The debate would have been “a debacle of historic and epic proportions” if they hadn’t stopped Sarah Palin from calling him “O’Biden”? She’s that stupid?

Palin derided by top McCain aide, book
By Eric Zimmermann – 01/10/10 07:00 PM ET

…Most troubling to the campaign, Schmidt said, was Palin’s horrendous performance during prep sessions for her debate with then-Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.).

Schmidt recounts receiving a frantic phone call from an aide who was trying to prepare the Alaska governor.

“He told us that the debate was going to be a debacle of historic and epic proportions. He told us she was not focused. She was not engaged. She was really not participating in the prep,” says Schmidt.

The campaign flew her out to McCain’s Arizona ranch and simplified the debate prep sessions. Things seemed to better, except for one problem: Palin couldn’t say Joe Biden’s name.

Palin repeatedly referred to Biden as “O’Biden,” Schmidt says, leading to fears that she would mangle his name throughout the debate and create a PR disaster for the campaign.

Holy crap, it’s true: