Bizarre Kenneth Blackwell: Contrast a foul abortion facility with the loving touches of NBA teammates

Whackjob Ken Blackwell carves another gem.

Perhaps this mess can be read, only for a moment or two — don’t waste your precious time — as a way to try to understand how the Simon & Garfunkelstrange-brained right wingers manage to think themselves in knots.

Because I certainly don’t understand how giving people healthcare is in any way a Third Reich Tactic!, or how stimulating the economy with government spending is Unconstitutional!, so I certainly wouldn’t mind knowing how the discussions ever got there. Anywhere near there, really. I’m mystified as to how these people figure the world out.

Anyhoo, let’s listen in on excerpts of the careening Ken and his rangy diatribe . .

Do Liberal Editors Read Their Newspapers?

Circulation for the New York Times is way down. Some people are seriously speculating that the days of America’s great newspapers are over. They may be replaced by Kindle, or iPad, or some other newer technology . .

Liberalism, media and technology? Odd. Not exactly the usual ‘Liberals and their stupid evil stupidity.’

. . Recall these lines from a tender Simon & Garfunkle song of the 1960s. This poignant story of a mother’s anguish and her son’s lethal leap might not have been considered part of “all the news that’s fit to print” by the editors of the great Gray Lady, the Times.

— “Good God! Don’t jump!”
— A boy sat on the ledge.
— An old man who had fainted was revived.
— And everyone agreed it would be a miracle indeed
— If the boy survived.

— “Save the life of my child!”
— Cried the desperate mother

WOW. Where the hell is he going?

— The woman from the supermarket
— Ran to call the cops.
— “He must be high on something,” someone said.
— Though it never made The New York Times.
— In The Daily News, the caption read,
— “Save the life of my child!”
— Cried the desperate mother.

In a recent Philadelphia Inquirer comes a horrific story of a dirty, dangerous, and deadly abortion center. The abortionist Kermit Baron Gosnell has been killing unborn children for almost forty years . .

Media and technology, Simon and Garfunkle . . “deadly abortion center”? Okay.

Why was this foul Philadelphia facility allowed to operate at all for so many years with an abortionist in charge whose record was so horrible? Before his abortion center was shut down, Gosnell had been pushing devices and practices for years that led to “punctured uterus, hemorrhage, infections, and retained fetal remains.”

meaningful touchesContrast this with a beautiful story this week from the New York Times by Benedict Carey. “Evidence That Little Touches Do Mean So Much.”

. . and now beautiful and touches and meaning. This should be good.

This article describes touching as “the first language we learn.” The piece reviews the work of Berkeley psychology professor, Dacher Keltner. The touch of the human hand remains “our richest means of emotional expression” throughout life.

The article outlines how important touch is. In professional basketball, for instance, researchers studied the “touchiest” players–Kevin Garnett of the Celtics, Chris Bosh of the Toronto Raptors, and Carlos Boozer of the Utah Jazz. They could be found to reach out and touch their teammates with a supportive gesture . .

. . OOOH of NBA All Stars. Sure, that makes sense. Well, you don’t see those in dirty abortion clinics, do you? And why not, you might ask? Yeah, you would ask, wouldn’t you?

Reach out and touch someone, we used to hear in ads for the phone company. It appears there’s more to it than we thought. Scripture tells us that Jesus’ touch could raise the dead restore hearing to the deaf and sight to the blind.

Compare all this with the Philadelphia Inquirer story. What are the young women who have been driven to such a place and such a dire strait learning about human touch? . .

. . errr, that perhaps they should have something something ball handling? Something something something dribblers? Ken’s not going to tell me, is he?

I hope the editors of the New York Times and The Philadelphia Inquirer will actually read their own papers and seriously reflect on their meaning before they editorialize in such antiseptic terms about abstractions like “a woman’s freedom to choose.” Would they choose to have their own loved ones touched by hands that kill or by the touch that shares the load?

Well, then I choose “touched . . by the touch that shares the load.” Not the “hands that kill.” Okay. Whew. Which one’s Garfunkle?