(VIDEO) Asshole thugs in Massey Coal shirts invade Keeper of the Mountains July 4th celebration, try to bang heads

This is a video sure to get your blood boiling. Thanks to Mike Malloy for calling attention to it.

Keeper of the Mountains are a West Virginia group opposed to ‘mountain top removal‘ mining. ‘MTR’ is basically wanton environmental destruction, ultra-strip mining, a just-blow-the-shit-up ‘energy industry’ practice. The ‘who wouldn’t want a moonscape?’ transformation of beautiful West Virginia.

Here, the video:

What a lovely sight: fat, drunken, violent pro-corporate thugs just dying to bring bloodshed to a peaceful 4th of July celebration.

Tales of mountain top removal:

Larry Gibson and Kayford Mountain. Larry Gibson’s family has lived on or near Kayford Mountain since the late 1700’s. More than 300 relatives are buried in the cemetery on Kayford Mountain. Larry and his family used to live on the lowest lying part of the mountain, and looked “up” to the mountain peaks that surrounded them. Since 1986, the slow motion destruction of Kayford Mountain has been continuous — 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Eighteen years after the “mountain top removal” project began, Larry Gibson now occupies the highest point of land around; he is enveloped by a 12,000 acre pancake in what was previously a mountain range.

Keeper of the Mountains Foundation was created to fund Larry Gibson’s efforts to preserve and foster the values of moutain culture. KOTM also supports his ongoing effort to tell the story of the destruction of Kayford Mountain and the surrounding community as a result of mountain top removal. On February 2, 2005, the IRS determined that KOTM was exempt from taxation as a qualified 501 (c)(3) organization, and that contributions to KOTM are deductible under § 170 of the Internal Revenue Code. You may download a copy of our W-9 here.

Please pass the clip along…


8 thoughts (VIDEO) Asshole thugs in Massey Coal shirts invade Keeper of the Mountains July 4th celebration, try to bang heads

  1. avatar taochiapet says:

    they sure do accurately represent the physical embodiment of massey’s corporate mentality: willfully and proudly ignorant, violent, and self-centered.

  2. avatar NoOneYouKnow says:

    These scumbags make me tired. They’d rather destroy their own homes and state than get another freaking job.

  3. avatar Donnat says:

    That picture makes me sick. Why would West VA settle for that, even under the banner of ‘creating jobs’? SOme windmills or solar panels on the tops of those mountains (and a few trees, bushes, streams, etc.) would be better for the state, the environment and the poor critters that were probably blown to smithereens along with the mountains. It’s a sick, sick place that lets this happen.

  4. avatar Mike says:

    I’ve seen these pathetic hillbillies many, many times before. I from Franklin, Virginia (Mom is from Tazewell, VA & Dad is from Newport News).

    These are the people who want to move our country BACKWARDS. They FEAR anybody who is not like themselves – ignorant, scared, racist, sexist, etc, etc.

    They are the children of the KLAN. They are even UGLIER on the inside (if that is possible). Wow. I hope these idiots take a LONG look at themselves and see just how amazingly stupid they made themselves look.

    Especially the guy making the throat slitting gesture at the man w/the little kid. WHAT A TOUGH GUY. Telling a guy holding a baby – “I’ll kill you and your kid.”

    There is not a can of Lysol large enough for them….

  5. avatar chuck says:

    the video doesn’t lie…they threatened a guy holding a baby!!!

    you make everybody who has watched you feel sick.

    only a scared little bully (a crybaby on the inside) would show his fat ass and make threats like that.

    he calls them the names that he actually knows describe himself. he is the “p*ssy”.

    great job on the video! keep up the good work. shining light on cockroaches is all you can do sometimes.

  6. avatar john says:

    Wow. Simply amazing. Couldn’t this video be turned over to the cops or something? He made death threats to a child for Christs sake.

  7. avatar toma says:

    Really shocking, isn’t it? Would piss any decent human being off. That’s why the clip needs to be passed around–these thugs obviously thought that they could get away with this sort of intimidation and violence because it was in their back yards. The internets strike back.

    Hey Mike–sorry for the flashback, buddy. Hope you are in a ‘better place’ now.

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