Tasers are terrific, and their use is always justified. Teenager piss and shit, and druggie third-degree burns, so what?

For the new passers-by to the site, Tasers Kill: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.

As I’ve written about before, over and over, Tasers give cops the illusion of technological power and control. Taser International pretends like it’s a magical weapon and, most deceptively, non-lethal. It’s absolutely lethal when the person is amped up, adrenalized, drugged out and/or psychotic. It kills, and it kills, and it kills. The victims here were lucky they were only physically and emotionally scarred.

Taser set petrol sniffer ablaze: police

The WA Police Commissioner will not change the force’s stun gun policy after a man caught fire when he was shot by a Taser in a remote Aboriginal community yesterday…

The man, who Mr O’Callaghan said “had a history of violent offences”, was airlifted to Royal Perth Hospital for treatment after he was struck by the Taser. He is in a critical condition in the burns unit…

Police claim the man – a known petrol sniffer in the community – ran from the front of the house towards the officers carrying a fuel container and a cigarette lighter.

One officer fired a Taser at the man after he failed to stop when ordered, say police.

The man caught fire and the officer immediately threw him to the ground and smothered the fire with his bare hands.

While doing so, the officer was allegedly struck on the head by rocks thrown by the young woman.

A police spokesman said the the man received third-degree burns to 10 per cent of his body, including burns to his throat.

Lawsuit: Cops tasered 3 kids, threatened one with sodomy

A shelter for adolescents in southern Illinois is suing the local sheriff’s office for what it describes as an unprovoked attack by two police officers on four children, three of whom were tasered, and one of whom was threatened with sodomy by a sheriff’s deputy.

The Southern Thirty Adolescent Center near Mount Vernon, IL, filed the lawsuit on behalf of three children in its custody, who the lawsuit says were tasered by Jefferson County sheriff’s deputies who had been called to help subdue two misbehaving children, aged 11 and 12. Neither of those children were among those who were tasered during what one news service described as a police “rampage.”

The incident took place on July 4, 2008. The federal lawsuit was filed in an East St. Louis court on Friday. In the suit the children are named only by their initials: B.B., R.E., and Z.P.

According to the legal filing, quoted in the Mount Vernon Register, one deputy “physically pushed R.E. towards his bunk and shocked him repeatedly with a taser. … R.E. was tased multiple times to multiple locations on his person, including, but not limited to, his neck. Deputy Bowers shouted to B.B. to lie down in his bunk and physically forced him to lie down.

“Without physical provocation and/or physical gestures from B.B., Deputy Bowers held B.B. down on his bed and shocked him repeatedly with a taser. While he was tasing B.B., Deputy David Bowers threatened to sodomize B.B. As a result of this repeated and excessive tasing, B.B. urinated and defecated himself. Deputy David Bowers was aware that B.B. urinated himself after the tasing.”

The filing goes on to say that a 17-year-old female visitor to the center, who had pleaded with police to stop the attack, was grabbed by an officer, choked, and locked in a closet.

From the Mount Vernon Register, quoting the legal filing:

“As Z.P. was being repeatedly tased, [17-year-old] Megan Geisler pleaded with Deputy David Bowers and Deputy Lonnie Lawler to stop. Deputy David Bowers ordered Deputy Lonnie Lawler to handcuff Megan Geisler. … Deputy David Bowers grabbed Megan Geisler by her arms, lifted her off her feet, and carried her through the male dormitory to a nearby closet. On the way to the closet, Deputy David Bowers lifted Megan Geisler off the ground, pressed her against a wall and choked her. While choking her, Deputy David Bowers said, ‘do you want to live or die bitch’ to Megan Geisler. Megan Geisler was then thrown into a closet. At this time she began vomiting and heaving.”

According to AP, no criminal charges have been filed in the case, and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office says the deputies “acted appropriately.”