2 thoughts Glenn Beck: “As a White guy, I’m telling you that I never call myself a White guy.”

  1. avatar gilead says:

    “Heck, I don’t call myself ‘White’. And I can say that because I, myself, am a White guy.””
    But does he call himself ‘Asshole?’ And I can say that because he, himself, is an asshole.

  2. avatar Dick Stone says:

    Glen Beck: Yoyoyo, my home non-white American brotha’s. Wat sup. You know you owe us one. Owe us people, white people I mean, and I can say that cause I’m white, yo and we, by we I mean us people the white Republican Americans, ended slavery. My black friends said so, an I’m just sayin’ so back at ya, cause the history books were written by non-American liberals – the real whitey whites.


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