Conservative website ‘Atlas Shrugs’, the one-stop shopping mart for all your Axis of Evil finger puppet needs

Have you noticed how greedy the right-wing sites are getting? They are not messing around with their perhaps money-making potentials, they are going whole-hog on the ads and marketing. They don’t care at all what it looks like to anyone reading the sites, every penny’s gonna get squeezed out of the place. Find it distracting to try to digest the political opinion with all the third-party marketing opinion thrown in? Tough.

If you go to Townhall, it’s almost impossible to move about the site with all the frozen screens and pop-ups. Limbaugh’s site is like a carnival or Vegas barker’s wet dream: neon reds blaring at you from every angle.

And now comes a somewhat newer ad phenomenon. I caught this originally at World Net Daily, the site recently famous for foisting the bogus Obama birth certificate online, breaking the hearts of thousands and thousands of wingnuts.

They’re ads embedded in the text of the post as hotlinks. Instead of an idea, person, or breaking story being highlighted as a link for you to follow in order to pick up some background information or fill in some tangential issue, it’s just a random ad-link that picks a word or phrase to divert traffic to a barely related product.

This is what it looks like, roughly: “Two U.S. journalists who had been detained by North Korea were traveling back to the United States with former President Clinton hours after being pardoned, a Clinton spokesman said…” And if you clicked the ‘traveling’ link (mine, just a fake) you’d go to, or Travelers Insurance, or some such thing.

To say that it pretty much kills any idea that political opinion or analysis is written for its own sake is fair. It also makes for some hilarious contrasts, the purposes of angry ‘intellectual’ Conservatives and retailers not being identical.

The latest idiots to debase their website are the moneymakers over at Atlas Shrugs. And wasn’t that John Galt a hell of a shill? I was reading their angry take on Bill Clinton the American backstabber when I got fascinated with all the embedded links. Here are some screenshots.

“. . . I was feeling a little down about my unsuccessful efforts to buy a white house in my neighborhood when I decided to distract myself by reading up on the efforts of the traitor Bill Clinton to abuse America. Only halfway into the article, I noticed the ‘White House’ link and clicked to see what it was about. Lo and behold, Coldwell Banker had just the white house I wanted–in my neighborhood and at a price I could afford! Two days later, I finally got what I wanted. Thanks Atlas Shrugs and Coldwell Banker–you’re the best.”

Incidentally, when you click on the link, it switches you over to the ad’s website and you can’t get back. The back arrow to Atlas is dead, you’re stuck. In other words, Atlas will feed the ads traffic, but, in ‘return’, the ads cut off readers. One serves only to feed the other.

But then, who doesn’t love finger puppets?


2 thoughts Conservative website ‘Atlas Shrugs’, the one-stop shopping mart for all your Axis of Evil finger puppet needs

  1. avatar rmf says:

    What happened to the lox comments? Was kinda funny I thought.

  2. avatar toma says:

    Dude named ‘Jay’, I though he was spamming the site. Didn’t occur to me it was AS’s ‘Pam.’ Oops.

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