Sarah Palin and oblivious cohort again use baby Trig to attack their political enemies

Just how stupid are Palin and her fans? It is a fathomless question.

Wonkette Goes After Trig Palin Again

It really is hard to understand why some adults feel the need to make fun of Trig Palin, a one-year old who has Down Syndrome. Politics alone cannot explain it. If you don’t like Sarah Palin, fine, but why go after Trig?

…Now Wonkette has taken Biegel’s Photoshop antics as an excuse to go after Trig anew. In a recent post, Wonkette promoted and joked about even cruder Photoshops of Trig at the Something Awful web forum, where people can post anonymously. Wonkette even included one of these photoshops [below] in its post while mocking Trig as the “New Jesus,” “Holy Infant” and “Sacred One.”

Why did Wonkette use the ‘religious’ language? Here. Read the evil, acrid Wonkette post below at your own risk. Obviously, photoshoppers don’t give a damn about the narcissistic Alaska Governor, her shameless ambition, or her endless campaign for the Presidency. They just want to hurt the 1 year old kid.

Sarah Palin Will Soon Condemn, Bomb Entire Internet

The Virgin Palin, Our Lady of Eternal Anger, gave birth to the New Jesus at some point last year — or not, who knows, and now Andrew Sullivan just cares about Iran (which is a good thing!) so we’ll never find out the truth — and ever since it has been both a Cardinal/Venial Sin and Sharia Law that no mortal shall “desecrate” an image of the Sacred One … no one but Sarah Palin herself, because Allah both allows and encourages the use of the Holy Infant as a cheap political prop as long as such cruel hackery is performed by the Virgin Palin herself.

Palin’s fury was such, when she found out some blog “on the Internet” had combined a picture of her cradling one of her Magic Babies together with a picture of her Jedi Master, some dingbat old radio talk-show clown in Alaska, that she did verily send her dumbest disciple, “Brother Meg,” to start a Jihad against the Entire Internet.

But we know what happens when a fear-and-anger crazed Snow Witch starts a vain war she can never hope to win: The Internet Strikes Back.

Which is to say, Palin basically poked a stick in the world’s largest beehive filled with cheap & tireless insanity, and the goons have unleashed a pack of Photoshop Dogs From Hell to make the most incredible collection of Sarah Palin Desecration Images in the History of Time, the end.

So Wonkette made fun of the dense, endlessly self-centered and always-politically-attacking Palin and her supporters by posting even more hilariously photoshopped pics? And Palinites responded by doing exactly the same robotic thing they were mocked for?

Naw, we just hate babies, can’t help it.


3 thoughts Sarah Palin and oblivious cohort again use baby Trig to attack their political enemies

  1. avatar jonolan says:

    Yeah, that ever-so-funny; mocking a crippled toddler is high comedy among the filthy Liberals.

    They’d all be outraged though if someone mocked the two baboons that Michelle Obama squeezed out of her crotch.

  2. avatar toma says:

    Don’t remember anyone calling Chelsea Clinton a “baboon.” Nor Amy Carter.

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