Whackjob ‘Bunny’ from Kansas throws fit, takes down xmas tree because Obamacare

“I have taken my Christmas tree down. I have taken my Christmas wreath off my house. I have taken all the lights down. This is supposed to be a nation under God, and it isn’t.”

That sort of legislation, getting 30 million Americans healthcare…is not Godly.

“They absolutely have ruined Christmas for all of the senators and representatives that are supposed to be…under God. This is God’s holiday for his…for the birth of his son.”

Look what they have done to the Republicans in Congress.


The Dark Side! And the good Baby Jesus…
baby jesus

An hor’s d’oeuvres for Satan! With Kelsey Grammar’s hair!

“I would like to see every light in the nation go out, especially in the White House…”

So Bunny can crawl in a window – and kill!

“..either it’s genocide on the…on the, uh, seniors with this hospice it’s never supposed to be supported by federal or state money, they are not-for-profit organization that Germany has even kicked out…”

World War II!