3 thoughts The National Review's global warming expert Greg Pollowitz is confused about what 'carbon footprint' means

  1. Thomas Friedman, the new bully boy for the ChiComs method of getting things done, is in point of fact a horrific hypocrit, and the house is indeed a representation of that fact, and in all probability has a rather large carbon footprint, as the hippy dippies like to shout when they compare flying planes and using electricity to whoredom.

    Howz that, dumbfuck?

  2. avatar toma says:

    Well, Wakefield, you’re Pollowitz by another name, and what a thing to be proud of. If someone has a big house, then they’re doing horrible damage to the environment, and that’s the end of that? You’re nuanced understanding of green issues is to be admired by simpletons everywhere. I visited a whopping mansion the other day, and that thing was so green it wasn’t even on the electrical grid, and it was almost impossible to find the solar cells. But never mind that more and more rich people are moving that way–you already know everything there is to know about this subject because you are a genius dumb motherfucker.

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