Largest law school in America gets a baseball stadium

When you’ve got 4 campuses and over 3,500 students, you’re not exactly exclusive. And you’re probably not exactly shy about money-making or marketing.

Which probably explains why the Thomas M. Cooley Law School ranked the Thomas M. Cooley Law School twelfth in the nation in the Thomas M. Cooley Law School rankings:

thomas m cooley rankings

Poor Stanford and Berkeley. And recruiting for the lesser institutions will only get tougher now that Cooley has got Oldsmobile Thomas M. Cooley Law School Park:

Thomas M. Cooley Law School Buys Stadium Naming Rights

Okay, the legal economy is in the tank. Recent law graduates are having a tough time finding jobs. Graduates from lower tier law schools are getting squeezed as top tier law students and deferred associates compete for jobs and opportunities. You get the picture.

. . What is Cooley Law School doing to improve the lot of the students suckered into a 4th tier law school? It’s buying the naming rights to a minor league baseball stadium. I’m not joking. Cooley is taking the tuition dollars of its students and buying naming rights. Naming rights. I guess replacing all the desks and lecterns with steaming piles of dung was just a little bit too expensive for the bigwigs at Cooley. Buying naming rights gets the same message across to students.

thomas m. cooley ballpark