Do not bother to mourn Michael Jackson, the great beloved child molester

No child predator in history was ever so adored. Given the keys to America itself, he took whatever he pleased, and it pleased him to collect and seduce awe-stricken teenaged boys.

“We don’t know that for sure,” you might say. Naw, we know that for sure because child molesters are a strange and troubling breed of human being, and that’s absolutely what Michael Jackson was. They don’t walk, talk, look, or act like normal adults–they practically scream “Here I am, a monster” where they stand in front of you.

I was a 13 year-old skateboarder from a broken family in Southern California when I bumped into the man who owned the skate shop, Doug. He had money, he went to a lot of cool concerts, he put the teens in limos, they all went back to his condo and took jacuzzis. He was a child molester, in jail by the time I graduated high school, and I’m sure a couple of my junior high friends got hurt.

Doug: the wispy personality, the quirky passivity, the nervousness around adults, the inability to deal routinely with them, the inability to look people in the eye, and the limp-wristed handshake. This is what child molesters are like. And lest you think “Hey, my buddy’s a lot like that, and he’s just artsy–he’s no scumbag”, well, then, here’s the difference: they’re always, always, always around kids. The funky or artsy types are almost exactly the opposite.

And, sure, I’m over-generalizing. But also after a dozen or so years of studying and working in Genetics and Molecular Biology, and having grown up around at least two of them, and having gone through ACA twenty years ago and heard dozens of brutal accounts of child molestation, I am of the opinion that they really are a different ‘breed’ of human being because their behaviors are so totally bizarre, anti-social and utterly recognizable, so strikingly similar across cultures and societies.

Which is why I found it astonishing that any adult would allow a boy anywhere near Michael Jackson after the 1993-94 allegations of molesting 13 year-old Jordan Chandler.

Adult Chandler [Jordan’s father] Evan Chandler and Jackson, represented by their legal teams, then engaged in unsuccessful negotiations to resolve the issue in a financial settlement; the negotiations were initiated by Chandler but Jackson did make several counter offers. Jordan Chandler then told a psychiatrist and later police that he and Jackson had engaged in acts of kissing, masturbation and oral sex, as well as giving a detailed description of what he alleged were the singer’s genitals.[83]

But screwed-up parents continued to do so. And the kids, they’re almost always from broken families, little surprise (predators know what they’re doing), and it was only a matter of time until another one got hurt. Another 13 year-old, Gavin Arvizo:

During the alleged sexual incidents, Jackson wore underpants, and the accuser wore underpants or pajamas. On one brief occasion the accuser and his brother claimed they saw Jackson naked, but both boys described the incident differently. According to the brother, Jackson purposefully exposed himself and his penis was erect, but according to the accuser, Jackson only came up the stairs from the bathroom to the bedroom while unclothed, retrieved something and went downstairs. Even if the incident was non-sexual, this was significant to the brothers, because they had never seen a naked adult before.

The accuser told a school administrator at a date after he had left Neverland that Jackson had not molested him. Later, at the trial, he said that this was not true, that he had lied because he was already teased after the airing of the Bashir documentary, and he feared that the teasing would get worse if he would have told the truth, which, as he now said, is as follows: on one occasion Jackson manipulated the accuser’s genitals for about five minutes, causing the accuser to ejaculate (count 2); the next day Jackson started it again (count 3) and also tried to guide the accuser’s hand to Jackson’s genitals, but the accuser pulled away (count 6). The accuser said that he was happy at Neverland, and that only after leaving did he realize he didn’t want to be there anymore.

The boy’s brother claimed that Jackson had showed them pornography, both via the Internet and magazines. Allegedly, he showed them photographs of topless women, while stating “Got milk?”. Apparently he also leaned in and whispered to Prince Michael II, who was sleeping nearby, “Prince, you’re missing some pussy” while the accuser and the accuser’s brother stared at the images on the computer screen. Other accusations include coercing the boys into “cussing,” and swearing them to secrecy, insisting that they do not tell anyone “even if they have a gun to your head.”

The exact same age and sex of teens,  sleeping with them in his bed, creating a ‘secret world’, providing them with pornography,  plying them with ‘Jesus Juice’, appearing naked in front of them–does anybody doubt that these things didn’t happen? Even his ardent defenders would likely sadly admit, yes, these events occurred, but rule out the actual sex crime.

But who the hell acts like that? This is my point–these behaviors are so bizarre and so wildly unacceptable that there’s no doubt about what was really going on: Mega-Superstar Michael Jackson was a child molester. Period. I can’t buy any other reality because no other exists. The guy was a flat-out criminal.

Time, now, to ask: Aren’t we somewhat guilty of letting him get away with these horrible crimes? Not individually, but collectively? Weren’t we so struck by fame and those it accompanies we actually invoked a second reality for them, one in which they’re just not people any more? The Famous, they’re not assholes/they’re complicated, they’re not selfish/they’re focused, not greedy/they’re hungry, not cruel/they’re driven, not careless/they’re busy. It looks that way to me. In the end, they don’t even die, they just live on. We make them bigger than life, and anything bigger than life just can’t be alive.

Jackson was surely alive, though, as anyone is who’s cursed with an evil disease. His disease was child molesting, and it was a malady caused by his brain organization. As with other predators like him, it could probably be traced to developmental causes and perhaps, additionally, genetic contributions as well. In the future, I’m sure molestation will be recognized as a disease, but this won’t be to mitigate its evil; it’ll be to put the onus upon the seriously sick to take responsibility for his or her heinous problem and get psychiatric treatment and support as soon as possible. People will have to accept their dangerous drives and the responsibilities they demand.

And this is where I can damn Jackson with impunity. He organized his whole meteoric life to dazzle and seduce his victims. Albeit not necessarily prolific, the guy has to be recognized as one of the most effective molesters in history. There is almost no way, with the monstrous size of his intoxicating fame, that a mixed-up teen could have had a chance once Jackson put his mind to it. And how many troubled parents would have been able to figure out that the most famous person in the world was an obvious criminal, casually willing to look the part of shameless monster in public? It’s almost too much to believe, especially if you’re unfamiliar with how predators operate.

It is, however, exactly how Michael Jackson operated. One of history’s biggest celebrities was an open and obvious scumbag, and people practically knocked down his door to offer up their poor boys. Can we please remember that his victims will be revisiting their private hells while practically everybody else on the planet cries for the ‘tragic’ Superstar? It’d be a decent thing to do. We can also be thankful that the whole obscene string of crimes has ended now. Good riddance, famous child predator.

JACKSON DEFENDERS: if you really think the guy wasn’t a sexual predator, then feel free to take a crack at this post. Don’t bother, you can’t win.


76 thoughts Do not bother to mourn Michael Jackson, the great beloved child molester

  1. avatar Freako says:

    You bloody idiot.

  2. avatar RIP MJ says:

    agreed, you’re a douche.

  3. avatar toma says:

    You Are the World, shitheads.

  4. avatar DR says:

    Oh boy. Your article pretty much ignores the evidence entirely. Interesting how you cite contradictory information from Gavin Arvizo and brother on the circumstances of seeing Michael naked. Garvin and his mother both admitted at trial to lying under oath in unrelated cases. His mother was the least credible witness I’ve ever seen. She previously used her sons to try and extort money from a department store.

    If Jordan Chandler’s parents thought Michael was guilty (his mother admitted when the allegations surfaced that she didn’t think any abuse had occurred) they would have sought a criminal trial to put him in jail. Instead they went for money. The case never went to trial because of insufficient evidence. Thirty boys were interviewed by police at the time and all denied abuse.

    The reason Michael was acquitted was that the evidence against him was weak.

  5. avatar Hal Weston says:

    Farrah Fawcett dies on goes to Heaven,at the Pearly gates ,Saint Peter says,”Farrah,God wants to see you straight away!” So Farrah is taken immediately to see God ,who says ” You have a wonderful soul.Is there anything I can do for you?”
    Farrah thinks for a moment a says ” God, please make the world safer for kids !”
    God says “Done!”

  6. avatar Jayla says:

    If Farrah was not a real Christian then she won’t go to heaven. No offense or disrespect intended!

  7. avatar TC says:

    How many out if court settlements did MJ eventually settle? (if any)

    This was interesting reading.

  8. avatar MG says:

    I thought I was the ONLY person who felt this way.
    This post is SPOT ON, well thought-out and bloody brilliant.
    Good riddance to a sad, pathetic criminal.

  9. avatar toma says:

    Thanks MG, thought someone should say it. If it’s time to remember the guy, might as well be honest about it.

    TC–nobody knows how many settlements he paid out, but it was certainly more than the one $15 million sum in the Chandler case.

    Jackson’s housekeeper had a son, Jason Francia, that received $2 million:

    Hey DR, I’m not avoiding the legal cases. There were plenty of terrible witnesses on the victims’ side, certainly. But do the legal cases really prove his innocence, especially when a predator like Jackson is so savvy about to whom and when and how he does these terrible things? From the beginning of the post, my argument was that he was obviously what he appears to be because there is no other explanation for his horrible, bizarre behavior. Because child molesters are forever behaving in horrible, bizarre ways.

    If he were innocent and the ’93 case was a terrible misunderstanding, why would he continue to spend his adult time with children? Why return to having them sleep with you? Why show them your porno stash? There’s absolutely no way to reconcile in any sensible fashion his choices. It can’t be reconciled because child molesters don’t make sense. He appears to be exactly like one because he is one.

    If I went to vacation in Burma and the authorities locked me in a cell, I’d never go back. If I went to pet a neighbor’s dog and it bit me, I’d stay away from the neighbor. Somewhere around 1994, in the courts of law, Jackson got called maybe the worst thing you could call a person: ‘child molester’. He was incredibly lucky to have escaped with his freedom. And then he couldn’t wait to have kids back in Neverland? C’mon.

  10. avatar Brian Intangible says:

    Well, I searched, “People who know the truth about MJ” and it brought me here.

    Everything you say is correct, and the replies that deny the truth, based on testimony or whatever, do not negate the fact that he was a classic pedo. I went through a similar craziness , but I was about 25. Famous guy, I was enamored, and I was into coke. I did things I didn’t want to, and yes, my age difference is definitely a mitigating factor on the guy’s part…he’s dead anyway. But to go back home to a 20 K per year job….same deal. The Chandler kid was in that boat. But he was freakin 13 or so, and the other kids were there at that age.
    I come from a recovery group with a famous guy who new MJ. He is guilty. It is the truth, and it is the truth. I come from an area where MJ was sent to a famous recovery place, and people who could not talk about it told me it was the truth.
    It would be none of my business and I would not make it my business to comment if there was one ounce of compassion for MJ in me; There is not.

    When some famous guy is planting it on ya, is fascinated with your body, wants the big grind from behind….well, ya just think of the blonde ya saw on the train on the way into NYC. And then, ya get all f’ed up in the head.
    But these were KIDS.
    anyone who mourns this life killer is an idiot, but someday they will have kids, and they will know.
    I ain’t lying. So thanks for the important post and place to reply to the reality.
    peace, from Connecticut.

  11. avatar MG says:

    I agree completely BI.
    I’ve been fighting the inner turmoil since last night thinking: “I can’t be the only person who is glad it will finally stop”.
    I’m not inhuman. I feel empathy for the people who actually cared about him for losing him so young. Other than that, I’m just relieved.

    One other thing I forgot to say earlier:
    You intellectuals trolling around looking for an opportunity to spout off what a great fellow MJ was should really crawl back under your rocks.
    I found this page by googling: MICHAEL JACKSON IS A PEDOPHILE.
    How’d you get here?


  12. avatar Wowie says:

    Wow. If anything the writer of this is just someone that doesn’t really “have it” or understand what “it” even is.. So when he sees someone getting attention he feels the need to try and intellectualize based on experiences he had decades ago. I understand the point that he really did do some questionable things with children, but underneath that point you can see alot of jealousy for the attention he gets. Shitty writer of this waste of time – please fuck off

  13. avatar MG says:

    Shitty reader of the truth – ditto.

  14. avatar ... says:

    ‘we know that for sure because child molesters are a strange and troubling breed of human being, and that’s absolutely what Michael Jackson was’

    From this statement, I can clearly grasp that you are poorly educated. You cannot tell a child molester by simply looking at them, nor can you say that child molesters fit the exact same personality profile.

    Why not look at the real evidence? For example, psychiatrist’s testimony, police searches, testimony from other children living in the home, all of which point to his innocence.

    It is evident now that Jordan Chandler’s testimony was coerced by his abusive father who collected a large sum of MJs settlement for himself. Evan Chandler (Jordan’s father) has been sued for $6 million by his own son who alleged physical abuse.

    Could it not be more obvious that the motive here is money? You do not need to be a psychologist to realize this. But of course, if you use the tabloids as your primary source of information then I cannot blame you for ignoring the evidence.

    Rest in pleace,

    Clinical psychologist and MJ fan


  15. avatar MG says:

    Blah, blah, blah.
    Everybody lied, right?
    There’s a perfectly innocent explanation for the pornography, the alcohol, sleeping in bed with children and anything and everything else that happened? MJ was a lot of things, but innocent wasn’t one of them.
    If you’re a clinical psychologist, it’s no wonder people like MJ get off.
    Go cry at his front gate.
    There are more important things happening in the world.

  16. avatar joidsvc says:

    Shut up you fags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIP MIKE

  17. avatar Scotts says:

    Read the entire post Yifan. As a clinical psychologist, you should know that observation of behavior patterns is crucial to identifying and understanding a person’s psychosis. Jackson’s pattern of behavior, lifestyle and values were way outside the norm, enabled and tolerated only because of his wealth and celebrity. Clearly he was psychotic and engaged in abberant behavior involving young boys.
    Jackson’s practice of insulating his life via money and privelidge was clearly over the top and he paid thru the nose to those who preyed on his desire to purchase his own reality. Doesn’t mean he was innocent, or that there was no truth to the accusations.

  18. avatar Kane says:

    Jackson is roasting in hell where he belongs.

  19. avatar MJ says:

    Dimwits. The guy is dead. One day you too. So show some respect and live the guy alone.


  20. avatar MJ says:

    Dimwits. The guy is dead. One day you too. So show some respect and leave the guy alone.


  21. avatar Franklin says:

    I read the book “All that glitters: the crime and cover up” several years ago. It was about Jordan Chandler and Michael.

    I am totally convinced Michael was a predator of a certain type of boys and would never have stopped. I had always liked him for years until I realized what he really was underneath. Once I started to look, I saw signs of the techniques that predators use all around him.

    So I say Good Riddance and the saddest thing is these boys have to go through the whole rest of their lives without Michael ever saying I’m sorry I did this to you. I’m expecting tell all books to be coming out. The rats that are now off the payroll will want money. People that have been threatened and intimidated might get the courage to come forward. Then of course you’ll always get the cranks in there too making things up.

    But somewhere in all of it will be some truth because who knows better what rats are up to than other rats. Saint John Edwards got outed by a tabloid and it turned out to be true. So don’t automatically dismiss a story by an ex disgruntled shady past employee or assume the main news always tells the truth. Michael convinced a jury he was innocent. Well so did OJ Simpson.

  22. avatar ZanderInk says:

    Thank you for writing the truth about MJ. I’m sick of hearing everyone on the TV and radio saying how good he was and what a shame he’s dead… Give me a break! The guy was a child molester! I’m glad he’s dead and gone so at least one more child will be safe in the world.

    Now, I do accept that he was a great musician and did some amazing music. I’m not taking that away from him. But the fact is he was a child molester and the world is a little safer now he’s gone. Sure he was sick, all of them are. And some can and do get help and stop molesting. But like alcoholics, it’s one day at a time and they have to be careful not to slip. I have no idea if Michael was getting help, probably not as that would be too dangerous if it was leaked because it would show guilt.

    I will and do miss his music, even though I chose to stop listening to anything he wrote or sang after the second time he was accused. I feel sad for his family because they will miss him. But I believe karma stepped in and the children of the world are a little safer now.

  23. avatar kal says:

    The evidence that he was a molester was very strong. He was guilty for sure. Anybody who thinks differently is not in reality. He never had a real girlfriend and held hands and shared his bed with young boys. Jurors are just as stupid when up against these defense attorneys as they are starstruck by the celebrity. Oj was guilty and so was MJ. People just lose all rational thought when involved in case such as this. These boys deserved better justice and so did their families. He’s in hell I hope

  24. avatar kal says:

    I also think it is BS and that Yifan is NOT a psychologist. The REAl evidence is on the Martin Bashir interview where a 40-something grown man and young teen are holding hands like lovers. Police searches uncovered child porn of youngs boys. Are you not paying attention? I have counted 2 victims who testified to actual molestation. 1 victim who settled. 1 maid who settled who said her son was molested. 1 sibling who saw MJ naked. 1 woman who saw MJ in the shower with a young boy. Do you as a psychologist truly want to assert there is no REAL EVIDENCE. WOW–I would hate to be a crime victim coming to you for help. I suppose if i were raped I would need MORE than 6 or so witmesses to constitute real evidence! You seem like very silly person and that that was a very silly comment you made.

  25. avatar Sadam Husein says:

    I am so happy this is posted, as it lets you see how ignorance overcomes reality. Probably the owners of this page also sued a few to get some money out of it. hahahahaha!

  26. avatar Sed8ed says:

    Pedophiles are put in jail. Parents of children who are molested put tese people in jail. They don’t take money and forget all about it… That’s what civil suits are for. Ignorance is an american past time… LEARN, YOU FUCKING IDIOTS!

  27. avatar anonymous says:

    Thank you for writing that. I think the people who are feeling sad for his death has sever amnesia!! Yes, he made fantastic pop music and was talented in his YOUNGER years, but despite all that money he was a child predator. His parents, family, and all the people who enabled his behavior and tried to ride the wake of his fame are all to blame as well.

  28. avatar kim jones says:

    It’s the parents fault for letting their kids go over there in the first place, but another for Jackson to not get help for this problem – just like his prescription addiction.

    So many people mistake ‘fame’ for reality and it’s easy for someone with a lot of money to pay people off. If he wasn’t guilty, why did he settle out of court so many times and why do so many people keep saying he was into kids? Probably because it was true!!

    Jacko = sicko

  29. avatar scorpion queen says:

    Only God really knows what really happened with these children, but even those ones who believe he was guilty, may agree that if ur son is molested by ANYONE u r gonna accuse him criminally. If really michael did it, then, u have to see that evan chandler as a pimp, he and jordan’s mom deliberately exposed him to michael so they can obtain money later. I dont say michael was guilty or not, but if he was, jordan’s parents must have been accused as well. And by the way, even when the pedophilians can have some common characteristics, it doesn’t mean that everybody that have them are molesters and everyone who doesn’t are not. And yes,I have a child and I’m very sure that if somebody tries to do something wrong to him, the money will not pay for his suffer.

  30. avatar Brent says:

    You people are fuckin idiots. And the writer of this article is the king of fuckin idiots. I’m a parent if my daughter comes to me and tells me sincerely that someone molested her the only trial that’s going to take place is mine… FOR MURDER!

    If Michael Jackson was a pedophile there is no way that only 2 people would come forth given the number of young boys he came into contact with. Do you really think that a pedophile could come into contact with literally hundreds of thousands of children and only molest 2? This has got to be the most self disciplined pedophile in history which goes against a major pedophiliac trait the inability to control ones self.

    Stop disrespecting a man that has given more to the world than any us ever could. I swear they hail you then they nail you no matter who you are. FUCKIN IDIOTS

  31. avatar toma says:

    Dear Brent: it’s not your daughter. It’d be your son.

    Dear Brent: you could never get to Michael Jackson because he lived in a giant compound, surrounded by tons of armed guards.

    Dear Brent: child molesters don’t bulldoze anybody, they work by stealth: parting cracks and crevices, sniffing out weaknesses, testing defenses. That’s how they manage to pull off something heinous, but continue to roam free–trust abuse, confusion, sneaking, fast.

  32. avatar sunshine says:

    Home About Jordan Chandler admits he lied about Michael Jackson
    June 27, 2009

    Admits he lied

    After the sudden death of Michael Jackson Evan Chandler tells the truth.

    In 1993, Chandler told a psychiatrist and police that he and Jackson had engaged in sexual acts that included oral sex, the boy gave detailed description of Jackson’s genitals. The case was settled out of court for a reported $22 million, but the strain led Jackson to begin taking painkillers. Eventually he became addicted.

    Now maybe for the remorse of his death Chandler decides to tell us the truth. ” I never meant to lie and destroy Michael Jackson but my father made me to tell only lies. Now i can’t tell Michael how much i’m sorry and if he will forgive me ”.Evan Chandler was tape-recorded saying amongst other things, “If I go through with this, I win big-time. There’s no way I lose. I will get everything I want and they will be destroyed forever…

    Under the influence of a controversial father (Jordan Chandler) told his son to tell that Jackson had touched his penis.Jordan Chandler then told a psychiatrist and later police that he and Jackson had engaged in acts of kissing, masturbation and oral sex, as well as giving a detailed description of what he alleged were the singer’s genitals.
    ” Now for the first time i can’t bare to lie anymore. Michael Jackson didn’t do anything to me, all was my father lies to escape from being poor.”

    “This father and son will burn in hell”

  33. avatar Brut says:

    Evan and Jordan Chandler was paid off 22 million by Michael Jacksons insurance company against wishes of Michael and Michael’s lawyers to not pay them off. The insurance company wanted to keep this case from being dragged out and get rid of these 2 scammers. Today this father and son hate each other. A few years ago the father attempted to kill his son. Read that court case. I would say that this is “KARMA”.

  34. avatar Dear Toma says:

    I would think that no protective parent of a healthy, young boy (or girl, if you like) would settle only for monetary compensation if his child has been “violated” so, as in the case of the Chandlers.

    However, your post has been grossly one-sided in it’s arguments as well.

    “From the beginning of the post, my argument was that he was obviously what he appears to be because there is no other explanation for his horrible, bizarre behavior. Because child molesters are forever behaving in horrible, bizarre ways.” – Toma.

    You’ve been disappointingly stereotypical in your views, and stooping so low to a point of being condescending towards Brent, whom I believe has a legitimate point.

    But thank you, Dear Toma, for your interesting read and the points you’ve made. We might agree eye-to-eye on certain issues, but it was a post that you’ve researched on, backed up with quotes and all that.

  35. avatar veronica says:

    You should feel like a real asshole b/c the boy (Jordan Chandler) has admit that he lied about the whole thing. How dear you wrongfully judge someone who has done so much good for the World without any proof. In case you had not heard he was found innocent. Im sure if we look back on your life there you are no model of perfection and this ignorant ass blog proves that. Who proclaimed you the person in charge of passing judgement? NO ONE. So you can take this blog and stick it up your dumb ass. What a fucking douche bag you are!!!!!!!

  36. avatar Claire Finnegan says:

    Load of shit!

  37. avatar Claire Finnegan says:

    You know absolutely nothing, ingnorant and full of shit!

  38. avatar Franklin says:

    If this is now the true story then the police department should be sued for photographing Michael if the description of his private parts did not match. If they did match, we have to find out where Chandler got the description from because that person would be responsible as well. The father needs to be brought up on charges and sent to prison for blackmail. Anyone that testified in court needs to be brought up on perjury charges. All bank account records should be checked because there’s been an awful lot of money change hands.
    I still believe Michael has some sort of sexual attraction to certain aged boys that overrides everything else. After getting raked over the coals by the legal system you don’t go right back out and get another 12 year old best friend for sleep overs.

  39. avatar A says:

    What a bunch of crap…
    All you wanted to do is bash MJ!
    The kid (Evan Chandler) has said it wasn’t true.
    And for all the other people that decided to say that Michael touched their child… they were just jumping on the band wagon and like golddiggers, they wanted his money.

    You have no right to say terrible things about a man that changed the world.
    If someone had said those things about one of your family members, how would you feel?
    You really need to think of others before saying some evil things.
    Seriously, get your head screwed on right and leave nasty thoughts to yourself because no one wants to bother wasting their time hearing about awful comments you’ve decided to post.


    You’ve changed the world again!

  40. avatar Stacey says:

    I think this is STUPID!!!

    Everyone arguing about something they clearly know nothing of!

    NO-ONE, ABSOLUTELY NO-ONE APART FROM MICHAEL & THE KIDS are gonna know about what really happened between them. Therefore, it’s only a matter of opinion of whether Micheal is a child molester or not. IT IS NOT A FACT!!!

    Therefore drop it & let the man rest in peace! For f**k sake!!!

    How about discussing things that everyone does know! Micheal Jackson is a music legend & thats a FACT!!!

  41. avatar Joann says:

    Get a life!!! You are a jerk.

  42. avatar Brut says:

    After getting raked over the coals by the legal system you don’t go right back out and get another 12 year old best friend for sleep overs.

    Franklin this statement that you made is so full of shit!!! In this 2nd Gavin Arviso case this kids mom seeked out Michael Jackson and told him that her son is dying of cancer and wanted to meet him. MJ opened up his home to this entire family. The kid’s mom also stayed in Michael’s home occasionally. This family was awarded over $150,000 from an out of court settlement for scamming JC Penny’s security for a sexual assault after they got caught shop lifting. She also scammed a newspaper columnist into collecting money from her readers for her dying son. This mother/kids are scammers which was told by their dad in a divorce court. This is why their Michael Jackson sexual abuse case was thrown out of court. Poor MJ the scapegoat, no wonder he ended up a wreck. You need to read court documents before you spread rumors and lies, you look foolish.

  43. avatar MG says:

    Here’s the thing…
    This is called a “blog”, not the “CIA Factbook”.
    On this “blog”, the writer has expressed an “opinion”.
    If you don’t agree with the “opinion”, simply go away.
    Nobody forced you to find it. Nobody forced you to read it.
    And beyond all else…I still really would like to know what you
    googled that brought you here. *cough*

    Seriously people, anyone with any semblance of intelligence
    can see a problem existed. No song is going to matter more.

  44. avatar toma says:

    Dear ‘Dear Toma'(?):

    I condescended to Brent? And I did so by calling him ‘Dear’ while he called me and those who rightly agreed with me, many of whom, unlike Brent, have first-hand knowledge of the habits of molesters, ‘FUCKIN IDIOTS’? You have no sense of propriety.

    And my take on child molesting being a neurological disorder in which the molester must take responsibility for himself–that’s ‘stereotypical’? No, Brent’s reflexively wanting to kill them, that’s stereotypical.

    And where is his ‘legitimate point’, other than wanting to kill a molester? This?

    “If Michael Jackson was a pedophile there is no way that only 2 people would come forth given the number of young boys he came into contact with. Do you really think that a pedophile could come into contact with literally hundreds of thousands of children and only molest 2? This has got to be the most self disciplined pedophile in history which goes against a major pedophiliac trait the inability to control ones self.”

    Brent doesn’t know a thing, he’s totally dead wrong. Molesters are some of the greatest planners and strategists on Earth. They have to come into contact with hundreds, thousands of potential victims in order to select the most defenseless one, one who can be trained to ‘trust’ the molester, to be ‘groomed’ into a world of new ideas and behaviors that would normally be disgusting and dangerous.

    “Examples of activities sometimes used as part of child grooming

    * Taking an undue interest in someone’s child (having a “special” friend)
    * Giving gifts or money to the child for no apparent reason
    * Showing pornography to the child
    * Talking about sexual topics
    * Hugging, kissing, or other physical contact even when the child doesn’t want this attention
    * Talking to the child about problems that would normally be discussed between people of the same age or more commonly, adults (e.g. marital problems)
    * Becoming good friends with the child’s parents in order to gain easy access to their child (e.g. Babysitting)
    * Looking for opportunities to have time alone with the child.
    * Inviting the child over for sleepovers or sleeping in the same room or bed with someone else’s child.”

    Does any of that sound familiar with respect to Jackson? The molester’s critical necessity for ‘Grooming’ was a documentary of Michael Jackson’s daily life. The guy was exactly what he appeared to be, a child predator.

    “What is the most common method used by child molesters?

    The Affection Lure. (See Think First & Stay Safe Parent Guide) Most victims of abuse are “groomed” over a period of weeks, months, or years. The Affection Lure is used both offline and online to seduce unsuspecting youngsters in need of love and attention. Child molesters have repeatedly told me: When there’s a physically or emotionally absent parent in the picture, it makes the child more vulnerable than ever.”

    That’s why they always end up being Boy Scout leaders, priests who train altar boys, soccer coaches, private school aides, volunteer babysitters.

    Or, in this case, the most beloved, most famous guy on Earth who just happens to have a permanent circus in his backyard.

    Wake the fuck up, you attendant clowns, you’re in love with a scumbag.

  45. avatar kelly says:

    All of you that believe this are idiots and you probably hate black people.The boy admitted that Michael never touched him.He felt guilty about lying.Michael Jackson did not prey on these children.Their parents saw their children as a payday.Maybe,Michael just thought that he could protect other children that were less fortunate from going through what he went through as a child.You people disgust me and I hope that all of you are accused of something in your lives that is not true and you all suffer for it,so that you can see how he felt.You are a bunch of judgmental animals and did not even deserve to enjoy that man for the 40 years that he dedicated his life to the public.Not a moment alone.ever, so that someone could come out and lie for money and take it all way from him.There are billions of people that still love him and are devastated by his death.I hope that when you die at least one person cries for you,if you deserve that much.He must have done something right to still be able to sell out 50 concerts till this day.I see you are jealous that a black man had this much power.You all could not take Michael Jackson and a black President,so you just had to get it all off of your chest.God Bless you all.I hope that you sleep well at night.Michael Jackson fan for life.

  46. avatar kelly says:

    By the way.The Chandler boy lives in a 2.5 million dollar house and he and his father own numerous real estate properties in Manhattan.WOW, what a come up.I am sure that the money had nothing to do with it.I am sure that all of you ignorant bastards would have probably done the same thing with your kids if you had a chance to make that money too.They should seize all of their assets a put them in jail for at least 16 years,because that is how long they were out enjoying their blood money.

  47. avatar toma says:

    kelly–so what? Let’s assume Chandler was a greedy, scheming ass who lied. Fine, he’s a complete scumbag who deserves jail for what he did, agreed. A monster, fuck him. He and his Dad can go straight to hell.

    You and your other child molester champions still can’t explain a single thing about Jackson’s disgusting life. Why he couldn’t have relationships with women, why he was obsessed with children, why he needed to have a petting zoo behind his house, why he needed to sleep with boys, why he showed them porn, got them drunk, snuggled with them, kissed and fondled them. Even after having his life and career practically destroyed by the 1993 calls of ‘child molester’, why he or any marginally sane person would return to behaving exactly the same way.

    There’s an Everest of evidence pointing singularly in one direction, but you think the Chandler case somehow ‘disappears’ all of this overwhelming reality. No, you just don’t have the courage to accept life as it really is. You and your kind are acting like asses–you dearly love an obscenity, a flat-out unabashed child molester. How in the world did you ever arrive at such a horrible place? A nice person like you, defending an obvious child predator who hurt a lot of kids, many more than the ‘liar’ Chandler?

    I’ve had enough of your childishness and dangerous stupidity. Adore him all you like, and then you can grow old living with it.

  48. avatar Stacey says:

    Actually you ‘idiot’, I googled ‘Evan Chandler lies’ and it came up with this website as I was browsing through and I decided to read it. So you don’t need to wonder any further!

    Yes the writer put across his opinion and in him doing so I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO PUT MINE ACROSS!!!

    Like I said YOU ARE A NOBODY TO MICHAEL JACKSON AND THE KIDS WHO WERE ALLEGEDLY ABUSED , YOU DO NOT KNOW WENT ON & NEITHER DO I – FACT, so why don’t you do something better with your time than write about things you clearly have no evidence about!!!

    Your opinion certainly isn’t going to change the past!!!

  49. avatar Abbey says:

    You jackasses bad mouthing Michael Jackson need to get a goddamn life. There is no REAL evidence suggesting that he did anything. Jordan Chandler admitted to lying about it because of his father. Why can’t people just appreciate his music, let him rest in peace, and mourn if they want to? People who hate have nothing better to do with their lives and are worthless. Pathetic, worthless creatures. Go back to the holes you crawled out of. Thanks.

  50. avatar MG says:

    *sigh* I wondered how long it would take for one of you to play the race card. Absolute idiocy. And from where *I* sit, it sure looked to me like the last thing MJ wanted was to be any race other than white. I don’t give a crap what colour a child abuser is. When they die, I’m not going to throw a party and talk about how bloody wonderful they were. I’m sure a lot of people thought Hitler was super special as well.

    I only have a couple more things to say, and then I’m zipping my lip on this disgusting subject. MJ doesn’t deserve even this much of my time being wasted on his pathetic life.

    Firstly, I KNOW that not one of you people is a parent. How do I know this? Because if MY child came to me and told me someone had touched them inappropriately, I would move heaven and earth to see that person punished to the full extent of the law. Child molestation is a crime of OPPORTUNITY, people!!! Wake up!!! MJ preyed on children whose parents were either too busy to care, or just couldn’t be bothered to care!! Of course they took payouts!!! MONEY mattered more than their children! And MJ KNEW this! He KNEW he could pay them to keep their mouths shut. Child molesters don’t choose children from loving families because they know they will be ARRESTED and CONVICTED! Use your brains. THINK a little before you come full boar defending a criminal. Why pay someone off if you’re innocent??? Go to court. Let the system work for you. But for crying out loud…don’t PAY people! I wouldn’t even consider not believing in my child, and I most certainly would never take money to shut up about it. MJ was in the ultimate position of power, wasn’t he? Not only did children adore him, but he could pay to keep himself molesting forever. To condone it, or to defend it, is disgusting. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

    As far as I’m concerned, being a fan of his music and being a fan of his person are two completely different things. If you want to go on enjoying the music, do it. But to become so enraged because a good majority of people see through the facade and recognize he had serious issues is just nuts. I appreciated the fact that someone realized that we shouldn’t forget that there were aspects of his life that just weren’t right. Even your own President recognized it.

    One thing is definately for certain. I can promise you that there will NEVER be another child molestation accusation made against him.

    I’m done.

  51. avatar Franklin says:

    I have seen stars that help kids with cancer. They give donations, sign autographs, talk to them, sponsor a trip, and give gifts. Other than Michael I haven’t seen one give a personal sleep over in the bed at their house with the parents absent.

    I don’t think anyone is disputing the parents are scumbags that like money. I want to know why the police photographed Michael Jackson’s body and nobody was sued or fired over it. It would be a slam dunk case. It makes no sense to me why he would pay people millions of dollars who don’t have a shred of evidence.

    I used to like him very much. I appreciated his music. I didn’t appreciate him for grabbing his crotch but thought he was a terrific dancer. I felt sorry for his childhood. Lisa Marie divorced him. I believe Elvis would have beat the crap out of him if he’d been around and in shape. I’m not jealous of a black president. I am suspicious of any man that acts the way he does around 12 year old boys. Telling me the parents are jerks which I already know only explains their behaviour. It doesn’t explain his.

    I saw him on television talking about sharing his bed so I have no doubt that the boys saying they were there is true. I believe the story of the police finding porn. So far I believe the Jesus Juice story as I’ve never heard of any kids using that term before. It doesn’t sound to me like a term a 12 year old would come up with.

    My gut feeling tells me something is very wrong with him and so far swearing and calling me names has done nothing but make that feeling more intense.

  52. avatar Stacey says:

    LOL I am a parent of two boys! & I know if any one of my son’s came to me and told me a man had abused them sexually, I CERTAINLY am not going to be taking any money for my silence!

    I will be taking it to court & protesting that the man should be locked up & I would still be doing it all these years later!!!!

    & for the people asking the silly questions such as ‘why didn’t Michael have normal relationships?’ ‘Why did Michael have boys in his bed?’ HOW ON EARTH ARE WE SUPPOSED TO KNOW!

    You people don’t get it!! NO-ONE, NO-ONE knows what went on and why! So therefore, your just speculating about what happened!

    I am not saying Micheal didn’t do ‘it’ and I’m not saying Michael did do ‘it’. I’m saying that I don’t go around making accusations about someone I DON’T KNOW! & None of you certainly don’t know Michael Jackson!

    Your just going to go around and around in a big circle, Michael’s fans are never going to stop loving him & are going to continue to fight for him in protesting his innocence! & the people who believe that Micheal is a child molester are never going to change their doubts about the man! Subsequently, your all just calling each other names, lol.

    Ask yourselves this, 3/4 of the world’s population is mourning Michael and about (if even that) 1/4 isn’t. I wonder why that is? Are you gonna say because 3/4 are ignorant? LOL. I think it might have something to do with (thankfully) people having the brains not to go and believe everything they hear or read about a celebrity!


  53. avatar Franklin says:

    This is a past article written in 2005

    Child actor Corey Feldman has revealed his former pal Michael Jackson once threatened his life because he thought The Goonies star was planning to reveal all about their friendship. Feldman taped an interview with British investigative reporter Martin Bashir just before he was called as a prosecution witness in Jackson’s child molestation trial and told the journalist his friendship with the King of Pop ended badly on the eve of the terrorist attacks on New York in 2001. The actor was among the celebrities attending Jackson’s star-studded anniversary concert in New York and was shocked by a brief chat he had with his friend backstage. In the Bashir interview, which was featured on US news show 20/20 on Friday night, Feldman recalled, “Michael had some paranoid delusion that I had some ill-fated intentions to write some sort of book about him, which was categorically untrue. What happened next was basically, the way I perceived it, is that he threatened my life.” Jackson refused to transport Feldman out of New York on his tour bus the following day, after terrorist planes had hit the twin towers of the World Trade Center. Feldman is scheduled to testify against his former friend on March 15.

    Here is another one I found interesting but don’t know when it was written:

    Corey Feldman said.

    In an interview to be shown on ABC’s 20/20, Feldman said that when he was in his early teens Michael Jackson showed him nude pictures.

    Feldman has been subpoenaed by prosecutors in the singer’s child sex case.

    Feldman described the pictures in a new interview with journalist Martin Bashir, who was responsible for the documentary, Living With Michael Jackson. That programme, shown on ABC in February 2003, has footage of the pop star and his accuser holding hands and Jackson defending his practice of sharing his bed with children.

    Feldman, 33, said he went to Jackson’s home when he was 13 or 14 and saw a book on the coffee table with pictures of naked men and women.

    Feldman was contacted by prosecutors who want to question him about his relationship with Jackson, said Feldman’s manager, Scott Carlson. Corey Feldman, once Michael Jackson’s friend and ardent defender, has apparently switched sides.

    The actor is speaking out with surprising new claims about his relationship with the embattled pop singer, which started when Feldman was a child star.

    Bashir asks, “Were you ever shown any images that were inappropriate?” Feldman responds, “If you consider it inappropriate for a man to look at a book of naked pictures with a child that’s 13 or 14 years old, then your answer would be yes.”

    “I was kind of grossed out by it,” Feldman said. “I didn’t think of it as a big deal. And for all these years, I probably never thought twice about it. But in light of recent evidence, I have to say that if my son was 14 years old, 13 years old, and went to a man’s apartment, and I knew that they were sitting down together talking about this, I would probably beat his ass.”

  54. avatar Stacey says:

    So why would Feldman be filled with ‘remorse’ when he heard Michael had died?

    My point taken – you cannot believe everything you read!!! There’s always going to be contradictions!

    It’s ALL hear’say. This is like a childs playground ‘he said this and she said that’. We can all take quotes of what people have said – we are never going to get closer to the truth!

    Stop trying to detriment a dead man!

  55. avatar Brut says:

    “Jesus juice” was a description pounded into the heads of the Arvizo boys by their greedy mother. She was their coach!

  56. avatar kelly says:

    Rumors Rumors Rumors.No one in the world will ever know anything.We can only assume and as it stands,anything that we believe does not matter,because Michael Jackson has gone on to be judged by a much more important being than any of us.The Lords final word is all that matters and I do not want to sit here and think that I can predict what God’s plans are.I am sure you all have your opinion,but the only thing that I can do is pray that when it is my turn,God accepts me into his kingdom.That should be your concern not being angry because someone else is mourning the death of someone that has nothing to do with you or your children.I have four children under 7 and they all enjoy Michael Jackson’s music as much as I do.I love his spirit and I love his music and if I am wrong for that they so be it.All of the hateful evil things that all of you can say can not change the FACT that the World is in mourning and I am almost sure that when all of the people that have all of this hate in their heart for this man passes on ,you will be lucky if 10 people even care that you are gone.He will be remembered forever and that is a FACT.Not as a child molester,but as an icon and a hero to some people for giving so 90% of his life to the world and making us smile.So you can rant and rave all you want ,you will never break the spirit of the people that loved him and they will defend him until he admits to it.Oh sorry,not gonna happen.So I guess that means forever.Ask yourself this”Is there anything that you or anyone that you actually physically know that is completely without sin and completely sane.Are you sure that you will be judged positively when it is your turn?” I am not sure because I do not know what the qualifications are,but all I can do is hope and pray.I think that is what you people need to do.PRAY for your own souls and stop worrying about His.God Bless and Good luck,because it seems like from the hate that you guys have in your hearts.You may need it.

  57. avatar Brut says:

    There are two sides to every story and Michael is no longer here to defend his side. Many of you should do research and read documents before you draw conclusions on what you read in the news yesterday then come here and blog irrationally like an idiot. Long live the spirit of Michael Jackson and the contribution that he made to humanity. How many of you have contributed?

  58. avatar Brian Intangible says:

    I take care of an 88 year old stroke victim 24/7….while you are fantasizing that your son could have been a candidate for Neverland.

    wake up.
    oh.. and hi.

  59. avatar toma says:

    Hey BI.

    Let’s not forget Michael’s contribution to teenage nightmares and badly needed therapy. He certainly was a ‘giver’.

  60. avatar Franklin says:

    Well I think the problem is that Michael is part good person and part bad person and it’s too hard to put the two together. That’s why molested people get so messed up. Here is the most wonderful person in their life who has done more for them than anyone else and they trust and adore them. Then their idol and best friend creeps up on them and hurts them. And everytime the person gets angry and talks about what happened, the guilt hits about how could you do this to this wonderful person who did everything for you when you were down and out. They’re torn between the hate and love. So they change their stories because the opposite feelings they have are both true.

  61. avatar Franklin says:

    I came across this article and wondered if anyone had seen this tv show.

    Looks like The Two Coreys is must-see TV.

    On Sunday’s installment, Corey Feldman and Corey Haim went at it swapping shocking admissions of rape and molestation that leave many questioning whether Michael Jackson laid a glove on the boys.

    Feldman threatened that he can “destroy” Haim, who then fires back with astonishing claims. “You let me get f–ked around in my life, raped so to speak, when I was about 14-and-a-half … by a guy you still f–king hang out with,” Haim says. “You know exactly what I’m talking about. What did you do? You knew about it — aside from being his best friend,” he continues.

    Not to be overshadowed, Feldman shot back with a confession of his own. “I was being molested at the same time by somebody else … what did you do?”

  62. avatar Franklin says:

    A fight between actors Corey Feldman and Corey Haim on their reality show “The Two Coreys” opened up old wounds, and their shocking admission of rape and molestation has some bloggers throwing Michael Jackson’s name into the mix thanks to his long-standing friendship with Feldman.

    On Sunday’s episode of “Coreys,” Feldman threatened that he can “destroy” Haim, who then fires back with astonishing claims. “You let me get f—– around in my life, raped so to speak, when I was about 14-and-a-half … by a guy you still f—— hang out with,” Haim says. “You know exactly what I’m talking about. What did you do? You knew about it — aside from being his best friend,” he continues. It’s this person that some suspect is Jackson.

    Dlisted poses the question by asking: “I’m guessing the accused child toucher’s name rhymes with HACKO?” Radar presumes the Haim molester is “almost certainly a popular entertainer.” Defamer details the scenario by remembering that Feldman has discussed Jackson in the past, describing what the blog refers to as “several instances of R.E.M. (rapidly encroaching Michael).”

    Feldman has been friends with Jackson since childhood and even testified in the pop singer’s molestation trial. It’s this tie that has many bloggers speculating that Haim is referring to Jackson as the person who “raped” him.

    After hearing Haim’s assertions, Feldman fires back with a confession of his own. “I was being molested at the same time by somebody else … what did you do?” he says. Feldman has denied that Jackson ever molested him, telling July’s GQ magazine that it was his assistant who “would come in when” he was sleeping.

  63. avatar LadyN says:

    It’s a wonderful thing that the crap people say about us does not change who we really are. A man is dead and some of you are rejoicing because he’s gone. This article was poorly written and based solely on opinion. You can’t tell a child molester by how they act, walk, talk, or do other things. If that were true, then the boy’s parents should have known that Michael Jackson was a pedophile and not allowed their child to be alone with him. If he was guilty of touching that child and making him do sexually things with him, explain why that child kept going to his home. There were no family ties there. He could have stopped going to Michael Jackson’s home any time he wanted to. He was 13. 13 year olds lie all of the time, as Jordan proved from admitting that he did lie about the molestation. Congratulations to the writer of this article who has nothing better to do with his poor pathetic life than to try to destroy the legacy of a dead man. Nice job. Your mother must be proud.

  64. avatar Stacey says:

    LOL, Hi5 LadyN! You hit the nail on the head!

  65. avatar Brut says:

    Instead of plopping your ass in front of a TV reality show go do some research before you draw conclusions. Don’t rely on “he said, she said” bullshit. Some people will do anything to boost their ratings.

  66. avatar Paradox says:

    ..O.J. is still innocent too 😉

  67. avatar Franklin says:

    Yes my mother would be very proud that I had the common sense not to leave my kid alone in bed with MJ overnight.

  68. avatar Stacey says:

    You should have the common sense not leave your kid alone in a bed with any strange person overnight. Not just MJ!

    I could imagine your mother being ashamed at bringing into this world an ignorant person who doesn’t know 1 damn thing about someone’s private life and has not even met the person before but clearly thinks they ‘know it all’ and why? Because they have been ‘blessed with intelligence’.

    Yes darling, the majority of the world has been blessed with intelligence, just a shame you wasn’t one of them!

  69. avatar Franklin says:

    I wouldn’t leave them alone with any strange person overnight (or during the day either), but some people think we should make an exception for MJ. Now if a stupid person such as myself can figure that out, why can’t all the people with intelligence do it?

  70. avatar Stacey says:

    I have 2 boys and I would not leave them to sleep in any strange adullts bed, whether it being a famous person or not.

    However, just because thousands of parents/guardians did allow their children to sleep in MJ’s bed does not automatically mean the man is a child molester.

    What is my point is and what I have been saying all along is that no-one knows whether he was or not and no-onoe is going to get any closer to the truth. We are all in the same boat, obviously not on the same page but nonetheless we’re in the same boat. Noone knows more than anybody else. We can all read it, we can all hear it about it. We can all listen to it BUT every source we read it or hear it from comes via the media which is notoriously known for making things up!

    The man was found not guilty and regardless of whether you think the judicial system is corrupt or he was only not found guilty because of blah blah blah, the fact remains there. He was not found guilty. Therefore you need to accept what it is and let it go!

  71. avatar ashley says:

    I cannot bear to read any more of these arguments because it only gets me upset how ignorant some people are, to the author of this article, why don’t you RESEARCH what you’re talking about!!!!!! And, also, the description of Michael’s genital DID NOT MATCH, the blotches were present but not in the places which described, and Michael was NOT circumsised as Jordan had drawn!! Get your facts straight before you continue to spread lies so others can follow in your footsteps like zombies. This is the problem, people think they know it all and they don’t. Try using the actual stuff, official court transcripts and police reports, not the National Enquirer and somebody’s else’s hate blog. xoxo.

  72. avatar ashley says:

    Also, to all of the other MJ Haters who are all flocking to this blog and stewing in their hatred, you all can congregate in a place that’s meant for you, and you can hang out with Satan while you’re there, because you’ll be there for eterntiy.

    Blind hatred leads you nowhere but downwards, Michael Jackson was a human being, he cannot be judged as normal because he did not grow up the way that YOU did, I’m sure. I’m sickened by all of this skinhead rallying, Salem Witch Trial S***.

    You can say whatever you want, as long as you have the facts to back it up and you look into every detail that you can, which many of you, I can assure you, have not. Knowledge is power and you have not gained any of either. Learn more, and then see what you say, let go of previous biases and look at him as human being. Get to know who he is more. And yes, yes, if you know anything about psychology or even if you’re just compassionate, you can understand the way that Michael felt. He’s done more for the world than any of you will ever do, people with evil in their souls are never Kings. I pray that all of you search more, and I pray for your forgiveness as well for participating in the spreading of lies and hatred. What if that was you in his shoes, what if you were innocent and this happened to you, what would you do?? What if your child was molested, what would you do??

    The next step is what you do for yourself. xoxo.

  73. avatar motherhen says:

    I am a parent of three. Are any of you parents. You say if it looks like a cigar and smells like a cigar, then it is a cigar. And as such, a cigar will do what it does, namely go up in smoke. This should apply to parenthood as well. I know mothers, I have had one, I am one and I know many mothers. Do you know what they do when their children are harmed? They go wild. I mean they will leave no stone unturned to catch the bastard who hurt their child. We will stop at nothing. Are you a mother. Trust me. Money is nothing. The person will go down, one way or another. I eats you up inside like nothing you can describe, to know that someone hurt your child. And yet the accusers settler for money. I don’t buy it. I believed they lied. Michael is not a child molester. Sure he is weird. But who wouldn’t be with that kind of life.

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