Conservatives’ reaction to the terrible tragedy in Haiti almost uniform: “Look at ME!”

Chuck Norris got off a typically stupid and cynical take:

Save Lives in Haiti, End Lives in America?

While White House press secretary Robert Gibbs was announcing Friday all that the present administration was doing to save lives in Haiti, he reported that President Barack Obama was meeting with both the House and Senate Democrats to resolve how they could provide federal funds via Obamacare to terminate more American lives in the womb…

What a great time to scream at us about abortion. But Ann Coulter is the Queen, as usual:

“Stop asking about Rush’s statement. I made some controversial statements this week too,” Coulter said on Geraldo at Large.

Then she went on to prove it. Discussing the bi-partisan humanitarian effort by former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, Coulter said Clinton is a “national embarrassment” and Bush shouldn’t be “forced” to partner with him.

“To force poor ex-President Bush — like he hasn’t suffered enough — to be hanging around with Bill Clinton, who’s leaving his essence on Kleenex in the White House…” she said to a chorus of groans from the rest of the panel…

Latest death toll: 200,000. Toll on right-wing egos: climbing by the minute.