I’ll tell you what’s the essential story behind the tragic death of gun nut Meleanie Hain

Lest anybody get carried away with b-movie plots as to why such a horrible event is newsworthy, I thought I’d put down my own take on this before it takes on the inevitable tabloid life of its own.

Here are not the reasons why Hain’s murder was newsworthy:
–Not because it was some ‘live-and-die-by-the-sword’ thing. Although it’s generally true that carrying around firearms ups the potential for gun violence, I don’t see that as being what was going on.

–Not that she was ‘crazy’, a thrill-seeker, and that she took chances that ended up taking her life. She seems to have been a pretty down-to-Earth type.

–Not that gun nuts want to do gun violence, and that she surrounded herself with some itchy types who just gave in to their fantasy of shooting things. Although it sorta seems that way.

No–the reason it’s newsworthy is because it illustrates how gun nuts honestly feel they need guns. Just try to get into a discussion with them about how the world would probably be better off without all the millions of weapons we have around, and you’ll see how desperately they feel that need. The emotional tone goes right through the roof. For them, life itself seems impossible to fathom without weapons.

Why? I’ll tell you why. Because these folks labor with personal weaknesses that they feel can only be propped up by carrying around deadly force. They feel very vulnerable and can’t find any way to move forward in life without some serious firepower by their side. Can’t stand to go on without a better defense than they can strictly psychologically provide for themselves. So they turn to the quick fix of guns.

That’s the essential story. So the ‘weakness’ and the gun walk hand in hand together in perpetuity in American life, by the millions. And the gun nut never has to examine his mindset, and his ‘defender’, the gun, is passionately loved and obsessed over. That’s what was going on here, and that’s what’s frequently going on with the gun-loving Americans I’ve come to know.

But it’s no habit from another planet, right? Isn’t that exactly the case in our wars? Aren’t our soldiers taught to service and trust their guns? Isn’t then your gun just about your best friend?

Yes, it is. But, then, there, it’s understandable. Your ‘defect’ there is just your mortality. Your horrible, violent death is the avowed goal (as it was in the case of WWII) of perhaps millions of people. You’d better be well-armed and trained, and you’d better not sleep much.

But America is not a gun nut’s overseas war. America is their own hometowns, their own communities, not a foxhole behind enemy lines. The truth is that, here in America, one’s need for serious firepower in order to defend yourself is just above zero. Unless you live in one of those urban war zones or some awful place overrun with violent lunatics, you pretty much don’t need a gun. Argue whatever you like, but that’s the stone cold truth.

I live in a far more dangerous place than probably 95% of the current gun nuts live–Los Angeles. A guy was shot dead in my alley. The best friend of my roommate was intentionally run over and killed by an infuriated driver. But I absolutely do not need a gun to protect myself and go on surviving in the big city. I easily manage without it, day after day, year after year.

And yet, hundreds of thousands of other, less environmentally threatened Americans swear that they really, really have to have a gun. Especially a handgun, the easily concealed weapon best suited for shooting human beings in close quarters urban combat. They don’t feel right without one, and they freak out just considering living without it.

Clearly, the gun has become a psychological crutch for people to manage to go on. And I’m sure that’s why Meleanie Hain foolishly, openly carried a Glock to a soccer game for 5 year old girls. Annoyed parents called the Sheriff, the Sheriff thought it was inappropriate and yanked her concealed weapons permit, she filed with the local court, and she became a 2nd amendment hot celebrity when she got her CCW permit back.

It allowed her to talk on and on to all sorts of media, about the sacredness of guns, about how happy she was to own and carry them, and about her being a horrible victim of un-Americanism and un-Constitutionalism. And then she filed a $1 million lawsuit against the Sheriff. And when someone will predictably sue for a lot more money over a trivial issue than, say, if their child were beaten at school, you’ve got a nut. She wanted a million bucks for being denied her concealed weapons permit for a grand total of 23 days.

Sadly, this is someone extremely touchy about her guns, someone who’s using them to manage to go on. So this was another somebody haunted by a very vulnerable mindset. When her husband shot her to death, you knew exactly why: she had been in real, mortal danger for years. Contrary to a lot of NRA whack jobs, the threat wasn’t some lingering paranoia from childhood caused by a drunken, violent parent.

You can bet Meleanie had felt vulnerable from the beginning. That drove her to make the mistake of choosing to create a life with someone who went out of his way to seem big, strong and tough–an understandable decision.

But just like almost every other coward who beats or kills his wife, Scott Hain couldn’t stand the thought of being out of control, out of power or thrown aside by people who knew him. The idea of Meleanie leaving made him crazy, and he let her know that. It was a warning, because Scott felt some huge vulnerabilities of his own. He was actually small, weak and volatile, and the danger for Meleanie became real and the mindset concrete. A parole officer and a former prison guard, Scott was a gun nut.

If only one of them had, at some point, given up on the idea that these little machines, these gas-and-metal-propellants, could somehow transform them into people that finally really felt safe, finally became okay inside. This whole horrible thing could have been avoided.

Instead, we’re left to wince at the pained postings of her beloved fellow members of the Pennsylvania Firearm Owners Association blog, where Meleanie posted as “shefearsnothing”. They clearly love and miss her:

…She had told me on several occasions of problems at home, (will not go into detail). During which time I begged and pleaded, screamed and asked her to leave. She was not sure how he would have reacted and she feared his reaction. All I care to say about that for now….

…she knew this was going to happen. I could’ve tried to help her. im so sorry Meleanie!…

…Meleanie…I am so sorry. You asked me for my lawyers name and I got busy and forgot to send it to you. Now all I have on my mind is that I got out and you didn’t. Please God, help her children cope and please help women of domestic violence get out. Domestic Violence is Real. Meleanie I am sorry I let you down. I hope you can forgive me…