Glenn Reynolds has a ‘Knowledge Problem’, but you knew that

Why do these people try so hard to make other people look foolish when they’ve already been shown to be fools? Why do they open their mouths when they know everybody is about to burst out laughing? Why does David Hasselhoff step outside of his house, why does Madonna do interviews?

Glenn Reynolds criticizes the recently passed healthcare reform. His angle is that the legislation is actually people, in the form of ‘regulators’ or ‘operators’, and he’s just gotta tell you they’re all morons:

Glenn Harlan Reynolds: Progressives can’t get past the Knowledge Problem
By: Glenn Harlan Reynolds
April 4, 2010

“If no one among us is capable of governing himself, then who among us has the capacity to govern someone else?” — President Reagan, Jan. 20, 1981.

He’s put on his critical thinking cap, and he’s gonna let you peek in on his genius tinkering by quoting President Bonzo? Granted, George W. Bush made him look like a likable C student, but they’re both frighteningly dumb. Ronnie:

— “Trees cause more pollution than automobiles do.”

— “Abortion is advocated only by persons who have themselves been born.”

— “Facts are stupid things.”

That’s not somebody worthy of quoting in a post that’s meant to shame your opposition for sheer stupidity.

. . In his “The Use of Knowledge In Society,” [Friedrich] Hayek explained that information about supply and demand, scarcity and abundance, wants and needs exists in no single place in any economy. The economy is simply too large and complicated for such information to be gathered together . .

Market mechanisms, like pricing, do a better job than planners because they incorporate what everyone knows indirectly through signals like price, without central planning.


“Market mechanisms, like pricing, do a better job than planners because they incorporate what everyone knows indirectly through signals like price, without central planning.”

This guy’s got the chutzpah to quote a thinker and to lecture us all, and he’s a naked fool. Or, to insult him another way . .

“Pricing does a better job because it incorporates what we learn through price.”

Brilliant! Given the price, stuff like pricing tells you a lot. I have to agree.

Obamacare was supposed to provide unicorns and rainbows: How can it possibly be hurting companies and killing jobs? Surely there’s some sort of Republican conspiracy going on here!

More like a confederacy of dunces.

Almost none of the bill is in effect.

But it’s just as likely that adding 30 or 40 IQ points to the average congressman wouldn’t make much difference.

The United States Code — containing federal statutory law — is more than 50,000 pages long and comprises 40 volumes. The Code of Federal Regulations, which indexes administrative rules, is 161,117pages [sic] long and composes226volumes [sic].

No one on Earth understands them all, and the potential interaction among all the different rules would choke a supercomputer. This means, of course, that when Congress changes the law, it not only can’t be aware of all the real-world complications it’s producing, it can’t even understand the legal and regulatory implications of what it’s doing.

In other words — still Glenn’s –, when something is this big, no one should be allowed touch it. But moronic, arrogant liberals will try. And yet Glenn always wants to fuck with the government, or invade countries full of millions of innocent people.