Michelle Malkin and Ann Kane accuse David Axelrod of using “epileptic daughter he never sees” as a p.r. ploy

Talk about your cynical bastards.

Presidential adviser David Axelrod, his wife, and his daughter Lauren all appeared on 60 Minutes to call attention to ongoing research in epilepsy. Lauren has been epileptic since she was born. Susan Axelrod is president of an organization she founded, Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy (CURE).

Their good intentions were highlighted by CBS and Katie Couric. The segment was too positively sneaky to be countenanced by conservatives so they threw a fit – it’s a conspiracy! They don’t even like their stupid daughter! Michelle Malkin:

In the desperate push for Obamacare, the White House spin doctors are pulling out all the stops to distract from the disastrous numbers by ginning up emotions…

So is White House senior adviser / Astroturf master/ Big Pharma beneficiary David Axelrod, who appeared on 60 Minutes with Katie Couric this weekend to talk about the epileptic daughter he never sees because he’s so busy trying to salvage his boss’s government health care takeover plans. The AP dutifully recycled the story — which itself had been recycled from February’s Parade magazine.

Ann Kane at the American Thinker is dead on…

This is nothing more than politics. Susan obviously started CURE back in 1998 in anticipation of Obamacare being invented by her husband’s boss, someday. And their efforts to help epileptics around the world is a story that was already covered by Parade Magazine. That’s a bigger deal than any national TV network, right? Clearly you people don’t understand how ‘the news’ works. Ann Kane:

If it weren’t so sad, it would be laughable… David Axelrod used his twenty-eight year old epileptic daughter, Lauren, to show that he is a caring father…

How dare he use his daughter’s illness to attempt to elicit sympathy from the liberal base, and others? Yet, he wouldn’t be worth his salt if he didn’t use everyone and everything at his disposal to advance the agenda.

David’s daughter is a woman badly and permanently disabled by epilepsy. If only the Axelrods could care about her the way they cared about Barack Obama, right?


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