Shotgun Jesus ends The Christmas Feud

To most people throughout Europe and the Americas, Christmas is a time of having fun, giving gifts, and bringing “Peace On Earth, Goodwill Toward Men” to life. It’s a positive thing. A steely heart bending to the whims of the Yuletide season has been a staple theme of storytellers from Dickens to Capra, and enjoyed by Christians and non-Christians alike.

But real Christians hate that shit, of course, and think anybody who fails to show proper reverence for Jesus’ made-up birthday have no right to have fun. Enter Ron Lake of Nipomo, CA. He’s standing up for Christianity by using his front yard to remind you that Jesus would bust a cap in Santa’s ass:

Controversial Christmas Display, Jesus versus Santa

NIPOMO – One Nipomo man’s holiday decorations has his neighbors banding together to get it removed.

JesShootSanta5The display is of Jesus and Santa, the two icons of Christmas. However, Jesus is holding a shotgun over the dead body of Santa Claus.

Neighbors want the display taken down citing that there are children in the neighborhood and they find it disturbing. “I know its freedom of speech, but it’s pretty disturbing and there are lots of children, that’s our main concern,” says neighbor Susana Cruz.

The artist, Ron Lake says that it represents the commercialism of Christmas.

Lake also says that his display it is a work of art and open to interpretation. “You can tell your kids and make it as if there’s a Santa Claus, and let them believe all that, but you can’t explain these things or ignore this thing. I don’t get it,” says Lake.

The controversial display went up on Monday, and since then multiple complaints have been filed with law enforcement trying to get the display removed.

Just outside of the chain link fence that separates the display from one of the main roads in Nipomo is a school bus stop.

JesShootSanta16Neighbors say children walking to the bus stop see the traditional nativity scene, or Santa soaring through the skies and kicking back on a Harley Davidson.

But then they stumble upon Jesus packing a double barrel shotgun bearing down on the Santa.

“Its private property, and everyone has the right to it, and I have the right to stand up and say I don’t like it either,” says Karen Clement who lives near the display.

“Christmas is not about Santa, its about Jesus, not the Jesus as the killer with the shotgun, but come on there’s a little humor here, a little tragedy here,” says Lake.

C’mon it’s just a humorous thing, right? But it’s also a little tragedy. And Christmas, Ron would remind you, is not about this Santa person whom Christ probably would blow to smithereens.



*doing a Schwarznegger* Silent night, bitch.



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