Glenn Beck and Michael Scheuer: “the only hope for America is for thousands to get blown up by Bin Laden”

If we’re really lucky, a couple million of us will die. That way we’ll finally be safe.

How the hell can these people get away with saying such awful things? Who roots for the deaths of his fellow Americans? Michael Scheuer:

The only chance we have as a country right now is for Osama bin Laden to deploy and detonate a major weapon in the United States… Only Osama can execute an attack which will force Americans to demand that their government protect them effectively, consistently, and with as much violence as necessary.

I’m praying the last best hope for America, Osama Bin Laden, finally gets off his ass and slaughters a few thousand of us tomorrow. A patriot might like to call the FBI and arrange for his transport here, chop-chop. Give him an atomic bomb and a highlighted map to Yankee Stadium. It’s time we started taking the security of America seriously, people.

And if that bastard won’t do it then I sure as fuck will. When I think about all my neighbors living so wretchedly and defenselessly in peace……it makes me crazy. That’s why I’m going to kill every last one of them (you all can thank me later).

And did you catch that final Beck comment, on the defensive response of Americans after Bin Laden actually gets off some successful attack?

Which is why, I was thinking this weekend, if I were him, that would be the last thing I would do right now.

If Bin Laden were smart, and he had a nuke, and he had an opportunity to blow up millions of Americans, he shouldn’t do it. Because then we would get our defenses up. Which would make it hard to……blow millions of us up. Genius.