More Conservatives and Comedy Autism, 12/19 edition

Here we go again:

eric allie1

Eric Allie, a regular. Running with the meme that Obama threatened to close Offutt Air Force Base unless Ben Nelson voted for the healthcare bill. Does anyone understand why Eric made the ‘threat’ a bleeding file? And why did he write ‘CHANGE’ on the floor? Next time just put a horse’s head in the bed and mark it ‘Offutt AFB.’

eric allie2

Oh the satire. Ahmadinejad mocks and assaults Obama for five panels. After that, Allie puts words in Obama’s mouth to make him look stupid. Then he blasts Obama for saying such stupid things. What, Eric, too chickenshit to draw Obama shooting himself in the face?

steve kelley1

Everybody knows the economy’s bad. So take that Obama. Steve Kelley’s about as witty as it gets. Watch:

steve kelley4


steve kelley2


steve kelley3

You’re killing me. Why would a grown man sit on Santa’s lap? To hear him say ‘Ho’, so that they can say ‘Where?’ These conserva-drawers were obsessed with Tiger. Sadly, they haven’t yet figured out how to draw black people (they never will):

gary mccoy1

Nice Star Trek lips. Tiger demands privacy even though the scandal involved other people. Typical black whore!

eric allie3

Allie again, too autistic to remember that TARP was a Bush program created to rescue Republican businessmen, like AIG and Citigroup. Time to learn some politics, Eric.

Okay. Finally, here, the truly autistic cartoons. Read ’em and blink:

wayne stayskal1


glenn mccoy2

Presidents in uniform? Medals? No idea.


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  1. avatar Bina says:

    Wow. Conservatives are not only unfunny (and factually-challenged), they’re also crappy artists. Guess that’s why there are so many award-winning conservative cartoonists (she said, dripping snark all down her shirt…).

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