Shock-Jockey poison–about DNC chair Howard Dean: ..vilified Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean on Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends, referring to Dean as “vile,” “bloodthirsty” and “evil.” Muller also commented on Dean’s negative opinions on the War in Iraq, calling Dean a traitor that, “ought to be kicked out of America,” and, “tried for treason.”

About Democratic Candidates (and others): Mancow claimed that Obama is a closet Muslim and Hillary Clinton had secret information about a video tape showing Michelle Obama in a racist tirade. Mancow insisted this was why Hillary Clinton was remaining in the race, as the alleged video tape would presumably harm Barack Obama’s candidacy. Mancow went on to claim that he was going to meet the Pope, in November 2008, and that he was going to visit to Israel as an official guest of the Israeli government. According to him, his meeting with the Pope was arranged by Cardinal Joseph Bernardin (Cardinal Bernardin died in 1996). After this, the news anchors tried to end the interview.

So you can see the guy is another rich, angry, hate-spewing whack-job.

Well, the Radio Tool decided to stage another stunt, this time recording himself getting waterboarded(!). As you can see from the video, Genius thought it would not be a big deal, that he would last a half minute, a minute easily. He lasted six seconds

Incidentally, that’s not even close to a decent waterboarding: your entire head gets cinched tightly in a towel, and as water hits and soaks the towel, your breathing is instantly blocked. Your mouth reflexively flies open, gasping for air, and water comes pounding in, filling the top of your throat and mouth. Instant drowning.