More Liberal Media Fail: Infanticide in Virginia

This is a horrible story — a woman in Virginia gave birth to a child, then cold-bloodedly smothered it in blankets before calling 911. Ten hours later.

Around eleven Friday morning the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office got a call that a woman in her early 20’s was in labor. When deputies arrived at a home in the 12 hundred block of Lone Jack Road in Rustburg they discovered the baby had actually been born alive ten hours earlier, but was dead by the time they were called out there.

“I believe everyone was upset, except for the person who should have been upset, the mother” said Investigator Tracy Emerson.

Emerson says that’s because the mother suffocated the child under bedding. He can’t charge the mother, because of a loophole in state law.

This happened two weeks ago, and still it gets no notice by the national press. You could understand if it were only the godless liberal MSM, but even the values-oriented Fox News seems to have no interest in a story that looks like it should fire up their demographic of prudes and scolds far more than Kathy Griffin saying “fuck” on CNN.

I wouldn’t even be aware of this horror story if it weren’t burning up the tubes among the Christian Right, and I can’t understand why it isn’t getting any traction. There is enough juicy moral outrage to make Jerry Falwell come back from the dead:

“In the state of Virginia as long as the umbilical cord is attached and the placenta is still in the mother, if the baby comes out alive the mother can do whatever she wants to with that baby to kill it,” said Investigator Tracy Emerson. “She could shoot the baby, stab the baby. As long as it’s still attached to her in some form by umbilical cord or something it’s no crime in the state of Virginia.”

But nobody cares about this wasted life:

If there were any way to charge this mother and put her in jail, investigators say they would. In fact, they work (sic) to try to get the state law changed after another similar incident in Campbell County. Talking to two delegates and one state senator, asking them to take this issue up with the General Assembly, but they say those three refused because it’s too close to the abortion issue.

Which is odd, seeing as how Virginia politicians normally seem to see little downside to pro-life electioneering. That’s even odder than a sheriff’s investigator acting as judge and jury to acquit a nameless and faceless murderer while making political accusations against the laws and lawmakers he’s on-duty working for.

“Simply because the mother was there, and the baby had not taken its own identity allegedly at this point, it makes the baby not its own person,” Emerson said.

According to a law – not according to Emerson who believes the little life deserves justice.

He believes the innocent babe deserves justice, but doesn’t bother to mention the killer’s name, much less bother to arrest her and everyone else in the house? In a state that six months ago won an appeals court battle to ban a legitimate medical procedure?

Virginia Abortion Restriction Is Upheld
U.S. Appeals Court Votes 6-5 to Back ‘Partial Birth’ Ban
Thursday, June 25, 2009

A sharply divided federal appeals court ruled constitutional yesterday a Virginia law banning “partial birth” abortion that was overturned four years ago, bringing the state in line with a federal ban on the controversial procedure.

Why don’t any of these low-lifes have names? As I said at the beginning, this is a truly horrible story, and I can’t understand the lack of interest in it by anyone but forced pregnancy networkers. I don’t pretend to have any journalistic training, but it seems obvious to me there is a story worth telling here. Does anybody have a rational explanation for why that isn’t happening?


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  1. avatar Peter Nyikos says:

    Has any more news leaked out about this in the week that has elapsed since this website was created? Has anyone reading this traced the story back to the source?

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