Multiple allegations arise that James O’Keefe might be racist. His ‘Taxpayers Clearing House’ video won’t absolve him.

James O’Keefe may be a white nationalist. Multiple allegations arose today that he had behaved in such a manner and participated in such events as to support accusations of racism.

Most of these allegations were brought up in an article by Max Blumenthal at

James O’Keefe’s race problem

A photo of the righty stuntman at a white-nationalist confab illustrates a career marked by racial resentment

— The event:

According to One People’s Project founder Daryle Jenkins, O’Keefe was manning the literature table at the gathering that brought together anti-Semites, professional racists and proponents of Aryanism. OPP covered the event at the time, sending a freelance photographer to document the gathering. Jenkins told me the table was filled with tracts from the white supremacist right, including two pseudo-academic publications that have called blacks and Latinos genetically inferior to whites: American Renaissance and the Occidental Quarterly. The leading speaker was Jared Taylor, founder of the white american renaissancenationalist group American Renaissance. “We can say for certain that James O’Keefe was at the 2006 meeting with Jared Taylor. He has absolutely no way of denying that,” Jenkins said. O’Keefe’s attorney did not respond to a request for comment on his client’s role in the conference.

— The magazine and website: American Renaissance. The Southern Poverty Law Center identified American Renaissance as the communications arm of the New Century Foundation, which asserts white supremacy.

IQ and Race: The Web Sites

Under the aegis of “scientific” studies of intelligence, a number of scholars and commentators have argued that there are significant IQ differences between blacks, whites and other races. Here is a list of key Web sites that carry some of these arguments. Although not all of these sites are explicitly racist, many are, and the arguments they promote are used widely by white supremacist groups to legitimize racial hatred.

American Renaissance

This is the home site of American Renaissance magazine, which was founded by Jared Taylor, author of the controversial book Paved with Good Intentions: The Failure of Race Relations in Contemporary America. The site carries articles that include “Is There a Superior Race?” and “The Myth of Diversity.”

— The Man: Jared Taylor. The SPLC identifies Taylor as a white supremacist.

New Century Foundation

american renaissance 2Jared Taylor, the man who heads the New Century Foundation and edits its allied magazine American Renaissance, is a white supremacist who celebrates the “clear conception of the United States as a nation ruled by and for whites.” The foundation and magazine, based in Oakton, Va., tirelessly advance pseudo-scientific theories linking IQ to race and advocate eugenics — selective breeding to “improve” human genetic stock.

The foundation also puts on bi-annual conferences; the 2002 event was advertised like this: “In all parts of the world, whites are afraid to speak out in their own interests. The costs of ‘diversity,’ racial differences in IQ, the threat of non-white immigration — politicians and the media are afraid to discuss what these things mean for whites and their civilization.”

Taylor also has noted approvingly that until 1967, “strong opposition to mixed marriage was enshrined in law” in 16 states. In “The Myth of Diversity,” Taylor writes that “diversity” has led to civil rights claims by all kinds of groups he doesn’t like. “Anyone who opposes the glorification of the alien, the subnormal, and the inferior can be denounced,” he complains. “The metastasis of diversity is a fascinating story, but the disease began with race.”

Here’s a clip of an interview by video journalists ‘American News Project’ with Jared Taylor:

As for O’Keefe himself:

By O’Keefe’s own account, his racial troubles became acute when he entered the multicultural atmosphere of Rutgers University’s dormitory system. In an online diary that has since been scrubbed from the Web (but not before being captured on Daily Kos), he wrote that he was forced to live on an all-black dormitory floor after refusing to live with the gay roommate he was initially assigned. O’Keefe claimed his next roommate was “an Indian midget … who smelled like shit.” The roommate left, however, and was replaced by “a greek kid.” The new roommate complained to a residential administrator that O’Keefe had called his neighbors “niggers,” prompting the school to expel him from the dorm. He rejected the accusation as a “complete lie,” writing, “I was lead out of the room crying and screaming at him and my situation, no friends, no one one [sic] to talk to, forced to go in front of a black man, Dean Tolbert, to defend myself and help explain that I did not call anyone any names.”

Here is one of O’Keefe’s prankster videos that I posted previously, calling it a ‘piece of shit’. Does this guy have racist tendencies? See for yourself: