Self-help guru James Arthur Ray sold self-reliance with an image created by dangerous steroids and mountains of pills

The embattled self-help millionaire, under intense scrutiny for conducting a brutal sweat lodge at his ‘Spiritual Warrior’ retreat in Arizona that killed three and sickened dozens, wasn’t as self-reliant as he appeared to be.

Though projecting a physical image of youthful health and vigor, he apparently maintained that image by injecting steroids and popping hundreds or thousands of pills.

Yavapai County investigators have revealed a veritable pharmacy of syringes, drugs and supplements in Ray’s possession at the time of the tragedy.

Police found pills inside Sedona sweat lodge leader’s suitcase
Posted: Jan 4, 2010 06:49 AM
Posted by: Dan Spindle

We have new information on the man who was in charge of a sweat lodge ceremony that led to the deaths of three people in Sedona. James Arthur Ray may have been using more than just “positive thinking” to maintain his youthful appearance..

james ray drugs

Police photos reveal a large number of dietary supplements, prescription drugs and anabolic steroids in Ray’s suitcase. Police also found human growth hormones. Doctors say the drugs can be very dangerous.

“It’s fairly well documented that testosterone alone can some how impair or alter your decision-making processes. He was injecting a testosterone form that lasts for a very long time in the body that could certainly contribute to steroid-induced behavior,” said Dr. David Kroll…

In a post detailing what investigators found relative to their investigation and to search warrants, listed these drugs and supplements. I’ve provided links to a number of the most powerful drugs, many of them steroid hormones, so that you can read for yourself what Ray was carrying around. Testosterone, HGH and hCG are dead giveaways for chemical image enhancement — they promote low fat and lean muscle. Others are used to counteract the long-term effects of steroid usage: testicular shrinkage and testosterone debt. If you’re steroid-damaged, you and your doctor can just claim you have natural testosterone problems, and the cycle never ends.

In a letter from John Crisler, DO, PLLC he said he had prescribed the following medications to Ray:

* Testosterone Cypionate
* Arimidex
* Finasteride

Photos of other prescription bottles show the following:

* Anastrozole
* Pregnenolone (prescribed by Dr. Rothenberg)
* Propecia (Dr. Burger, Dr. Marc Dauer)
* Thyroid Armour
* Diovan
* Genotropin (Dr. Berger)
* Methylcobalamin [B12]

james ray drugs2

And he had a number of over-the-counter medications and supplements in his possession, including but not limited to:

* Barlean’s Greens
* IsAGenix
* Fish Oil
* Corvalen (medical food, said to improve cardiac function and restore energy and chronic fatigue)
* ChlorOxygen
* Lean N’ Fit
* Ginko Biloba
* Athletic Dominance Power N = Speed
* Carb Watchers Lean Body
* Farmacy Pro Power
* Super Lysine
* TerrainZyme
* Vitamin C
* Protein Bars


2 thoughts Self-help guru James Arthur Ray sold self-reliance with an image created by dangerous steroids and mountains of pills

  1. avatar John Curtis says:

    It’s easy to vilify Mr. Ray, however, the consequences of his actions are now in the hands of the judicial system… but what of the REST of the self-help “industrial complex?” I respectfully submit that we (consumers and producers of self-help) establish the Association of Self-Help Professionals or whatever name seems most appropriate to elevate the professional and protect the public. All that is lacking now is the motivation and leadership.

    If you consider yourself a self-help expert OR if you are a consumer of self-help products, I urge you to consider working together to turn the Sedona Sweat Lodge deaths into a legacy that salutes the work of the earliest self-help experts like Napoleon Hill, Norman Vincent Peale and Dale Carneige, honors the efforts of well-intentioned, self-help professionals of today and turns the deaths of those who died in the Sweat Lodge… Liz Neuman, Kirby Brown and James Shore into a legacy for the betterment of the self-help profession and society.

  2. avatar toma says:

    I get what you’re getting at, John, but the timing you’ve got here for elevating anybody except perhaps a hanging judge is bad. There have been people who have legitimately helped others, but this is yet another case of a self-help ‘guru’ clearly operating as a demi-god. As such, he stole people’s hard-earned money to aggrandize and elevate himself only, and he ended up killing people. This sort of crime, murder under the color of mystical wisdom, is worthy of a life sentence, in my opinion.

    If you’d like to start your professional society, I’d ask that you draft up a statement that delineates what a cult is and what cult-like behavior constitutes and have everybody swear off and sign off on that immediately. You can follow that up with an agreement on ethical behavior and business practices (like no gouging for merely sitting in an audience for 2 hours) of self-help experts, and sign that as well. Once that’s done, I’m all for it.

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