10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Rielle Hunter

While the Edwards-will-soon-admit-paternity watch goes on, and the tell-all book is on the way, the woman who would’ve destroyed a Presidential campaign goes on subsisting in the shadows. Thought it’d be timely to post some of her bio highlights–she’s no shrinking violet, for sure. It’s not surprising at all that she ended up where she did.

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Rielle Hunter

1.) Rielle Hunter is not her name, it’s Lisa Jo Druck. ‘Hunter’ came from her first marriage, and ‘Rielle’ she just made up.

2.) Her father was a notorious fraudster. James Druck participated in a scheme to electrocute show horses in order to collect big money insurance claims. The Horse Murders scandal was one of the ‘biggest, most gruesome stories in sports.’ He died while the FBI was still investigating him.

3.) Lisa was a top-notch jumper. Her career ended at 17 when her father killed her beloved show jumper, Henry the Hawk, in order to collect a $150,000 claim. Which he did.

4.) She’s a former girlfriend of ‘Brat Pack’ novelist Jay McInerney.

5.) She’s the inspiration for both McInerney’s and Bret Easton Ellis’ ubiquitous Alison Poole character.

[Story of My Life] is narrated in the first-person from the point of view of Alison Poole, “an ostensibly jaded, cocaine-addled, sexually voracious 20-year old.” Alison is originally from Virginia and lives in Manhattan, where she is involved in several sexual relationships and is aspiring to become an actress. She falls in love with bond trader and Shakespeare expert Dean, but soon they betray each other. The novel implies that the cause of protagonist Alison Poole’s “party girl” behavior is her father’s abuse, including the murder of her prize jumping horse.

6.) After she married wealthy attorney ‘Kip’ Hunter, he financed a play for her to star in, ‘Savage in Limbo.’

7.) They later moved to Beverly Hills so she could pursue an acting career. She has appeared in a few movies, including ‘Ricochet.’ They divorced in 2000.

8.) She started Midline Groove Productions, a New Jersey based media company. They produced 4 online videos for the Edwards campaign and were paid $100,000. Originally titled ‘Inspiring Politics: A Webisode Series Following John Edwards’, the clips were removed from YouTube after the hot controversy but have since been restored:

9.) She appeared before a Raleigh, North Carolina, grand jury in August that is investigating, in part, an additional $14,000 in payments the Edwards campaign made to her after they became aware that she was pregnant, likely with Edwards’ child.

10.) She and Edwards originally randomly came across each other outside of a hotel in New York. She greeted him by saying ‘You are so hot.’