Right wing comedians roast Hollywood!

Conservative Comedian Monologues the Oscars and Rahmbo
by Evan Sayet | 03/09/2010

All sorts of history was made this week at the Academy Awards with Kathryn Bigelow becoming the first woman to ever win the “best director” award. That is, if you don’t count Woody Allen.

He’s so gay. And he molests little girls, the monster.

Another interesting sidebar is that Bigelow was married to Avatar director, James Cameron for two years, which makes that the longest lasting marriage in Hollywood history.

ZING. Not like Rushbo, who’s on his fourth marriage.

Has it ever struck you how the Hollywood award season is kind of like a woman aging? It starts with the Golden Globes, goes to the SAG awards and finishes with Grammy’s…

Outside Hollywood it’s always bitch season AMIRITE FELLAS?