Shocking truth revealed! Obama-hating white supremacist, Holocaust Museum guard muderer Von Brunn is not a liberal

I find it pretty surprising that it’s necessary to write this post. But the right-wing has been screaming that this lunatic is a leftist. No, I’m not kidding:

Latest Right-Wing Meme: Von Brunn’s A Lefty
By Zachary Roth – June 11, 2009, 4:19PM

…Let’s count off the examples:

Yesterday, a guest from the “Ayn Rand Institute” argued to Fox News’s Glenn Beck that because Von Brunn is a racist, he must of course be “a phenomenon of the left.” In response, Beck accepted that logic, and wondered: “How did it happen that you look at people that are Nazis and you say that those are right wing? It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever!”

Yes, it’s totally baffling.

Not to be outdone, Rush Limbaugh too declared Von Brunn “has more in common with the marchers and protesters we see at left-wing rallies,” according to video just aired on MSNBC.

But it’s conservative bloggers that have really taken this idea and run with it, though. Yesterday, Eric Erickson of Red State tweeted:

holocaust shooter, like left wing bloggers hates Bush, Israel, the war, Christains, capitalism. the list goes on and on.

On his site, Erickson wrote:

It is the leftists like Kos’s acolytes that perpetuate anti-Semitism under the guise of “if only we wouldn’t defend Israel this wouldn’t happen.” Nazism, like Communism, and the neo-nazis disease that stems from the former, share the common foundation of socialism that these same leftists now agitate for….

Kos and the lunatic gunman today and the lunatic gunman who killed Pvt. Long share more in common that the rest of us — their world view is centered on contempt for what this nation stands for and are consumed with an abiding hatred of George W. Bush and the “neocons.”

It goes on, pathetically.

This attack will be short-lived because it’s certifiably insane. First, shall we remind ourselves of the ‘keep an eye out for right-wing extremism’ DHS report that made wingnuts go completely batshit?

That would be Fox News itself that agreed the shooter was accurately profiled by the report. And what did Fox really think about the domestic terrorist Von Brunn?

Website TVNEWSER tracks the news:
Which Murder Is More Newsworthy? Bill O’Reilly Debates

…As for FNC’s decision about how to report the Holocaust Museum shooting in prime time, it was mentioned for 55 seconds by O’Reilly, not at all by Sean Hannity and for 45 seconds by Greta Van Susteren.

If Fox really believed the terrorist Von Brunn was a liberal, do you think they’d ignore it? You think maybe, instead, they’re trying to duck the incident? Mmm, gee, it’s possible.

Lastly: Was von Brunn a Daily Kos Diarist? « Colorado Right

Yes, someone wants to know about the ‘liberal’ terrorist’s DKos bona fides…

MyDD :: James Von Brunn: Freeper.
Truth Feeds : FreeRepublic pulls thread from December praising James Von Brunn
James Von Brunn on Freeper – a set on Flickr

There. Oh, and post-lastly–Von Brunn friend: It’s what happens ‘when white people are provoked’:

…“I think the election of Barack Obama became a tremendous signal of alarm for him,” De Nugent added.

Well, that would not be a liberal. Ok, right-wingers, you can STFU now.


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