Okay all you champions of sexual predators: if Michael Jackson wasn’t a child molester, how do you answer these questions?

I’m not going to try to talk sense to any more of you fame-lamed zombies on the other thread (Do not bother to mourn Michael Jackson…). You can all just demonstrate your brilliance by tackling this new post.

You all seem to know for sure that the wholly bizarre superstar, Michael Jackson, was not at all the unrepentant criminal he appeared to be, you’re all so much smarter than all the unfortunate people who have first-hand experience witnessing the behavior of child molesters. Well, then, you rigid apologists can certainly handle these questions. Should be a piece of cake for you wise old students of human nature:

If Micheal Jackson was not a child molester…

1.) Why did so many people accuse him of being one?

Pretty simple question. You guys think the accusers are greedy–if they wanted to victimize the poor innocent guy and make a bundle, the jerks had to make something up, right? Why was it always child molestation? Just about the most lurid, disgusting thing imaginable? It might be the hardest thing to prove because it’s so unbelievable, so disturbing.

Tommy Lee, Alec Baldwin settled assault cases, George Harrison, Billy Joel settled plagiarism cases. Libel, slander, negligence, harassment, take your pick. But child molesting is a typically easy, frivolous and successful case to press? Really? And someone will do this even though they’ll be forever known as a sex-crime victim? Really?

This is the bottom line: it’s the STUPIDEST thing to make up out of thin air because NO CELEBRITY WILL EVER SETTLE THE CASE. It’s too awful, too damaging, too destructive–it has to be fought tooth and nail, destroyed. A guaranteed war.

Which obviously brings up the next question…

2.) Why would he settle those cases?

At least three cases. I can’t imagine any person in the world wrongly accused of child molestation ever choosing to settle. Any case. Ever. No matter what. I would choose to throw my career away if I could press any allegation to the ragged ends of the Earth and reclaim my good name. But not the most famous guy on the planet? Even keenly aware that everybody will know that he paid off the alleged victims? Fight for your good name vs. publicly paying off the money-grubbing liars: what’s the problem? It’s a no-brainer. Unless you’re guilty. And then it’s the opposite no-brainer.

3.) Why did he sleep with others’ children?

Don’t give me the ‘innocent’ or ‘harmless’ bullshit. No typical adults ever want to do this. Men especially, for obvious reasons, but he did it over and over again. It’s insane.

Jackson: “It’s very right. It’s very loving, that’s what the world needs now, more love more heart.”
Bashir: “The world needs a man who’s 44 who’s sleeping in a bed with children?”
Jackson: “No, you’re making it – no, no you’re making it all wrong …”
Bashir: “Well, tell me, help me …”
Jackson: “Because what’s wrong with sharing a love? You don’t sleep with your kids? Or some other kid who needs love who didn’t have a good childhood?”
Bashir: “No, no I don’t. I would never dream …”
Jackson: “That’s because you’ve never been where I’ve been mentally …”
Bashir: “What do you think people would say if I said well – ‘I’ve invited some of my daughter’s friends round or my son’s friends round and they are going to sleep in a bed with me tonight’?
Jackson: “That’s fine!”

No, that’s not fine.

4.) Why was he ‘grooming’ children?

“Child grooming, in the context of this article, refers to actions deliberately undertaken with the aim of befriending and establishing an emotional connection with a child, in order to lower the child’s inhibitions in preparation for sexual abuse.

“Examples of activities sometimes used as part of child grooming

* Taking an undue interest in someone’s child (having a ‘special’ friend)
* Giving gifts or money to the child for no apparent reason
* Showing pornography to the child
* Talking about sexual topics
* Hugging, kissing, or other physical contact even when the child doesn’t want this attention
* Talking to the child about problems that would normally be discussed between people of the same age or more commonly, adults (e.g. marital problems)
* Becoming good friends with the child’s parents in order to gain easy access to their child (e.g. Babysitting)
* Looking for opportunities to have time alone with the child.
* Inviting the child over for sleepovers or sleeping in the same room or bed with someone else’s child.”

That’s a perfect description of Jackson’s private life. Hell, his public life, too. Nobody who isn’t a child molester behaves like this, it’s disturbing.

5.) After narrowly escaping being found liable in the ’94 Chandler case, why did he return to his unsavory, child-obsessed life?

Why would an innocent man publicly return to the disturbing behavior that nearly destroyed him and everything he had accomplished? If he knew that greedy criminals could make up and press a wholly groundless case based upon the mere appearance of a child obsession, why again prop up the appearance of a child obsession? If the whole fiasco was the worst, most wrenching event of his life, why wouldn’t he try to avoid a second episode?

“It was a nightmare, a horrifying nightmare.”–Jackson

…but a second episode followed. And this time it resulted in a criminal case. The guy was also a brilliant businessman and savvy mega-millionaire, but this was somehow a sensible decision?

6.) Why couldn’t he have relationships with adult women?

…or adult men, for that matter, or anyone? Gay, straight, whatever. How does anyone carry out a life entirely absent any romantic or sexual interest? Especially a giant, famous life–everybody else like that turns that to their advantage, they choose to have as many partners as they like, or they get the best looking, or richest or most famous.

Michael chose…nobody? Does anybody buy that? The two icons he’s being currently compared to in American life are Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley. Those two dudes went through hundreds, maybe thousands of women.

But this is who he ‘married’? This was his passion, the cherished mother of his children?

Although [Rowe] also cited irreconcilable differences as a reason for their divorce in 1999, on 4/27/05 she testified at the Michael Jackson trial that “[we] never shared a home; we never shared an apartment.”

She also stated that she had not seen her children in more than two years. Debbie had been limited to seeing her children only every 45 days, and then for only eight hours under the supervision of a nanny.

Heck, it almost sounds like he doesn’t really like the mother of his children. Sounds as if he’d rather keep her out of his and his kids’ lives.

And those are but a few of the dozens of questions I could ask that no one could possibly answer: Why couldn’t he recognize typical parents’ concerns for the children around him? Why did he have to be with children alone, away from their parents? Why did he have to have sleepovers? Why did he keep such a large porn stash around? Why did he give ‘Jesus Juice’ to teens? Why did his bedroom have an alarm to warn him about people walking down the hall? Why was he a lifelong drug addict?

Of course anyone who refuses to pull his head out of the superstar’s ass can’t answer these questions. Even though there’s a particularly simple truth here: The guy was a child molester. That’s the one answer that explains it all.

Which leaves us with the final question: Why can’t you admit it?


52 thoughts Okay all you champions of sexual predators: if Michael Jackson wasn’t a child molester, how do you answer these questions?

  1. avatar Kimberly Gourrier says:

    You’re an idiot!!! A jealous, shameless idiot!!! The motivation for poor people to extort money from the rich and famous is obvious. Michael Jackson was an easy target for child molestation charges because he was compassionate – he invited sick, poor and otherwise downtrodden children to enjoy the rich rewards of his wonderful career. The man is dead. Let him rest in peace.

  2. avatar Intelligert says:

    “Why did so many people accuse him of being one?”->$$$
    “Why was it always child molestation?” -> Because, after the first trial, some people thought him already a pedophile. and he was known to be surrounded be children lot of times, and sleeping in the same bed with them.
    “Why would he settle those cases?” -> He wanted to go over it.

    “This is the bottom line: it’s the STUPIDEST thing to make up out of thin air because NO CELEBRITY WILL EVER SETTLE THE CASE. It’s too awful, too damaging, too destructive–it has to be fought tooth and nail, destroyed. A guaranteed war. ” -> Oh, look, you genius, what’s the difference in settling when guilty and unguilty. it’s damaging and destructive in both ways the same.
    “Why couldn’t he have relationships with adult women?” -> wow, he was married two times.

    “If he’s not a child molester, why would he return to behavior that nearly destroyed him and everything he had accomplished? If he knew that greedy criminals could make up and press a wholly groundless case based upon the mere appearance of a child obsession, why again prop up the appearance of a child obsession?” -> ROTL, why would he do that if he would have been a pedophile. doesn’t make sense either way.
    “Why was he ‘grooming’ children?” -> He propably was mentally, intellectually afterall a child himself.

    “Why did he sleep with others’ children?” -> Why would he sleep with some children and not molest them, granted he is pedophile.

    You clearly have problems formulating intelligert question. try harder next time. was too easy for me. waiting for level 2.

  3. avatar toma says:

    Let me guess Intelligert, 17? 19? That was a spectacular fail, complete with horrible English and myriad misspellings.

    –‘“Why would he settle those cases?” -> He wanted to go over it.’ ‘Oh, look, you genius, what’s the difference in settling when guilty and unguilty. it’s damaging and destructive in both ways the same.’

    Holy crap, that is head-scratchingly, astonishingly stupid. People who are accused of heinous things never feel that way. They always want to clear their names, they always want their good reputations back. You seem to know nothing about your fellow human beings.

    –‘“Why couldn’t he have relationships with adult women?” -> wow, he was married two times.’

    Now you’re trying to crack me up. No, he wasn’t and everybody agrees as much, you didn’t even read the post. Legally married and actually married are two different things. Elton John was once married, Merv Griffin too. I’m beginning to think you’re more like 14 or 15 years old–isn’t there a video game you could be playing?

    –“If he’s not a child molester, why would he return to behavior that nearly destroyed him…”-> ROTL, why would he do that if he would have been a pedophile. doesn’t make sense either way.’

    Running out of the Lincoln-Logs? No, it only makes sense if you’re a child molester. That’s what makes a pedophile a pedophile, and I can’t believe I’m having this conversation with a 10 year old.

    “Pedophilia is a paraphilia that involves an abnormal interest in children. A paraphilia is a disorder that is characterized by recurrent intense sexual urges and sexually arousing fantasies generally involving: nonhuman objects; the suffering or humiliation of oneself or one’s partner (not merely simulated); or animals, children, or other nonconsenting persons. Pedophilia is also a psychosexual disorder in which the fantasy or actual act of engaging in sexual activity with prepubertal children is the preferred or exclusive means of achieving sexual excitement and gratification.”

    No one would do it if they could stop, Intelligert, duh. They can’t stop themselves, they continue to commit crimes even after they’ve been caught, just like Michael did. That’s why there’s so much talk of legislation where the molester should be rehabilitated before being released out of the prison population–they’re only going to hurt someone and then be sent back. Apparently you’ve never heard of addictions, or fetishes, or mental illnesses, or anything else–you clearly live in a cave, but with internet access. And toys, lots of toys.

    –‘“Why was he ‘grooming’ children?” -> He propably was mentally, intellectually afterall a child himself.’

    You didn’t answer the question. And children, even ‘adult’ children, do not ‘groom’ other children; only predators do. Fail.

    –‘You clearly have problems formulating intelligert question. try harder next time. was too easy for me. waiting for level 2.’

    I hear the new Transfomers movie is awesome. Run along.

  4. avatar Intelligert says:

    i intently include bad english, so i do not completely humiliate you.
    “fellow human beings.” -> mj is not a fellow human being to me. fail.
    “Legally married and actually married are two different things.” -> well, actually, no. lisa presley later stated that in the beginning they had normal (whatever that means) sex-life.

    about not being able to stop: statistics show that there are more pedophiles than pedosexuals. so some are apparently able to not molest childs even they’d like it.

    “Apparently you’ve never heard of addictions” -> so, is it totally impossible to you, that he was emotionally addicted kids. because he was like a child himself fe.
    “No one would do it if they could stop, Intelligert, duh. ” -> so how comes he didn’t molest all the kids he slept with in the same bed. gotchya.

    “you clearly live in a cave, but with internet access. And toys, lots of toys.” -> this is the only point, where you don’t fail.

    “I hear the new Transfomers movie is awesome.” -> hehehehehe, that was actually a good one, respect for that.

  5. avatar ivehadenough says:

    okay, so…..im just trying to understand whats ur point in talking trash on this man and he is dead now….if u believed that he was guilty of those crimes, thats ur business, but I just dont see how this is making a damn difference at all…its your OPINION….not the truth….and if these crimes were true and honestly committed, what SMART ASSHOLE would take him to court for money???? If my child was violated, that person would be under the damn jail…folks say “well he’s dead now and it wont happen again”….give me a break…..if anybody REALLY felt that he was guilty, he woulda been in jail…no amount of money could EVER compensate my childs physical and mental torture….Im so sick of this bullshit….let the man rest, only two beings know the truth and know Michael for the man he was inside him and GOD…now if u got GODS number on speed dial, u give him a call and ask him and tell me what he said……

  6. avatar Pan says:

    First you’re a douchebag for trashing on a dead person. Second YOU have no idea of what happened or didn’t happen so you’re just talkin out your ass… Third, it’s GOD’s job to judge people not yours so get over yourself.

    Now to answer your stupid questions…

    1.) Why did so many people accuse him of being one?

    Hmm… let’s not hurt ourselves thinkin about that one… let’s see… rich… famous… targeted once makes for an easy repeat target… people are greedy as hell and don’t care who’s reputation they destroy, if you don’t believe people will sue just based on a whim then why was some lady able to sue mcdonalds because COFFEE was HOT? This is probably your stupidest question… Fail #1

    2.) Why would he settle those cases?

    Another retarded question… and your facts are messed up, his insurance insisted on settling despite his disapproval and he was taking massive quantities of drugs at the time due to all the stress being induced from the accusations. Fail #2

    3.) Why did he sleep with others’ children?

    Perhaps a little strange, but he also had a strange childhood. Let’s reverse that question for you, how come of all the hundred’s of children that always came to his home, and yes there was hundreds, why was there only a couple that made any accusations and the rest of the children their parents included back Jackson up to refute the claims? Why would those same parents allow their children to go visit again? Why would no more speak against him? Why did the other claim against him come AFTER kid no.1 was awarded 20 MILLION dollars? Am I goin too fast for you?

    4.) Why was he ‘grooming’ children?

    You purposely chose the meaning that suited your needs with this one as with the wiki reference you made below it. Grooming can be considered contact of any sort sexual doesn’t always have to be implied, unless of course by those petty enough to try to keep defacing a DEAD MAN. Hope you’re really proud of yourself for your extensive hatefulness of a dead person.

    5.) After narrowly escaping being found liable in the ‘94 Chandler case, why did he return to his unsavory, child-centered life?

    Are you retarded? That doesn’t even deserve an answer.

    6.) Why couldn’t he have relationships with adult women?
    Again, ARE YOU RETARDED? He was married… TWICE… tons of “normal” people don’t even accomplish ONCE.

    Look at her picture, is that a woman you’d like to sleep next to? and him and Lisa Marie had a very normal sex life according to her, and according to all the constant visitors to the Neverland Mansion all activities that occurred there were completely innocent.

    His name being trashed was based on accusations that never had any supporting evidence even after extensive searches by police and doctor check ups.

    Now, in all honesty I have no idea if he was guilty or not. But I personally believe that he was not. It’s more logical that there are extremely greedy people out there who don’t care about dragging someones name and career into the dirt to get what they want.

    There’s even recorded voice of the kids dad mentioning his intent to get MJ’s money and destroy his career.



    You forgot to mention that Jordan Chandler took his own father to court for child abuse…

    what a great father to write this book about him


    And as further proof of this sick fathers greed…


  7. avatar giveitarest says:

    It is true most people who do not have any personal and intimate knowledge of Michael Jackson while he was alive could possibly hope to answer several of these questions. Why would he settle? It is possible he settled because he was advised to by his lawyers and encouraged to do so by his family. I do not know all of the factors which went into this decision making process for Michael and those around him and I will not pretend to. However, I will not jump to the conclusion that he was guilty of a criminal act in the case of Evans when he was never even charged with a crime. Many cases like this are pursued in civil court because they would not meet the requirements of beyond a reasonable doubt for guilt in a criminal court. I think that should give anyone rushing to judgment pause.

    Why would he sleep with children? Clearly the man had serious issues…why did he wear a glove on one hand? Why did he destroy his own face with multiple surgeries? Why did he purchase exotic animals and art for millions of dollars when no one else had an interest in the pieces? The man had a mind for business? I think not, he died nearly broke. Was he a genius who knew how to market himself and make money, yes, definitely…he could not help but make money with his talent, does this mean he was a genius in money matters and exhibited sound judgment in every other area of his life besides his interactions with children? No…this simply is not even close to being the case where MJ is concerned.

    Why would he go back to doing the same thing? Because he was innocent or believed he was innocent? If he believed he was guilty of wrong doing, or was in fact guilty of wrong doing he would have changed his behavior and learned from the past. It is a very human reaction to return to the same behavior pattern if one perceives there is nothing wrong with it. If he did have the mind of a child…a peter-pan syndrome of some sort due to his own lack of a childhood this could explain his behavior from start to finish.

    Sure, it is possible he was a pedophile. Was it ever proven at all beyond any amount of doubt? No, it just was not. If a person wants to put themselves in a place of judgment with only the facts trickled to them via the media …I suppose that is there choice, but I think this shows a lack of sound judgment as well.

  8. avatar giveitarest says:

    *their …excuse the grammatical error.

  9. avatar Stacey says:

    THANK YOU ‘ivehadenough’. I could have not put it better myself!

    No-one will ever know the truth about what really happened. So just let it go! It’s not a ‘fact’ Michael is a child molester. It’s just a matter of opinion.

    So just let the man rest is peace! Stop trying to drag out dirt on a dead man.

    Would you even be trying to prove your point that Michael was a child molester if he wasn’t dead, may I ask??? Cos nothing has changed. His fans haven’t changed their mind – they’ve stood by the man through thick and thin!! & I have not seen you post any blogs about this subject when the man was alive. So why you trying to prove Michael is a child molester when he’s DEAD! Complete idiocy.

  10. avatar Cherry says:

    If Micheal Jackson was not a child molester…

    1.) Why did so many people accuse him of being one?

    If he is been accused for the first time then again accused by another it gives you the tought that “well once can be a mistake but twice?? ( ill doubt it) three times already ( it should be true) four times? ( it is true) when something repeats itself people do see it as a fact that occured several times YOU STUPID !!! Like MJ’s mom said IF MY CHILD WAS MOLESTED DUDE I WOULD HAVE BEEN CRYING ON TV MAKING DRAMA OF MY HEART ACHE AND I WOULD TRY TO MURDER HIS ASS OR GET HIM IN TO JAIL FOR JUSTICE BECAUSE THATS TRUE FEELINGS NO MONEY CAN HELP ME OUT OF THAT NIGHTMARE.

    2.) Why would he settle those cases?

    IF YOU ARE SO STUPID TOO THROW YOUR CAREER AWAY FOR SOME STUPID IDIOTS THAT TRY TO ACCUSE YOU FOR SOMETHING UNBELIEVABLE AFTER ALL THE TEARS AND SWEAT YOU HAD TO GO TROUGH TO MAKE IT HAPPEN DUDE IT DOESNT EXIST no person in this world who has worked so hard who has been so creative who has put every bit of his soul in too his career wil throw it away like garbage if you want to believe it YOU DO because your a true hearted person and youll know he wouldnt do it BUT if your DIRTY MINDED Youll definitly think he would have settle because he felt guilty and yeah besides that he supposly felt guilty according to you !! hell be having the FACE ( with no shame ) to DENY IT ON TV TOO pssshhtt do you study human behaviour because you must have gotten an F for that class
    3.) Why did he sleep with others’ children?


    4.) Why was he ‘grooming’ children?

    Typically, this is done to gain the child’s trust as well as the trust of those responsible for the child’s well-being.

    Typically, this is done to gain the child’s trust as well as the trust of those responsible for the child’s well-being.


    5.) After narrowly escaping being found liable in the ‘94 Chandler case, why did he return to his unsavory, child-centered life?


    6.) Why couldn’t he have relationships with adult women?

    IS THIS ANY OF YOU FREAKING DAMN BUSINESS YOU GOT THE NERVES TO POST THIS COMMENT AND I JUST LOVE TO SAY YOUR STUPID AND YOUR A FOOL AND MAYBE IM GIVING YOU TO MUCH ATTENTION THAT YOU DONT DESERVE BUT JUST SO YOU KNOW THIS IS JUST FOR OTHERS TO SEE IF I HAVE STATEMENTS THAT MAKE YOUR STATEMENTS LOOK LIKE SHIT SOO YEAH ITS NOT EVEN FOR YOU..LFMAO. If a person believes in true love and doesnt find true love is over and you will never know from the beginning it is soo until u live together or try to settle with a marriage I mean not every person want to have sex with half the people in the country unlike you i think. He tried his best and none of the wifes ever said that he wasnt a good father or he wasnt a good husband so yeah BEAT THAT B. Ofcourse he is to populair and too great to just date any person just to furfill your damn wishes but yeah since your not really human but a beast kind of thing your wishes wouldnt be even heard by the devil that stands behind you.

    Which leaves us with the final question: Why can’t you admit the truth

    WELL DO YOU???

  11. avatar Chanera says:

    Just read this:

    THE END.
    now can you finally let it go or are you going to keep it up until you join Michael Jackson himself [that meaning are you going to keep this up til the grave]

    PS. One case was never decided upon by officials it was settled out of court with the actual terms not made public, and in a later case he was found not guilty. In addition, several witnesses were found to have lied under oath. Yea, real solid case there. You can say they were given money, whatever. There can always be two sides to that they either lied or were paid to say they lied. Whatever side of the argument you’re on, you’re obviously going to choose the on that fits your side best. Bottom line unless you were directly involved you don’t know the truth so let it go. However, this confession of lying is pretty interesting news…

  12. avatar toma says:

    Once again, the molester Jackson fans can’t come close to managing the questions. They obviously don’t even bother to read the post, but they are certainly willing to look like morons on the internet, and thank you all for that. Incidentally, throwing the supposed Chandler ‘confessions’ at the allegations doesn’t do a goddamned thing. Because you still can’t account for the mountain of evidence that is Michael Jackson’s entire, disgusting life.

    Let’s takes Pan’s totally vanilla and predictable attempt:

    –“1.) Why did so many people accuse him of being one?

    Hmm… let’s not hurt ourselves thinkin about that one… let’s see… rich… famous… people are greedy as hell and don’t care who’s reputation they destroy… This is probably your stupidest question… Fail #1”

    Wow, what a revelation: people are greedy. Well, you certainly don’t hurt yourself thinking much about anything, that’s absolutely granted. Why bother answering if you obviously didn’t even read the post? Terrific job wasting both our time.

    If you weren’t such a ‘fan’ you would have read my assertion that there were plenty of ways to trump charges on a guy and get him to pay, but ‘child molestation’ is a bad gambit. You gotta tell me why greedy parasites were wholly making up these sex charges when they’re so hard to prove and so hard to get an innocent man to give in to. Try answering that question, the real one I bothered to write and post. This is the real world, Pan, and there’s a huge difference in the likely outcome of a con game where charges of, say, negligence and charges of child molestation are the levers. Or is actual internet reading and comprehension too much to ask of a fan of child molesters, like you?

    –“2.) Why would he settle those cases?

    Another retarded question… and your facts are messed up, his insurance insisted on settling despite his disapproval and he was taking massive quantities of drugs at the time due to all the stress being induced from the accusations. Fail #2 “

    Well, now, you’ve given yourself away here, Pan. You’re just a pathetic cheering fan, of the convenient opinion he was a helpless victim. A world-beating, $750 million dollar mammon, but a helpless eight year old, aww. That’s your precious Michael? This is where you’re acting like a complete idiot. The insurance company can’t really make the holder of the policy do anything, duh–even if they tried to, the world’s most beloved and completely innocent man would merely sue the fucking shit out of the company, which would be an utter disaster for the corporation. The insurance company would be the first people to be absolutely psychotically aware of the potential for damaging Jackson’s precious reputation, and would never settle such a horrible case without his demanding it. But then you’re probably too young to be aware of that, or how the world actually operates, which is why you’re embarrassing yourself here.

    And Jackson was for decades a drug addict, it’s why he died so young–or are you unaware of the manner of his passing? It wasn’t an ‘allegation response’ in the least, and why did you even mention it when it’s got nothing to do with the question? Every time another allegation came up, he somehow starting taking drugs, which he would otherwise never do, and again mistakenly coughed up another few million? Pan, just how many times are you saying this unfortunate ‘drug addling’ happened? Oh, I forgot, you’re one of his tear-stained fans, apologies. Incidentally, no innocent man gives in to allegations of child molesting, period. No man would ever do that. Ever. Did you really think you’d composed a sensible answer here?

    I could go on, Pan, easily ripping your cheerleading, paper-thin defense of a rotten drug-addicted sexual predator to bits, but I’ve had enough of beating on 18 year-olds for tonight. ‘Night everyone…

  13. avatar Stacey says:

    Yes and we should all believe you because your an EXPERT on Michael Jackson and child molesters aren’t you!

    You was there when these children were being ‘abused’ weren’t you? You actually witnessed these things happening didn’t you?

    Thats what I thought. It’s just your opinion. Which obviously doesn’t count for anything and evidently wasting your time because the majority of the world’s population believe Michael is innocent. I think that says it all!!!

  14. avatar Pan says:

    LMAO… well only thing I’ve gathered from your ranting now is that YOU might in fact be the only child molester being discussed here. And you like to drag a dead mans name through the dirt, again you’re continuing with the believe that anything you’re saying is based on FACT which it is NOT.

    Anyways, it’s obvious you’re too prejudiced to even believe that you might be wrong, probably cause you’ve got your head stuck up your ass. Maybe if you’d actually pay attention to what people are saying instead of trying to shove your prejudiced views on everyone it might be worth continuing conversation with you. But your brain is probably too small to pay attention so you try to make insults at the people writing back to your little hate post. Come to think of it, this whole rant of yours is probably not sincere at all and just an attempt to increase traffic to your site so I won’t participate in it anymore. I hope for your judgementality that you burn in hell along with the rest of the child molesters like you.

  15. avatar ivehadenough says:

    LOL @ Pan and Stacey….I appreciate ur comment Stacey…you two are great!! What seems to not be recognized here is that this fool hasnt realized that this one sided opinion REALLY DOESNT MATTER…and I will say it again….once you have had that interesting convo wit GOD, thats when I’ll give a damn bout what u have to say about it….sitting here typing all that I thnk on these questions is really a waste of time…or rather what I KNOW…u need to learn to let the man rest..I wonder what ur enemies will say when u die….I can hear the distant cheers now…..

  16. avatar JBK says:

    Oh boy, these comments just prove that 80% of the population is just so friggin stupid. It’s no surprise that a couple of posters referenced god…religious belief tends to go hand-in-hand with delusion and ignorance.

    To the author of the article, I think you did an excellent job trying to remind people of this particular entertainer’s shady past, but I believe it is futile. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that most people are extremely dumb and it’s a waste of time trying to enlighten them.

  17. avatar ivehadenough says:

    no it shouldnt be a surprise….cuz what enlightenment Im trying to bring this way is that human opinion doesnt freakin matter….and if u dont believe that the ultimate judgement lies in heaven then im pretty sure that ur golden ticket to hell has already been printed

  18. avatar JBK says:

    Oh yes, because a loving, intelligent god would condemn one of his children to hell for using the mind he blessed them with by deciding to question the assertions of a mass of idiots. Religion and belief in “god”, as people such as yourself try to force upon others, is totally hypocrital, selfish, idiotic, and downright criminal. I’m going out now to do something productive with myself. No more wasting my time on here. I just had to post one rebuttal because I love trashing self-righteous, religious assholes!!

    Oh, and by the way, if human opinion doesn’t matter, then get the fuck off of here and keep your goddamn primitive, religious mumbo jumbo to yourself. Have a beautiful day!!!

  19. avatar ivehadenough says:

    LOL….u just dont get it….what a shame

  20. avatar MsLady says:

    The little bastard (Jordan Chandler)that accused Michael Jackson of molestation 16 years ago has just admitted he lied.

    “Now for the first time I can’t bare to lie anymore. Michael Jackson didn’t do anything to me, all was my father lies to escape from being poor.”

    All that Michael gave to us and all he wanted was for us to believed in him and love him. Now he is dead because he was so hurt and destroyed by the media and the fans who turn their backs on him.

    What a shame.

  21. avatar Stacey says:

    I think you need to be ‘educated’.

    Your portraying yourself as someone who thinks highly of themselves and only your opinion is the correct one. That right there shows your ignorance as you have failed to be open-minded.

    Again your stupidity is shown as you have chosen to believe what the media has fed you. & you have only got ur opinion from the media because I KNOW you do not personally know Michael Jackson and I KNOW you was not there when he was allegedly ‘abusing’ kids.

    Just because Michael chose to have kids in his bed, chose to pay off someone who had accused him of sexual abuse, does not automatically mean the man is a child molester.

    Michael Jackson chose to lead his adult life as a child. IT WAS HIS LIFE – why is he condemned for choosing to do so?

    Yes Micheal Jackson could be a child molester just as you could be, but the point you are failing to see is that NONE OF US KNOW! IT IS NOT FOR CERTAIN! AND WE WILL NEVER KNOW!

    Subsequently, the man is now dead and when he was alive it was never proved Michael was a criminal. Martin Bashir who spent 8 months with Michael to film a documentary about his life said after Michael’s death (I quote word for word) “WHEN I MADE THE DOCUMENTARY, THERE WAS A SMALL PART THAT CONTAINED A CONTROVERSY CONCERNING HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUNG PEOPLE. BUT THE TRUTH IS THAT HE WAS NEVER CONVICTED OF ANY CRIME, AND I NEVER SAW ANY WRONGDOING MYSELF. HIS LIFESTYLE MAY HAVE BEEN UNORTHODOX, BUT I DON’T BELIEVE IT WAS CRIMINAL”.

    Now what you are trying to tell me is that the majority of the world are ‘stupid’ and wrong for choosing to not indulge in these fantasies that may be made up by people who could well be scheming and trying to cause destruction to a mans life? Because this too is likely. It is not impossible for children to be ‘brainwashed’ by parents/guardians, other influences and be taught to tell lies, steal and become greedy.

    OPEN YOUR EYES A LITTLE WIDER! Just because you choose to believe unreliable sources (eg, the media) does not mean you are right!!!

  22. avatar intelligert says:

    “You gotta tell me why greedy parasites were wholly making up these sex charges when they’re so hard to prove and so hard to get an innocent man to give in to.”

    well, obviously, they thought it would be way easier. retard.

  23. avatar Kreisler says:

    If there was ever an accuser for child molestation, i’d think it be you cause you pretty much have everything to worked out.

  24. avatar rmf says:

    Wow. MJ fans are out in force. A lot of this depends on how you define pedophilia and child molestation. Do I think Michael was sucking off prepubescent boys? There’s a good chance he wasn’t. Do I think that Mike had boys around so he could, pardon, beat it later on? Psshhhyeah. Not illegal but real fucking sick. So, I wouldn’t say predator but morally corrupt. That’s a pretty thin margin for supporters to stand in. And if you bring religion into it, you have things to deal with before you even take a look at this case.

    People side with Michael because they see him as a victim. The thing is, he was clearly his own victim. MJ fans leave all that out.

    We do know that Mike was guilty of child endangerment. Remember capital B Blanket dangling over the railing? If you’ve ever had a toddler you’d know how totally jacked up that was. Everybody makes mistakes but that was telling. A total doper, junky move.

    And oh yeah. We are talking about a junky here. How many of you would’ve argued that before the toxicology report?

  25. avatar rmf says:

    Lemme rephrase the last part. How many of you would argue that he’s not a junky before the toxicology report?

  26. avatar DR says:

    Why did people accuse him of being a pedophile? The Chandler family accused him and got money out of it. They didn’t need to prove their case, and Michael was never indicted because two grand juries couldn’t find enough evidence. Jordan Chandler has never wanted to testify. If we assume that the first claim is false it’s obvious others would choose sexual harrassment.

    Why did Michael settle? Settling doesn’t prove guilt. The Arvizo family brought a lawsuit for being mistreated by security guards some years prior. Two years later the mother added that she had been sexually assaulted, which was not mentioned before. They settled for $152,500. Clearly not an admission of guilt, and the father said in an affadavit that the mother had coached the kids to lie. More important than why Michael settled is why the Chandler’s did. They could have still gone to criminal trial to get the abuser of their son behind bars. If I were the parents of a child who had been abused I would want that, not money.

  27. avatar Stacey says:

    LOL of course Michael was his own victim! But because he believed in what he thought was kindness, eg, sleepovers, gifts etc that means he was sexually abusing kids?

    So if I choose to open my home to those who are homeless and allow to wash, eat and have a bed for the night. Does this automatically mean I’m a sexual predator, just waiting for a ‘victim’? Could I not genuinely want to help those who are less fortunate than me?

    Or for example, my son stays at my friends house. She has a daughter one year older than my son. & when my son sleeps over, all 3 share the same bed. My friend asks me if she can take my son out on trips and she buys him gifts. Oh God, should I report her to the police because that automatically means she’s a child molester!!! Give me a break!!! Is she not acting out of kindness?

    And yes Michael became addicted to drugs but to be honest, the man had so many things to be messed up about I can’t say I don’t understand why. The most famous man on the planet, being mobbed everywhere you go, always in the media light, having a father who he was physically abused by, having no time to just ‘be a child’ or even yourself, people throwing accusations at you that your a child molester!

    I’m not going to sit here and say the man is 100% innocent. I’m not saying the man is definately a child molester either. I just personally believe that if you are not fed with facts, that you have no right to sit there and say the man defintely is this or the man defintely is that. You can say though I THINK HE MAY BE because of…… Not Michael IS a paedophile because he said this happened or she said that happened. Because the TRUTH IS YOU DO NOT KNOW! & I think that there shows ignorance as you believe that ‘your’ opinion is right and that everybody else is ‘stupid’. Like come on, get ur head out ur ass!

    What I think is that there are always going to be arguements for and against and no-one is ever going to prove that Michael was a child molester. Plus the majority of the world is mourning him which shows the extremness of just how many people believe the man is innocent. Therefore, going around saying the man IS a child molester is pointless and without doubt will be unsucessful. For that reason, the man should be allowed to rest in peace without people trying to damage a dead mans image and the world should be allowed to mourn what was the greatest entertainer in history without being criticised as ‘glorfying a child molester’.

  28. avatar Cherry says:


  29. avatar ivehadenough says:

    very well said Stacey!!!!

  30. avatar Paradox says:

    yeah…and John Wayne Gacy was such a nice man entertaining all the little children in his clown suit too…..a freak is a freak,period.

    ..Karma is a bitch,eh? 😉

    ..stupid sheeple and their putrid celebrity worship…

  31. avatar Stacey says:

    I wasn’t going to comment anymore but seeing your comment, I couldn’t resist.

    1. Did u fail to read the post? We’re talking about Micheal Joe Jackson, born August 29th 1958 and died June 25th 2009. What on earth has John Gacy got to do in comparison? So because he raped and murdered boys, Michael Jackson is a freak???? Oooooook! Did you know he was CONVICTED? Michael was ACQUITTED.

    2. Karma, LOL! So your telling me that everybody who has died, has died from karma? Elvis Presley died of a heart attack – did he mess around with boys aswell then?

    Please enlighten me with another one of your unintelligent comments, or further more, please do not insult us again! Your only embarrassing yourself darling!!!!

  32. avatar MJ Believer says:

    “Just because you read it in a magazine or see it on a TV screen doesn’t make it factual. To buy it is to feed it”

    Read it and learn!

  33. avatar Paradox says:

    ..pfffft…cause MJ had enough $$green tape$$ to put over their mouths..Gacy only had winky juice,that’s why he was convicted 😉

    ..I mourn Billy Mays more…at least he could sell a lie =D

  34. avatar Psychologist says:

    Boy oh boy! Your last question just conveys how utterly stupid you really are! ‘Why can’t you just admit the truth?’ Sweetie, what truth? From reading your post I have not read any truth, I have read an opinion though. You should definately look up the difference. Maybe the question you was looking for is ‘how many agree with me?’ I agree with Stacey, what she has posted, is the truth. Nobody here knows Michael so nobody knows the truth about him.

    Secondly, to all those who call Michael a freak. You are referring to a made freak, im assuming, not a natural freak? People are only called these names by people such as yourselves because you fail to learn anything about them and understand why they have chosen to change their appearance or beliefs as they do. Your so pressured and gullible by what society believe is normal that you come to the conclusion that because these people do not appear to be ‘in the norm’, they are ‘freaks’. If I decided to die my hair tomorrow bright orange, no doubt I would be labelled a freak. If I decide to put piercings in unpopular places of my body, you would then label me as a freak. Freak is an unintelligent word. Everybody comes into this world different. Everybody has different goals, different aspirations. All of us lead different lives. Michael was a human being, just like you, just like me. He was insecure and unhappy with the appearance he was blessed with causing him to change his physical appearance. Some people have their lips made bigger or thinner, some have breast implants, some have nose jobs, some have liposuction and many have it done a second and third time. Doesn’t mean they are freaks! They will just never accept who they are and what they look like. Michael should not be labelled because he chose to alter his appearance and you chose to stay with yours. Maybe what you should be doing is minding your own business. If you do not like him or choose to celebrate what he has done for mankind, then why do you need to speak of the man? You know it is perceived that people who speak so ill of others is either out of jealousy or them not being happy in their own lives – they need to put other people down to make themselves feel better.

    Oh and one more thing ever heard of innocent until proven guilty? He never was found guilty… So you need to accept what it is and just close your eyes, take a deep breath in, hold, let it out and then let the ‘Michael Child Pervert’ subject go and get on with your ‘normal’ lives.

  35. avatar Stacey says:

    LOL, Michael had $$ to put over their mouths. LOL, LOL, LOL, again before you start boring us with your opinion, read up on the case first. Michael settled a CIVIL case, that did not mean that the boy could not testify in a CRIMINAL case. Chandler chose not to testify in the CRIMINAL proceedings. So therefore your comparison again doesn’t make any sense! It’s two DIFFERENT types of proceedings.


  36. avatar Paradox says:

    Yes, Michael Jackson fans are among the most ignorant people on the planet.

    OJ was found Not Guilty of murder, but everyone knows he did it.

    MJ had the charges against him dropped by paying off his accusers. That is not the same thing as being acquitted or found Not Guilty, except in the deranged minds of his fans. Had the trial continued, he would have been convicted and he knew it, so he offered them a deal: $20 million in exchange for them refusing to testify further. They accepted the money and refused to co-operate with the prosecution from that point on, leading the DA to drop the charges.

    Jackson was a child molester and pedophile, a pervert in every sense of the word. But since he was a modestly talented song & dance man (who relied over much on lighting, back-up dancers, back-up singers, and talented sound technicians to add to his tepid performances) his fans, who would otherwise be willing to see pedophiles castrated, tortured, and murdered, are perfectly willing to ignore his crimes against children.

    I find it all to be repugnant and hypocritical in the extreme.

  37. avatar ivehadenough says:

    LOL…lilmomma1119, get em girl!! LOL…u beat me to the comment about the backup dancers and such…dont forget, he is also SUPPOSEDLY modestly talented…How are u modestly talented and named the King of Pop??? You dont have that kind of success and only be modestly talented…that makes no sense…PPL that usually dont know enough, have the most opinions of anybody…so whatever, all this is continous repeating of ppl’s opinion…nobody knows the facts and when ur found not guilty everyone has to just accept THAT FACT and let it go…The haters are out everywhere!!

  38. avatar Paradox says:

    I think it’s funny how people seem to forget that our justice system is corrupt and those with the most money are often let go. Not to mention that in this case the matter was settled out of court and the money was paid out.

    MJ as a positive role model? Here this guy shows our children that we shouldn’t accept what we were born as and that radical cosmetic surgery is okay. He shows our children that bizarre behavior is considered cool. And in his death he shows our children that a mega-star was a drug addict; thus glamorizing drugs.

    And not to mention that strange and inordinate relationships between unrelated adults and minors is perfectly acceptable, despite the perverted society we live in. Talk about sending mixed messages.

    MJ fans terribly lack proper perspective. It reminds me of the R Kelly/ Aliyah sex scandal. Here R Kelly is considered a stud and Aliyah isn’t a victim; she just knew the right man to have sex with. And it’s all good in the hood.

    So, if MJ isn’t guilty of molestation, those folks he paid off are guilty of extortion. You fans better make sure that they don’t get away with it.

  39. avatar Stacey says:

    ‘MJ fans lack proper perspective’ – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE JUST STOP! In every single one of your comments your making yourself a laughing stock!


    Also accept DEFEAT! Your arguement has lost! Majority rules over minority! FACT! Majority of the world believe Michael is innocent or accept he was never found guilty! FACT! You and your MINORITY could never ‘change the world’ to believe Michael was guilty for any of those crimes he was accused of! Oh and also, the comment about Michael paying off his accusers because he knew he would of been found guilty, CAN YOU NOT READ?! MICHAEL PAID OFF A CIVIL CASE! THERE WAS STILL THE CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS BUT IT NEVER GOT THERE BECAUSE 1. CHANDLER REFUSED TO TESTIFY AND 2. THERE WAS NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE!!!!!!!! SO WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT HE PAID THEM OFF COS HE WOULD HAVE BEEN FOUND GUILTY!!!! THERE WASN’T ENOUGH EVIDENCE!!!!! ARE YOU ALSO IGNORING THE FACT ABOUT THE BOYS DAD ON TAPE SAYING ‘IF I GO THROUGH WITH THIS I WILL WIN BIG TIME. I WILL DESTROY HIS CAREER.’ WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO SAY ABOUT THAT!!!! ARGH, YOUR COMPLETE IGNORANCE AND STUPIDITY IS REALLY GETTING TO ME!!!

    And also. for someone who thinks the man is a child molester, your giving him an awful lot of attention! Hmm, I wonder why that is?!!!

  40. avatar toma says:

    Please do not jam the thread with useless information, thank you.

  41. avatar intelligert says:

    Why should get his adress and torture him.

  42. avatar intelligert says:


  43. avatar toma says:

    Trish, you have been reported to Word Press.

  44. avatar Frank White says:

    You’re a fucking idiot. Why did the Chandlers settle when they could’ve sent Jackson to jail and then sued him later?

    Why are you counting evidence from the 2005 trial that has more or less been proven to be money hungry welfare cheats trying to use Jackson’s weird behavior/previous trial as an easy way of labeling him a child molester.

    Kill yourself.

  45. avatar toma says:

    Let’s see, I’m gonna find and torture you, go kill yourself, I’m never gonna stop hammering this site with posts, you can’t ever stop me. Well, some of you Michael Jackson fans are a classy bunch. You certainly do your favorite gentle soul very proud.

    I can host your angry, screaming comments up until the point they jam the thread because I think it says a great deal about who is willing to post it. Or up until the point you go absolutely, totally apeshit and have to be banned a hundred ways and reported to the company mothership and Yahoo incorporated, which I will continue to do as necessary.


  46. avatar intelligert says:

    toma: oh, no, now that was a little bit off the point. i was very willing to answer your questions, but it was you, who kept telling lies and dishonest answers, slandering michael jackson. that’s a crime, you know. it’s totally up to you. just stop being a racist.

  47. avatar Stacey says:

    “Please do not jam the thread with useless information, thank you” – oh but your allowed to do it!

    One rule for you and another for the rest of us. Your only saying that because you do not agree with what we’re saying, loooool! Goes to show how childish you are. You can’t handle it!!!

  48. avatar StaceyPwner says:

    Stacey, the one typing in all caps, using words like “loooooool” is accusing others of being childish. Learn how to coherently form a sentence and then come back up in here with that stupid shit. Also, if you want anyone to take you seriously, turn off caps lock and spell some words correctly you stupid piece of shit. In my mind, I assume that you’re just some dumb, naive, teenaged airhead who simply is spouting her half baked delusions online. In reality unfortunately, you may be a grown woman, which is an even more terrifying thought… How can you stupid sheep argue any of the questions in this article? Why does it seem that the morons defending MJ are 95% female? Oh yeah, and lastly, i’ve seen a retort (however retarded they may be) for nearly every questionable matter except that of the BEDROOM ALARM he had installed to warn him of “interruptions”… What do you fuckers have to say about that? Checkmate.

  49. avatar StaceyPwner says:

    PS FUCK you, Intelligert, you stupid dickless, brainless motherfucker. You rebuked those questions with heavy reliance on the word “probably”, so if you think about it, you didn’t say shit all.

  50. avatar StaceyPwner says:

    I’m back a third time just to apologize for my second post… Shortly after posting, I realized that toma had already excised what little manhood “intelligert” had left so I’m just overkill. fantastic ownage.

  51. avatar toma says:

    Okay, that’s enough.

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