The Ann Coulter epiphany: Innocent free speech is the glorious right of millionaires, not students.

Right-wing U.S. firebrand Ann Coulter will file grievance with rights panel
Tuesday March 23, 20

London, Ont. — Inflammatory right-wing pundit Ann Coulter took aim at a University of Ottawa administrator Monday night, saying an e-mail from the school warning her to use “restraint, respect and consideration” when addressing Ontario students during a speaking tour this week made her a victim of a “hate crime.”

Speaking to students and academics at the University of Western Ontario Monday, Coulter said the e-mail sent to her Friday by Francois Houle, vice-president academic and provost of the University of Ottawa, targeted her as a member of an identifiable group and as such, she will be filing a complaint with the Human Rights Commission alleging hate speech.

“I’m sure the Human Rights Commission will get to the bottom of it,” Coulter said to loud cheers from the 800-strong audience. “I think I’m the victim of a hate crime here. Either what (Mr. Houle) did was a hate crime, or the whole commission is BS.”

Oh, it’s a hate crime. Just like when my high school Health and Driver’s Ed teacher warned me not to speed. He knew I was Irish, and we all speed. I filed a rights petition with the United Nations, and they executed him.

Anyways, on Wednesday, she was met with so many protesters that the speech had to be shut down because of safety concerns:

Students are not allowed to do that. Everybody’s going to jail.