Robert Stacy McCain: If you attack Sarah Palin, you’re gay and hate vaginas

Well, we have an early candidate for Dumbfuck Post of the Year. Robert Stacy McCain, who writes for the Moonie Times, and his “The Other McCain” blog dropped this Palinophile crap on the internet.

This is it: ‘I know what’s really going on here. You guys are gay, and that makes you losers because my genius superpowers figured out how you are all gay.’

So why would a writer leap to a conclusion that someone else is gay, and therefore intellectually hamstrung and defective, only to write that he has no idea who this someone actually is? ‘YOU’re all GAY, that’s why.

It takes small people to stoop this low

Says Professor William Jacobson regarding Wonkette’s despicable treatment of Sarah Palin’s year-old son, Trig. And I would amend the professor’s sentiments only to improve them by saying, “It takes gay men to stoop this low.”

Yeah, I just wrote that. And put it on the Internet.

An awesome start, if you’d like to be seen as some eternal asshole. Straight folks can be scum, sure, but if you really want to see some low-life shit, try homo.

We could reference Susan Sontag’s Notes On Camp here, or we could invite comment from various rogue lesbians — Tammy Bruce, Camille Paglia, Cynthia Yockey — who from time to time have criticized gay culture in a way that certainly cannot be denounced as “homophobic.” But rather than make an argumentum ad vericundiam, let me defend my own argument on the basis of personal observation:

Now McCain is pretending to be smart here, which is a sure tip off, since he’s an average Conservative, that a simpleton’s argument’s crammed in the web cannon. If we were smarter, we’d take cover…

*Gay men have mother issues. This has been a subject of much controversy. Freud’s view of homosexuality as a species of mental illness, and the resulting conception of homosexuality as a psychopathology requiring therapeutic intervention, has wrought much mischief over the years. Yet Freud was certainly correct to think of homosexuality as an [sic] matter of development with roots in early childhood, particularly in the parent-child relationship. No need to indulge in elaborate symbolism or references to Greek mythology (Freud was full of crap about that) to say this: It is obvious that most gay men can’t get past the “female = Mom” hurdle in their minds. We could discuss that at length, but this is a blog, not an advanced psychology text, so let’s move on.

Where do I begin to torch this zeppelin of stupidity? Gay men have mother issues. Why? It’s been controversial, Freud caused mischief, then he was totally right, then he was totally wrong. And gay men can’t get past the “female = Mom” hurdle, and let’s not go there like an advanced psychology text though I’m an idiot.

What? There are six sentences in that paragraph, and none of them are connected to each other, other than by mention of Freud. It’s classic Conservative writing, everything moves forward by secret association and kabuki.

And if I’ve interpreted McCain’s nonsense correctly, isn’t the “female = Mom hurdle” only a real problem for straight men? Me I would never want to date my Mom. If the ‘hurdle’ exists for gays then they’d be stuck thinking all women are ‘Mom’, big deal. I’d very much doubt they’d want to poke fun at Sarah Palin then. Dumbshit obviously didn’t think twice about what he was writing, he was too satisfied with the triumphal insult of calling people ‘gay.’

Anyways, here are more of his horrific ‘insights’ into what gay people are like:

* Gay men are gynophobic. Which is to say, they are repulsed by the basic physical equipment of female sexuality. They’ve got no admiration for your vajayjay, ladies…

* Gay male culture is profoundly misogynistic. One of the most absurd claims of feminism is that the fashion industry’s mistreatment of women…is a manifestation of oppressive patriarchal sexism. This is a lie that could only deceive anyone so stupid they don’t notice that all men in the fashion industry are gay. To the extent that the Vogue and Cosmo are misognystic hate literature (as all Women’s Studies majors are taught), it is because they represent the typical gay man’s view of women.

* The normalization of gay culture requires the derogation of traditional female roles… One reason lesbians like Cynthia Yockey become disenchanted with the Official Gay Movement is the recognition that they’re riding in the back of the Equality Bus, and that the feminist “sisterhood” has made a cynical deal with the misogynistic gay-male Devil.

You can see why I claim this post as a ‘Dumbfuck #1’ candidate.