The apocalyptic Earth Day wisdom of Conservatives, illustrations by George Carlin

National Review’s clown-prince of ‘epistemic closure,’ Mark Levin, demonstrating his now-famous chops:

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An Earth Day tradition: George Carlin on the intellectual bankruptcy of “saving the planet”
By: J.P. Freire
04/22/10 11:27 AM EDT

As Carlin put it: The planet is fine.

And just exactly how is the planet fine? Because Homo sapiens will surely die off, and the Earth won’t even notice. Which is certainly an option, to do absolutely nothing on our behalf to intervene in the goings-on around us, the environment included. Just let the chips fall where they may, if we all die, we die.

But that’s the last thing that the Conservatives would actually choose to do, their lives being more sacred than the Earth itself. Until they’re forced to make a decision about the environment, they’ll say that the Earth is perfectly fine for us and for all human life forever because, well, I don’t know. Because The Lord said we’re so special? Carlin’s take is the opposite: we’re nobodies and we’ll probably be wiped out sooner than later. Not that they were ‘open’ to hearing and remembering it.