Pro-lifers of ‘Susan B. Anthony List’ do pro-choice a favor by claiming brutal murders were caused by legalized abortion

This is a classic case of being completely blinded by the passion for a single political issue. By the time they’re done, the ‘Suzy Bs’ come closer to making the case for legalized abortions to save women from harm. Very poorly thought out and badly argued…

Man Kills Pregnant Woman After She Refuses to Have an Abortion
by LifeForAll on Tue 29 Sep 2009 10:34 AM EDT

In an instant, one man took two lives. The heartbreaking story out of Tennessee confirms what we know and the abortion industry refuses to admit: abortion does NOT help women.

Okay, let’s back this up. The woman was eight months pregnant, so there wasn’t going to be any abortion. That’s why he was charged with a second murder, the baby:

“School teacher Tonya Johnson was eight months pregnant. From the looks of it, her boyfriend Tarence Nelson didn’t want to have the baby. Deputies in Shelby County, Tennessee say the couple was arguing over whether she should get an abortion. But Nelson made the final call when police say he shot both mother and unborn child.”

Now just how is abortion’s legality relevant to this tragic story?

The problem with legalized abortion is that it creates a culture in which life’s value is only in its utility and life itself is completely dispensible [sic]. Today, a woman can dispose of her unborn child in an instant. Sadly, what this man did is not too different.

Can any of you get this argument? It seems like complete nonsense. Life either has value ‘only in its utility’, or ‘life itself is completely dispensible’. One or the other, you can’t have it both ways (unless you weirdly assign value to things in order to throw them away). Our culture de-values unborn babies’ lives, but the mother didn’t because she wanted the baby, but then the father didn’t want the baby, and what again does this have to do with legal abortions?

But abortion also devalues the woman.

Take for example, the countless women who are coerced into getting abortions by their boyfriends or husbands. Serrin Foster, of Feminists for Life, notes, “Domestic violence against single pregnant women at the hands of a boyfriend is being reported with greater frequency. Coercion crosses all socio-economic classes.”

How about that, did you get that? Abortion causes domestic violence. The legal opportunity for an abortion creates violence out of nothing, really? When it was illegal, pregnant girlfriends never got hurt, or beaten up, or killed. And better yet: women who they themselves did not want the baby never got hurt, or beaten up, or killed. And never killed themselves. Or died from back-room abortions. Or badly complicated childbirths. Or post-partum depression.

Abortion does not empower women. Rather it provides an escape route of sorts for men who do not want to take responsibility for a child. Those men who see abortion as a way-out will try to obtain it at any cost.

These are very weird arguments: abortion doesn’t empower women, hey everybody let’s talk about men. Actually, the way men are described here sounds like they’re the ones who feel powerless. As in ‘who allowed these damn women to have minds of their own?’

The abortion industry argues that if abortion was illegal, women would die. Wake-up everyone. Abortion is legal and women are being killed NOW.

tarence nelsonDo the folks over at SBA List even bother to come up with a coherent group of talking points for their people? These arguments are terrible, completely from the far side of planet pro-life.

Incidentally, this is a picture of the guy, Tarence Nelson, from his MySpace page. I’m sure if abortions were illegal, he wouldn’t have had any reason to shoot his girlfriend.


2 thoughts Pro-lifers of ‘Susan B. Anthony List’ do pro-choice a favor by claiming brutal murders were caused by legalized abortion

  1. avatar taochiapet says:

    i went to his facebook page and looked at the photo of him with the gun. a “sponsored link” on the page was for a website, parents dot com; it’s title: “Names for Babies”…


  2. avatar toma says:

    Wow. Commerce, again, makes the world a worthwhile place to live in.

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