Nosferatu drops by Elyria, o\hi/o, terrorizes police

‘Vampire’ Man Threatens to Eat Kidney During Arrest

ELYRIA, Ohio – A highly intoxicated man who was arrested over NOSFERATU (hic)the weekend for allegedly attempting to break into a Lorain County drug store claimed he was a blood-sucking vampire while threatening authorities, Fox 8 News reports.

After questioning [Andrew] Whiteman, who was muddy and completely soaked, deputies placed him under arrest for attempted breaking and entering. As they were transporting the suspect to the Lorain County Jail, Whiteman became verbally combative, threatening to kill one of the deputies and the deputy’s family, including his children.

I’monna EAT yoo. (hic) OW.

D’yoo . . . (hic) . . d’yoo have any children?

OOOOOOOOokay I’monna eat them too. (hic)

Whiteman told the deputy that he is a vampire who is more than 100 years old, and that he could smell the deputy’s blood from the rear seat of the patrol car. He added that he desired to suck the aforementioned blood.

And I’ma hunnert ninety three years old. (hic) OW.

And I’monna suck I can totally smell your blood.

Once at the jail, Whiteman was forcibly removed from the vehicle and taken into the booking area. That’s where he threatened a female adviser, saying that he wanted to eat her kidney.

HAY. YOO. I’monna eat your KIDNEY. HA HA. (hic)

SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR KIDNEY (hic) ow cuz it’s gone . .

Due to his aggressive behavior, Whiteman was placed into a four-point restraint chair.

OH MAN I’Z ONLY KIDDING, c’mon man, aww. (hic)

In addition to attempted breaking and entering, Whiteman was charged with intimidation and disorderly conduct while being voluntarily intoxicated.

THAS’ IT. I’monna eat your LIVERS. How yoo guys gon’ be cops (hic) OW without your livers? AWWWWWWW C’MON LET ME OUTTA THIS THING . .

He made an initial appearance at the Oberlin Municipal Court on Monday, pleading not guilty.

. . your honor, my client would like to sincerely apologize to the court and to Lorain County Sheriff’s Deputies for his unfortunate behavior subsequent to his unlawful arrest.