The latest in Perry Stone’s Doomsday

I thought maybe Dr. Perry Stone had a scoop on the liberal media:

A report on December 21 said that a plane loaded with weapons from North Korea was seized by Thai authorities in Bangkok. The plane was bound for Iran, according to documents obtained by arms trafficking experts.

perry stone graphicYou know you can always trust arms trafficking experts, and, especially, those without names, but my amateur attempts to fact-check this made my head spin. All the earlier reports (the plane had already been detained for a week) say the plane’s destination was unknown with the only clue being the flight plan that targeted Columbo, Sri Lanka.

The only references to Iran I could find, besides the  doctor’s, were a Wall Street Journal article subtly titled Arms Seized by Thailand Were Iran-Bound and an Israeli tabloid that uses the Wall Street Journal as its source.  This was the lede:

A plane loaded with weapons from North Korea that was recently impounded in Bangkok was bound for Iran, according to documents obtained by arms-trafficking experts.

If you bother to click through to the PDF, you find that the experts do have names, and that the blaring conclusion is drawn from a  joint draft report by analysts at TransArms, and that the International Peace Information Service, or IPIS, never bothers to explain why the flight plan suddenly includes Tehran. But it does say things like this:

For general cargo the flight plan is a fairly normal one, but for smuggling guns the flight plan is a recipe for disaster. The best option – for an illicit arms transfer – would have been an overflight over China towards the former Soviet republics and then to Tehran, but this was allegedly discarded by the representative of UTM due to commercial reasons.  Based on the authors’ analysis of the flight plans this could perry stone graphic2almost seem like a deliberate attempt to let an arms flight out of Pyongyang be impounded, coincidentally in the same country holding Victor Bout, which is subject to competing pressure for extradition from the United States and Russia.

But, last week, everyone else seems to have overlooked that part about Tehran:

Today, government spokesman Panitan Wattanayagorn said … “We believe after Colombo there may have been another destination,” he said, adding that, according to the crew, the plane had planned to refuel in the United Arab Emirates and Azerbaijan before flying to its “final destination” in the Ukraine.

Still, who are you going to believe? After all, Iran and the U.A.E. are practically allies, and we also can’t discount Dr. Stone’s prophetic supernatural insider knowledge:

Are we on the verge of witnessing the war of Ezekiel 38 and 39? One thing we know for certain is that sooner or later, the Persians, along with other nations in that part of the world, will be involved in a war against Israel.

The cynical skeptics may try to laugh this off, but Dr. Stone documents the evidence by the barrel.