It’s liberal racism: Right wing still deperately trying to connect murderer Amy Bishop’s politics to shooting

Like the conservatives always say, liberals are the real racists.

Monday, February 15, 2010
Amy Bishop Killed Minorities: Leftists Silent on ‘Racist’ Rampage . .

I just noticed something about the Amy Bishop case: Her victims were minorities. From left to right at the photo: Dr. Adriel Johnson Sr., Dr. Gopi Podila, and Dr. Maria Davis.

uah victims

This is really something: . . add on top of this the fact that the premeditation included the planned killings of three non-white colleages and this really should be explosive for the radical multiculturalists . . perish the thought that Bishop’s motive could have been racism? Maybe Harvard-trained left-wing professors get a pass on that . .

Only with the right-wing is racism apparent without any intention. The same people who only hours earlier were going on about her “obsession” with Obama are now saying she was a savage racist.

Also shot, in critical condition, and fighting for their lives:

joseph g. leahyJoseph G. Leahy

stephanie monticcioloStephanie Monticciolo

Also shot, or injured, and released:

luis rogelio cruz-veraLuis Rogelio Cruz-Vera

The guy she allegedly sent pipe bombs to back at Harvard appears to be this guy:

paul rosenbergPaul Rosenberg

And how many “racist” liberals would favor censure of the school president over policies that might reduce campus diversity?

Last fall Dr. Bishop was quoted as opposing the UAH administration’s policy requiring all freshmen to live on campus . .

The UAH Faculty Senate will consider a vote of censure against President Dr. David Williams next month because of issues surrounding the policy, which senators say makes UAH less affordable and less competitive.

“It will generate a different economic strata and diversity,” assistant professor of biology Dr. Amy Bishop said during last week’s faculty senate meeting.

Nonetheless, blogger Donald Douglas at American Power continues down this blind alley:

“AND MORE: See also the first-hand report from Professor Joseph Ng, a former UC Irvine student, who witnessed the murders. Ng confirms Amy Bishop’s premeditation and potentially racist motivations. Ng is a Chinese surname. I’ll need more information, but so far one-fourth of those at the tenure meeting were ethnic minorities.”

Douglas posts pics of 3 of the “minorities” shot, with Cruz-Vera as a fourth, and he’s about to quote the unscathed Ng, a fifth, who relates there were 11 people along with Bishop at the meeting. Brilliant.

“I’ll update later, but it very well could be that Amy Bishop was disgruntled because ‘quota hires’ were denying her tenure. Perhaps the lady was ‘white trash’ and never quite broke out into the more supposedely (sic) refined strata of the faculty elite (or, more likely, they’re all like that). Boy, this just keeps getting worse for the radical leftists! See, ‘Former UCI Student Saw Faculty Shootings’:

We were 12 all together (including the shooter) sitting around an oval table in a modest size conference room . There were only one door to enter/exit. The shooter was a disgruntled faculty member who didn’t get tenured after several appeals and a law suit. About 30min into the meeting, she got up suddenly, took out a gun and started shooting at each one of us. She started with the one closest to her and went down the row shooting her targets in the head. Our chairman got it the worst as he was right next to her along with two others who died almost instantly.

That’s almost like an assembly line, Che Guevara-ish in fact, or Taliban-ish.

Well if she’s going to shoot every member in the faculty meeting “like an assembly line,” regardless of who they are, she’s a racist. Thankfully Joseph Ng wasn’t sitting any closer.