Either Sarah Palin or my Persian Cat just linked the Tiller killing to another murder

Ugh. She doesn’t do or say anything that doesn’t make you wanna put your head in your hands. I find this woman to be absolutely detestable.

This was Palin’s inspiration, a horrible, awful story: Private William Long, a 23 year-old recruiter, was shot and killed by a Muslim convert in Little Rock.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark., June 2 (UPI) — A man who pleaded not guilty Tuesday to killing a U.S. Army recruiter said he was angry about the killing of Muslims, Arkansas investigators said.

Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad of Little Rock was ordered held without bail at a court hearing, The New York Times reported. He was arrested Monday near the Little Rock Army/Navy Career Center where he allegedly killed Pvt. William A. Long, 23, of Conway and wounded Pvt. Quinton Ezeagwula, 18, of Jacksonville…

Police Chief Stuart Thomas told the Times that Muhammad, who had changed his name from Carlos Bledsoe, told police he became a Muslim as a teenager. In a telephone interview, he said Muhammad cited anger over U.S. killing of Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan as his reason for the shooting.

So what does Palin do? Sees it as a terrific opportunity to score points with The Base, naturally. And has there ever been anybody more desperate to become President?

Governor Palin Statement on William Long

“The stories of two very different lives with similar fates crossed through the media’s hands yesterday – both equally important but one lacked the proper attention. The death of 67-year old George Tiller was unacceptable, but equally disgusting was another death that police believe was politically and religiously motivated as well.

William Long died yesterday. The 23-year old Army Recruiter was gunned down by a fanatic; another fellow soldier was wounded in the ambush. The soldiers had just completed their basic training and were talking to potential recruits, just as my son, Track, once did.

Whatever titles we give these murderers, both deserve our attention. Violence like that is no way to solve a political dispute nor a religious one. And the fanatics on all sides do great disservice when they confuse dissention with rage and death.”

Governor Sarah Palin

Yeah, ‘unacceptable.’ And ‘…confuse dissention with rage and death’. Great, genius.

‘Dissention’: Time to broadcast my ‘rage’. No, wait, time to broadcast my ‘death’. She’s right, that’s confusing.