Conservatives and Comedy Autism: more political cartoons that mystify

It is a puzzle, the conservative sense of humor. I can’t tell you how often these ‘cartoons’ leave me absolutely bewildered. Obviously it somehow makes sense to them, and that’s even more puzzling.

Once again, part of a semi-regular installment, it’s ‘Conservatives and Comedy Autism’…

Eric Allie is a regular. And he can’t spell. Pelosi is an image ‘consutant’, and she’s working with Hitler because I have no idea. Couple years back, some liberal jerk could have made this exact same cartoon, but with Tom DeLay instead of Pelosi. It would have been just as random and hilarious.

Larry Wright is so obviously funny…

…and he gets funnier all the time.

Now there’s a burning issue. Gary Varvel.

This guy, Wayne Stayskal, might be the biggest mystery of all…

I don’t see any problem with an airplane in space. You?

Get it? Gold is valuable! He wants some!

Kaboom! Blam! Pow! And Wayne gets paid to do this.