The worst public speaker in America today: video of Governor Sarah Palin

I just got done reading Todd Purdum’s Vanity Fair article on Sarah Palin (‘It Came From Wasilla’). It paints an unflattering portrait of Palin completely in keeping with everything we already know of the bizarre, endlessly ambitious and wholly unfit future presidential candidate.

I was struck anew of her shocking inability to speak publicly in any lucid or effectual way when I came across the article’s recounting of an introduction she made for conservative talk-show basher Michael Reagan. I dug a video up and some of what’s surely an heroic transcript produced by Huffington Post’s AKMuckraker of the nonsensical babble.

The general tone of this mess is that’s she’s a pucky, perky rebel, and she’s just gonna continue fighting the obvious stupidity of the world. So she’s still doing the same old schtick. Watch it, or read it, and weep, or laugh hysterically:

[Part one.]

Part two:

Starting st 1:22: “They didn’t like it then, but then, when a bunch of us elected local officials, we agreed with them, and you know we started seeing the press releases kinda braggin’ up the bacon that these hundreds of millions, of billions of dollars, almost a trillion dollars total were going to bring into our states, the buckets of money, the borrowed money, that would pour into the states. Soon the states started being warned ‘Hey you’d better take the money. If you don’t take it, then other states gonna spend it for you.'”

2:53: “The mixed messages then, the confusion and now frustration, disenchantment with and disenchantment…from our own government, and look what happened when here in Alaska my administration, I vetoed the stimulus package, some of the dollars with obvious big government strings attached, and shoot, I just about got run out of town by some. Friends, we need to be aware of the creation of a fearful population, and of fearful lawmakers being led to believe that big government is the answer to bail out the private sector because then government gets to get in there and control it and, mark my words, this is going to happen next I fear, bail out next debt-ridden states, then government gets to get in there and control the people. And watch what happens there. Michael, maybe you want to talk about your own state, California. See what happens there? You know it’s, uh, for the love of God you’ve got to ask yourself ‘where did we got off track?'”

4:24: “And, for me…you know, I…me, uh…before my Franco Sarto red high heels even get off the stage and touch the floor my critics, they’re going to be loaded for bear and they’re going to start unloading because, because I dared speak up. But you, you here tonight I know that you understand. Some though, they’re empowered by national figures and some in the press who, who want to put not just me, but anybody who dares speak up it seems nowadays right back down in their place if one dares speak their mind nowadays, and here in Alaska it’s kind of like this new normal it’s a little bit being accepted it seems like that we’re dealing in, but so be it. I…I think things here that have so drastically changed these past months…um, some want to forbid others from speaking up and it’s been through lawsuits, been ethics violation charges, media distortions…by the way, today, we won that 14th ethics charge.”

And from 6:22 on, the finish, including that 130 word run-on in the middle: “Let me ask you why is it considering how fast the world is spinning and world changing events that go on all over the globe that do affect our lives, world changing events, thousands of them every day, why do you suppose that it’s the same big three supposedly competing networks that have virtually the same news content every night and virtually the same exact viewpoint being spewed night after night after night. We’ve gotta ask those questions. So I join you in speaking up and asking the questions and taking action, and here at home in my beloved Alaska I just say, politically speaking, if I die, I die. I’ll know that I have spoken up and I will speak up to thank people like Mr. Reagan, as we honor his dad, to encourage you too, Alaskans, to do the same and don’t just hang in there and go along to get along but stand up and speak up, and be bold and demand that Washington be prudent with our public monies and prioritize for America’s security, and forget the political correctness that makes one guard your conversation, and couch our words so cautiously that they lose meaning, and we lose effectiveness, and then we lose hope because we start thinking that politicians are only worried about their poll numbers and attracting campaign contributions for their next bid so that they can hold on to some title and some position. Noooo, let’s remind them, those that we elect, that we expect them to be bold and so they are to be representing the will of the people to defend our constitution and to win our wars and obviously, me not being, in fact not many of us here tonight are not in that political financial academic elite center of power. We’re not there. And it’s kind of refreshing to be outside of that to tell you the truth. I am just a mom. I am a proud Alaskan hockey mom, and I love my country, and I’m concerned about my kids’ future and your kids’ future and because I was raised where it is rugged, and you kinda gotta be tough, with dogged determination in order to survive sometimes. Well not many of us in Alaska are inclined to just sit down and shut up, and I thank Michael Reagan for honoring Alaska, being here tonight, continuing to lead a cause for a better America…let’s hear it for Michael Reagan. Thank you.”