Texas public schools are required to teach the Bible this year. No date scheduled yet for teaching the Koran.

“Did you ever wonder why staunch defenders of teaching the Bible in public schools don’t also encourage schools to teach about other examples of religious scripture? Surely that’s not a sign of favoritism and a desire to implicitly promote Christianity over other religions, is it? Of course not, the strongest supporters of teaching the Bible in school are also the strongest supporters of church/state separation, didn’t you know that?”

This is proven by Texas State Representative Warren Chisum, architect of his state’s new law requiring all schools to provide elective courses about the Bible as “literature” and “history.”

[Rep. Warren Chisum, R-Pampa, the author of the plan] said the legislature specifically addressed the Bible, not the Quran or any other religious writing, because “the Bible as a text … has historical and literary value.”

“It can’t go off into other religious philosophies because then it would be teaching religion, when the course is meant to teach literature,” he said.

…Rep. Chisum sunk to a new low of bigotry by distributing a memo–reproduced below–of State Representative Ben Bridges, Republican of Georgia, that advocates young-Earth creationism, geocentricity, a non-rotating and non-revolving Earth, and attributes evolutionary biology to a conspiracy of Jewish “Kabbalists” documented in ancient “Rabbinic writings.” The late journalist Molly Ivins referred to Chisum as “the Bible-thumping dwarf from Pampa,” referring both literally to his physical and figuratively to his moral stature, so this episode certainly confirms that characterization…


Physicists Create Phony Math To Rule Out A Non-Moving Earth

(…taken from HERE pp. 7,8 of 13: … Furthermore: there was a meeting of Communist Scientists in London in 1931 which was when Gamow was at Cambridge–and the year he was called back to be Master of Research at Leningrad U. (There are three pages of rare quotations that relate to that London conference on the furtherance of Communist ideology through “science” given at that link above.)  The following samples from those pages bear heavily on this entire web page effort… Note these statements from Communist (i.e., atheist) “scientists” at that London Conference:

“Modern physics rejects absolute inertia.” 28 [“Why?! Because modern [i.e., atheist Communist] physics must insure for all times that the Earth moves.  All Communists are atheists who must believe in evolution. The Bible’s stationary Earth teaching must forever be forbidden by “physics”!]

“The teaching of the self-movement of matter received its full development in the dialectical materialism of Marx, Engles, and Lenin.”29 [Does that sound like “physical science” to you?]

[Engles said]: “…one of the BASIC THESES of dialectical materialism [communism] is the inseparability of movement from matter.”30 [“Basic is pretty strong, wouldn’t you say?  This reminds one of Marx’s exultation over the advent of Darwin’s book: “You have given me the ‘Basis’ for my system!”

“The mathematisation of physics…is continually growing and physics is becoming more and more dependent upon the fate of mathematics.”31 And that was over 75 years ago!

“This special mathematics–the tensor analysis, the matrix calculus, the theory of characteristic numbers–has for the greater part been created by the physicists themselves, for ordinary mathematics is unable to satisfy the requirements of present day physics32  [Who says  “No inertia allowed”?  Physicists.]

“For mathematics there is only one way out: conscious, planned reconstruction on the basis of materialist [no God] dialectics.”33 [Step right up and witness the Politically Correct Science that has made the Earth move with a clever mathematical model when all known phenomena is readily explained by a stationary Earth Model!]

“To overcome the crisis in present-day mathematics, to reconstruct it along socialist lines, patient and persistent work is necessary… Preceding from Leninist theory…we [scientists] in the Soviet Union shall reconstruct the mathematical sciences.34 [They succeeded in “reconstructing” the mathematical sciences.. This Phony “New Math” was then implanted in Science Departments in the world’s Universities where it became an indispensable weapon in an “all or nothing” spiritual warfare. This pivotal battle has been between the Pharisee’s Kabbalist “creation  scenario” of 15 billion years of evolutionism and the Christian’s Biblical “creation scenario” which required no evolution whatsoever.  The credibility of both religions stands or falls on the credibility its foundational “creation scenario” of which the moving or non-moving Earth is  the keystone.


One thought Texas public schools are required to teach the Bible this year. No date scheduled yet for teaching the Koran.

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