I figured Sting was an ass, but wow . .

You thought Sting was some sensitive touchy-feely? He sings for the night, dances for the desaparecidos, hopes the Russians love their children too, blah blah? The joke’s on you: he just pocketed a million pounds to play for the murderous, despotic ruling family of Uzbekistan.

Sting in the pay of tyrannical Uzbekistan regime
Sting accepted more than £1m to play for the Uzbek dictator’s daughter, reports Marina Hyde

Once again we must ponder the question “how much money is enough?”, inspired by reports that Sting accepted between £1m and £2m to perform for the glory of the brutal despotic regime in Uzbekistan.

The services of Sting – whose personal fortune is estimated well north of £150m – were engaged by Gulnara Karimova, the daughter and anointed heir of dictator Islam Karimov.


There he is, with Gulnara. But Islam “The Boiler” Karimov? A contender to the “I Think Saddam Hussein Was A Girl” title? This is what the guy does:

Uzbekistan: Two Brutal Deaths in Custody / Human Rights Watch
Deaths Reveal “Horror” of Uzbek Prisons
August 9, 2002

Two suspicious deaths with apparent signs of torture highlight Uzbekistan’s brutal ongoing crackdown against independent Muslims, Human Rights Watch said today. The bodies of Muzafar Avazov and
Husnidin Alimov, both religious prisoners at Jaslyk Prison, were returned to family members for burial in Tashkent Thursday.

Individuals who had seen one of the bodies told Human Rights Watch that it showed clear signs of torture. The authorities reportedly muzafar avazovrestricted viewing of the second body. Both men had been imprisoned at Jaslyk Prison, well-known for its harsh conditions and ill-treatment and torture of religious prisoners.

Human Rights Watch has learned that the body of Muzafar Avazov, a 35-year old father of four, showed signs of burns on the legs, buttocks, lower back and arms. Sixty to seventy percent of the body was burnt, according to official sources. Doctors who saw the body reported that such burns could only have been caused by immersing Avazov in boiling water.

Sting’s trying to spin it, but it ain’t working:

“I played in Uzbekistan a few months ago,” he begins. “The concert was organized by the president’s daughter and I believe sponsored by Unicef.”

You can believe it all you like, Sting, but it’s absolute cobblers – Lost in Showbiz has checked it out with Unicef, who tactfully describe themselves as “quite surprised” by your claim . .

The United Nations Children Fund?? Laaaaaaame. Can’t keep up on current events?

“Hey, Sting — what the hell are you doing here, in Tashkent, headlining the “Razor Straps for the Secret Police” event?”

“. . err . . Haiti.”

Better. Well, it was actually for the daughter, and maybe she’s not quite as evil, eh? No?

Sting. Seriously. At least pretend to give a shit. Or have all those seven-hour orgasms finally made you too tired to care? Because as bad as the father is, the daughter – Sting’s host – is right there with him.

Sting’s actual host, Islam’s daughter Gulnora, was named last year by Foreign Policy Magazine as one of the World’s Worst Daughters for actions like deporting 24 of her ex-husband’s relatives to Afghanistan at gunpoint (and imprisoning three others), and dealing with competitors to her tea businesses by sending “hooded men with machine guns” to “liquidate their holdings.” (And while we have no proof, it’s entirely possible that “holdings” means “intestines.”)

Former British ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray:

“This really is transparent bollocks,” observes Murray on his blog. “He did not take a guitar and jam around the parks of Tashkent. He got paid over amuzavar avazov 2 million pounds to play an event specifically designed to glorify a barbarous regime. Is the man completely mad?

“Why does he think it was worth over a million quid to the regime to hear him warble a few notes?

“I agree with him that cultural isolation does not help. I am often asked about the morality of going to Uzbekistan, and I always answer – go, mix with ordinary people, tell them about other ways of life, avoid state owned establishments and official tours. What Sting did was the opposite. To invoke Unicef as a cover, sat next to a woman who has made hundreds of millions from state forced child labour in the cotton fields, is pretty sick.”