Obama grants Interpol an exemption ergo Gestapo

The ‘Nazi!’ screamers would be a lot more entertaining if they weren’t taken so seriously by the right-wing, wouldn’t they? Probably. Obama recently issued an Executive Order that exempted Interpol from the Freedom of Information Act.

. . . extending certain “privileges, exemptions, and immunities” to Interpol, otherwise known as the International Police Organization, based in Lyon, France.

Seeing as how Interpol is primarily an international communications and information clearinghouse, this move we understand.

. . . Ron Noble, Interpol’s secretary-general, told us last week, there is nothing especially sinister about that: the office has files on suspected terrorists provided by the law-enforcement agencies of its member countries—and those agencies would be loath to share them if they thought their internal reports (including the names of informants, the transcripts of wiretaps, and other confidential evidence) might be made public.

Serbia is a lot less likely to share wiretaps if an American FOIA request will hand their intelligence to the New York Post. Right-wingers, unsurprisingly, are smarter than that. They know pure evil when they see it.

Obama’s 666 International Police Order

On December 16, 2009, President Obama secretly signed an Executive Order 12425 (EO) that gives Interpol unprecedented access in America to pursue and prosecute “criminals.” We may as well have given Interpol a badge with 666 on it.

What type of evil? A specific one: To Create The United States Gestapo.

I contend this is the foundation for an international governing and policing body. A modern day SS here in the US if you like. Remember how Obama wanted to create a civilian police force? Well, it’s here, just from a direction I never saw it coming from. I really believe you will see Interpol police forces on US soil in the near future. It will resemble the Gestapo and their intelligence gathering techniques. This police force would not be subject to our normal Constitutional oversights – remember, no search and seizure etc. You have to admire the evil genius behind all this. Just stunning.

Somebody named Garry Hamilton noted that Interpol was once actually . . run by Nazis. He conveniently refuses to mention how that happened. Founded in Austria pre-WWII, it got temporarily gobbled up the Third Reich after the Anschluss. Details, details.

gestapo dudsInterpol isn’t just any old bunch of thugs. They are rooted in one of the most effective and ruthless gang of thugs anywhere, ever. . .

The idea of an American President enlisting the aid of both old Communists and old Nazis to bring about the fall of the United States is the stuff of rejected bad novel plots. No one would ever buy a plot that cheesy. I mean, really, would you go see a movie about a President who rose to power through voter fraud and union thuggery, and then brought in the survivors of the two most virulent enemies the country has ever had in order to deliver the knock-out punch to our culture and nation?

Yes, that’s how to wipe out the most powerful nation ever–exemptions from the FOIA. God forbid Al Qaeda ever figures that out. More? There’s the website ‘Resist Tyranny‘:


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SMACKS OF A NEW NAZI GESTAPO SS: Re: Executive Order Amended to Immunize INTERPOL In America

Here I exist, only to lemonade in your turdbowl. How will the new Gestapo menace or kill you without any American police powers? Hmm?

. . Interpol officers actually don’t have the authority to arrest anybody on U.S. soil. The group is, instead, an international organization of police agencies whose purpose is to share information: it maintains master databases—of stolen passports, for example—and posts “red notices” of criminal suspects, including terrorists, drug traffickers, and child pornographers . .

And let’s not forget that Interpol in the U.S. are, just as in the other 187 countries, merely hard-working, patriotic citizens:

National Central Bureaus (NCB) – Each INTERPOL member country maintains a National Central Bureau staffed by national law enforcement officers.

Our NCB is stationed in the Department of Justice. And in our most populous city?

Interpol’s small office in New York (with all of five employees) . .

. . is not likely to assassinate anybody soon.